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Correspondence with Ernst Zündel

On September 1, 1995, Nizkor sent email to Ernst Zündel, the webmaster of the Zündelsite web site. This email was concerning the possibility of Zündel cross-linking his site with the Nizkor site.

This is an index of the correspondence that has taken place on this subject.

Nizkor's Proposal, September 1

"I am opposed to 'gag laws' against Holocaust-denial or any other offensive type of speech, and I am very much in favor of the 'free marketplace of ideas.' ... The question, Mr. Zuendel, is: are you? I propose a test case."

Zündel's Response, September 2

"We would be overjoyed if your offer were genuine.... Please give us a couple of weeks so we can consult with other revisionists, scholars, our technical people and with our attorneys. We will be back with a response that will be fair to all."

Nizkor's Response, September 11

"Nizkor is committed to making available hyperlinked information about the Holocaust and about its denial.... I agree fully that our correspondence should be public, but I would appreciate your notifying me in email...I just noticed [your response] a little while ago. ...a couple of weeks will give us enough time to put up our 66 replies to your 66 Q&A. Please notify me in email when you have made your decision."

Zündel's Comments in his "Power Letter," September 13

This was not a response to our email of the 11th, and it makes no reference to that email. Rather, it is a reprint of Nizkor's first email and Zündel's response, and it also includes some further commentary.

"We are reprinting below the correspondence we had from Nizkor and with Nizkor. Their arrogance and strident tone might offend and shock you - not to worry! ... We will leave the temper tantrums and spoiled-brat attitudes to them."

Ken McVay's Open Letter to "Power Letter" Readers, September 16

"Ernst Zuendel made comments, regarding myself and the Nizkor Project which I direct, which were factually inaccurate. I would like to respond to those comments, to correct the errors of fact."

Zündel's Response to Nizkor's email of the 11th, September 17

" groups do not provide such a forum because many of them exist in a sewer. ... I will create a link to Nitzkor [sic] at the bottom of every single document we post if you are willing to do likewise. We have set up specific departments under which we post our documents, and we don't intend to modify our system to accommodate what you propose - namely article-to-article links. We can automate links at the bottom of each document, but we don't intend to hand-link every petty argument that you might choose to throw at us."

Jamie McCarthy's Response, October 7

"Debate requires a forum where arguments can be presented, countered, and defended with ease and speed. I appreciate your making the effort, Mr. Zündel, but this is not at all what I was looking for. It does nothing whatsoever to advance debate."

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