The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Trial of German Major War Criminals

Sitting at Nuremberg, Germany
May 2 to May 13, 1946

NOTE: Statements by Defence witnesses contained in preceding parts of this publication which were made in examination by Counsel for the defendants mentioned below, are included in this Table of Contents only if considered of particular relevance.

A list showing the names of all other witnesses, preceding as well as subsequent, and the respective page numbers will appear in that part of the publication which covers the end of the Defence phase.

  • Session 119, May 2, 1946 (Part 1 of 12)

    The case for SCHACHT (concluded):
    Oral evidence of defendant Schacht, given on DAYS 119 and 120, 2 and 3.5.46: on Activities before Nazi seizure of power; Attitude to Jewish question: to colonial question, to Hitler's territorial acquisitions; Austria; Czechoslovakia; Rearmament; Conflict with Goering, Struggle for release from his posts; Attempts to overthrow Hitler; Peace efforts; Defendant's internment in concentration camp.

    Examined on DAY 119, 2.5.46 by Counsel for other defendants.

  • Session 120, May 3, 1946 (Part 1 of 12)

    Witnesses : Oral evidence given on DAY 120, 3.5.46 by Wilhelm Vocke, Member of Reichsbank Directorate: On: Defendant's motives for financing rearmament, His struggle for release from his posts, His opinion about Hitler: Initial attitude.

    Oral Evidence given in Volume 12 by Dr. H. B. Gisevius, On: Defendant's motives for financing rearmament; His struggle for release from his posts; His opinion about Hitler: Initial attitude, Gradual change to enmity - Fritsch crisis as turning point, His part in conspiracy against Hitler. Peace efforts

    Examined by Counsel for other defendants

    Submission of documents

  • Session 121, May 4, 1946 (Part 1 of 3)

    The case for FUNK: Oral evidence of defendant Funk, given on Days 120, 121, 122, 123, 3, 4, 6 and 7.5-46 on Personal data; First meeting with Hitler; Defendant's economic principles. His activities as Reich Press Chief and in the Propaganda Ministry; Scope of his positions as Minister of Economics,; as Plenipotentiary for Economy; as Reichsbank President; His role in preparation for war; particularly against US.S.R.; Persecution of Jews; Economic looting of occupied territories; Foreign labour; SS deliveries of i.a. dental gold to Reichsbank, (see Part 14: oral evidence of witnesses Puhl and Toms on 15.5-46). Examined on 6 and 7.5.46 by Counsel for other defendants

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  • Session 122, May 6, 1946 (Part 1 of 10)

  • Session 123, May 7, 1946 (Part 1 of 10)

    Witnesses: Oral evidence given on 7.5-46 by Franz Hayler, Under Sec. of State to Ministry of Economics: On Defendant's character; Economic looting; Foreign labour. Oral evidence given in Part 9 by Defendant Goering: On his positions and their limitations. Oral Evidence given in Part 11 by Dr. H. H. Lammers on his positions and their limitations; His role in preparation of Russian campaign. Oral Evidence given in Part 11 by Dr. H. Neubacher on Efforts for recovery of Greek economy

  • Session 124, May 8, 1946 (Part 1 of 5)

    The case for DONITZ: Prosecution's views, Defence Counsel's reply and Prosecution's rejoinder on relevance of documents - Tribunal's ruling upon admissibility of evidence

    Oral evidence of defendant Donitz, given on DAYS 124, 125, 126, 8, 9 and 10.5-46. on His career and tasks as Commander of U-Boat Arm, Relations to Hitler; Indoctrination of Navy in Nazi ideology, Rules for conduct of U-Boat warfare; Its intensification: Sinking without warning; Abstention from rescue; Hitler's suggestion for annihilation of survivors, Defendant's order of 17-9-42, its motivation (Laconia case) and its ambiguity; Attacks on neutrals, Commando order; Concentration camp labour for shipbuilding; The Athenia case.

  • Session 125, May 9, 1946 (Part 1 of 9)

    Examined on DAYS 125, 126 9 and 10.5.46 by Counsel for other defendants. Documentary evidence, presented on DAYS 126, 127, 128, 10, 11 and 13.5-46. on U-Boat warfare and reasons for its intensification; Treatment of neutrals; Rescue of survivors; Defendant's attitude to Nazi Party

  • Session 126, May 10, 1946 (Part 1 of 12)

  • Session 127, May 11, 1946 (Part 1 of 4)

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  • Session 128, May 13, 1946 (Part 1 of 9)

    Oral evidence of Admiral Gerhard Wagner on: Defendant's relations to Hitler and Nazi Party; Sinking without warning of enemy merchantmen: of neutral merchantmen; The Laconia case - order of 17.9-42; Commando order. (For continuation of evidence, see Part 14)

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