Trials of German Major War Criminals: Volume 2

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The Trial of German Major War Criminals

Sitting at Nuremberg, Germany
November 20 to December 1, 1945

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  • Session 11, December 3, 1945 (Part 1 of 8)

    Aggressive action (Contd.): CZECHOSLOVAKIA (Mr. Alderman): First phase: 1937: Hoszbach notes on conference Of 5.11.37, Nazi assurances of good will, Blomberg's directive Of 24.6.37 relating i.a. to "Case Green" (aggression against Czechoslovakia), 1938: Hitler's military directive Of 30.5.38 for Case Green, Italy's request for notification concerning date of action Discussions with Hungary concerning her participation in "Case Green", Final plans (provocation by "incident") and instructions for the attack, Campaign within Czechoslovakia since 1934, Activities and techniques of Henlein and his Sudeten German Party and Free Corps; 30.9.38: Munich Pact: Cession of Sudetenland to and its occupation by Germany Merger of Henlein's Sudeten German Party with N.S.D.A.P. Second phase: 1938: Hitler's directive Of 21.10.38 for the liquidation of the remainder of Czechoslovakia

  • Session 12, December 4, 1945 (Part 1 of 8)

    COUNT Two - Crimes against Peace - Opening Speech (Sir Hartley Shawcross): Outlawry of war - Development of International Law since Hague Convention of 1899, State and individual responsibility for international crime, Review of the main events in the development of the Polish case and outline of expansion of the war into a general war of aggression in violation of international treaties by the Nazis
    COUNT ONE (Contd.): Aggressive action: CZECHOSLOVAKIA (Mr. Alderman): Second phase (concluded), 1938: Nazi support of Slovak Autonomist Opposition

  • Session 13, December 5, 1945 (Part 1 of 6)

    1939: Dismissal by Prague of Slovak Foreign Minister Tiso and other Ministers of Slovak Cabinet on 10.3.39, 14.3.39: Slovakia, enticed by the Nazis, proclaims her independence, 15.3.39: President Hacha surrenders remainder of Czechoslovakia - its incorporation into Germany as "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Nazi treaty of Protection with Slovakia, Economic and strategic importance of the above territorial acquisitions.

    COUNT TWO (concluded) (Sir David Maxwell Fyfe): Presentation of following international treaties, agreements and assurances, violated by the Nazis: Hague Conventions, Versailles Treaty, Treaty of Friendship with U.S.A., Locarno Pacts, Kellogg-Briand Pact, Agreements with and Assurances to Austria and Czechoslovakia
    COUNT ONE (Contd.): Aggressive war: POLAND (Lt.-Colonel Griffith-Jones): Presentation of German treaties with Poland, violated by the Nazis: Arbitration Treaty of 16.10.25, German-Polish 10 years' Non-Aggression Agreement of 26.1.34, 1937: Blomberg's directive Of 24.6.37, Conference of 5.11.37

  • Session 14, December 6, 1945 (Part 1 of 9)

    1938: Nazi demands for Danzig's reunion with Reich
    1939: Nazi assurances of good faith, Memel's reunion with Reich on 22.3.39, Anglo-Polish communique of 6.4.39 regarding mutual assistance, Hitler directive of 11.4.39, relating i.a. to "Fall Weiss" (operation against Poland) and annexation of Danzig, Nazis denounce on 28.4.39 Anglo-Polish communique as incompatible with German-Polish 10 years' agreement Of 1934, Conference Of 23.5.39, Final preparations for attack, Italy's objections, 22.8.39 Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact concluded, 25.8.39 Anglo-Polish Mutual Assistance Agreement signed. Attempts to avert war: Nazis' sham negotiations with Great Britain, 1.9.39 Invasion of Poland, 3.9-39 Great Britain's ultimatum to Germany - state of war declared, Mussolini's unsuccessful last-minute attempt at mediation.
    Expansion of the war into a general war of aggression:
    DENMARK AND NORWAY (Major Elwyn Jones): Presentation of pertinent treaties and assurances violated by the Nazis, 1939: Initial military planning of "Weserubung" (invasion of Norway) by Naval War Staff, Political preparation by Rosenberg's Foreign Affairs Bureau of the N.S.D.A.P.-contact with Quisling

  • Session 15, December 7, 1945 (Part 1 of 9)

    Hitler orders preparation of Norwegian operation on 14.12.39
    1940: Hitler directive Of 1.3.40 for "Weserubung" and "Weserubung Sud" (Denmark operation)
    9.440: Invasion of Denmark and Norway
    German Government's memorandum alleging British and French aggressive intentions as justification for the invasion

    BELGIUM, THE NETHERLANDS, LUXEMBOURG (Mr. G. D. Roberts, K.C.): Presentation of pertinent treaties and assurances violated by the Nazis: 1939: Review of conferences Of 23.5.39 and 22.8.39, Policy of assurances continued after the end of Polish campaign, Issuance of various directives preparing for invasion, 10.5.40: Invasion of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, "Ultimatum" of German Government to Belgium and The Netherlands justifying invasion as a means of forestalling British and French violation of their neutrality

