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13 September 1995

Ernst Zündel publishes a monthly newsletter called "Power Letter." In the September "Power Letter," he included a two-page article about Nizkor. He also publishes the newsletter to the net, and it can currently be found at

In case Mr. Zündel changes its location or removes it once it is outdated, Nizkor here provides a copy of what he writes on that page:

Nizkor, the Holocaust Promotion Lobby Website, has asked for a link with the Zundelsite - which means the great electronic Holocaust debate is here and the world can listen in, watch, read - and DECIDE who has the better evidence!

"Linking with the Enemy?"

The Nizkor group, a Holocaust Promotion lobby group, has contacted us and offered an exchange of links on the Internet. The Zundelsite would contain a link to their Website so anybody having questions on either side can easily peruse the other side's material. Although they are far more lavishly financed (some Victoria, BC synagogue is raising tax-deductible funds for them, it seems . . . ) we welcome the challenge and know that we will hold our own. It is again a "David versus Goliath" situation, but I have agreed to it in principle. Now we have to prepare our answers to the many queries that will come our way - via this "Jewish connection."

We are reprinting below the correspondence we had from Nizkor and with Nizkor. Their arrogance and strident tone might offend and shock you - not to worry! An intelligent public who will be reading all this material will soon see the difference in manners, level of culture and quality of our documentation and research. We will leave the temper tantrums and spoiled-brat attitudes to them.

We've got serious work to do, goals to achieve, minds to open and people to liberate from the effects of relentless and vicious brainwashing. After all, the Holocaust is merely the tap root of something much, much bigger - it threatens the very survival not only of our race but Western civilization. More and more people are realizing this.

Here is how the exchange, so far, has taken place, as posted on the Internet:

[Earlier two letters deleted. To read them, see previous correspondence. -JRM]

So there you have it. Now we will see what happens next. The Nizkor people say they do not shy away from an open debate and discussion of the entire Holocaust matter. GREAT! Finally we seem to have encountered some open-minded closed minds! I wonder what Deborah Lipstadt will say to this new approach - the skittish professor has always shied away from an open debate of the "Holocaust," whatever that may mean to her. She kept insisting that ". . . there was nothing to debate." An ever-increasing number of people, world-wide, beg to differ with her.

If we can get the world's intellectuals to join in on this venture, then the best argument WILL win. Truth cannot be destroyed. As long as a wonderful medium like Internet is open to us, we have our work cut out! If we get kicked off or otherwise censored, then you know who is fearing a debate!

Zündel's unaltered original web page is available for reference at Nizkor. As noted above, its URL at Zündel's web site, as of 15 September 1995, is

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