    GREECE AND YUGOSLAVIA (Colonel Phillimore): Presentation of pertinent treaties and assurances violated by the Nazis: 1939: Hitler-Ribbentrop-Ciano meeting on 12/13.8.39: discussion of action against Yugoslavia, 1940: Italy's ultimatum to Greece and opening of hostilities on 28.10.40, Hitler directives for operation "Marita" (occupation of Greek mainland), 1941: Bulgaria joins Tripartite Pact on 1.3.41 - German troops enter Bulgaria in accordance with operation "Marita", Yugoslavia joins Tripartite Pact on 25.3.41 - coup d'etat in Yugoslavia on 25.3.41, Hitler-German High Command conference of 27.3.41 decides on action against Yugoslavia, 6.4.41: Invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia.

    Presentation of supplementary documents relating to aggressive action against Austria (Mr. Alderman)

    U.S.S.R. (Mr. Alderman): 23.8.39: Non-Aggression Treaty between Germany and U.S.S.R., 1940: Inception of plan against Soviet Union on conclusion of Western campaign by German-French armistice of 22.6.40, Hitler directive of 12-11.40 for preparatory measures

  • Session 16, December 10, 1945 (Part 1 of 9)

    Hitler directive of 18.12.40 for "Case Barbarossa" (invasion of U.S.S.R.)
    1941: Implementation of Barbarossa plan by large scale planning: Allotment of special political tasks, Assignment of military tasks, Elaborate preparation of economic spoliation ("Oldenburg" plan), Planning of Germanisation and of an administrative system.
    22.6.41: Invasion of U.S.S.R.
    Plea of defendant Kaltenbrunner
    German collaboration with Italy and Japan and aggressive war against U.S.A. (Mr. Alderman): Establishment of Triangle Germany-Italy-Japan: Anti-Comintern Pact Of 25-11.36 between Germany and Japan, joined by Italy on 6.11.37, Tripartite Pact of 27.9.40. Nazi policy of exhorting Japan to aggression against British Commonwealth: Ribbentrop-Oshima conference on 23.2.41, Keitel's basic order of 5.3.41 regarding collaboration with Japan, Ribbentrop-Matsuoka conversations on 29-3.41 and 5.4.41, Ribbentrop's telegram of 10.7.41: German Ambassador in Tokyo to work towards Japan's entry into war against U.S.S.R., Ribbentrop-Oshima conferences on 6.3.43 and 18.4.43 against U.S.A., Memorandum Of 29.10.40 envisaging U.S.A's involvement in war, Hitler order of July, 1941, for further preliminary preparations of an attack on U.S.A, Ribbentrop conferences with Oshima on 23.2.41 and with Matsuoka on 29.3.41, Report of German Ambassador in Tokyo on progress of his negotiations. 7.12.41: Pearl Harbour: 11-12-41: Germany's declaration of war against U.S.A.

  • Session 17, December 11, 1945 (Part 1 of 2)

    Motion Picture "The Nazi Plan"
    War Crimes (COUNT THREE) and Crimes against Humanity (COUNT FOUR) in connection with the Conspiracy Exploitation of forced labour (Mr. Dodd): Introductory remarks; Nazi Slave Labour Programme: Its purposes, Its underlying master race theory, Its execution: Impressment methods and deportation, especially in Poland and in the Eastern Occupied Territories

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  • Session 18, December 12, 1945 (Part 1 of 9)

    Result: 4,795,000 forced labourers of more than 114 different nationalities in the old Reich in January, 1945, Inhuman transport and accommodation conditions, and punishments. Further sources of slave labour: Prisoners of war - their illegal use in armament industry Concentration Camp inmates - "Extermination through work" programme. Responsibilities of defendants Speer and Sauckel

  • Session 19, December 13, 1945 (Part 1 of 10)

    Concentration Camps (Mr. Dodd): German inmates - actual and suspected opponents, Allied inmates - Civilians of occupied countries; Prisoners of war: Special details on Mauthausen Concentration Camp
    Persecution of the Jews (Major Walsh): Introductory remarks; Nazi Party Programme and "Mein Kampf" as basis; Elimination of the Jews from active life of German nation: Propaganda-abusive literature, "Legal" measures, Pogrom of November, 1938. Segregation of the Jews: Establishment of ghettos, Use of ghetto inmates as forced labour. Original German film of atrocities against Jews shown

  • Session 20, December 13, 1945 (Part 1 of 9)

    Discussion on affidavit evidence: Annihilation of the Jews: Starvation - special food regulations, Extermination within the ghettos (Warsaw Ghetto), Mass murder in concentration camps
    Germanisation and spoliation in occupied countries (Captain Harris): POLAND: Government General: Poland's four Western provinces incorporated into the Reich, Deportation to Government General of Jews and undesirable Poles, Stripping of its industrial potential, Germanisation - Racial Register and resettlement, Confiscation of private property, particularly agricultural. CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Hitler's choice of a solution for the Czech problem: Germanisation through assimilation of one half and elimination of the other half of Czech nationals. Discussion on procedure with regard to groups and organisations

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