Nizkor's Initial Proposal to the Zündelsite

1 September 1995

Mr. Zuendel,

My name is Jamie McCarthy. I am co-webmaster of the Nizkor web site, <>. As I imagine you know by now, Nizkor is dedicated to the refutation of the nonsense that is Holocaust-denial.

We have a collection of links to other sites on the web that are related to the Holocaust and its denial, and among them, of course, yours. See

You claim that you are interested in helping people discover the truth (in your comment about truth vs. coercion, at the bottom of each page on your site). A page of yours with a piece by Bradley Smith, <>, indicates that you are in favor of "a free marketplace of ideas." Your piece by Mark Weber, <>, proclaims in 24-point type, "Let Both Sides Be Heard."

I agree completely, Mr. Zuendel -- I am opposed to "gag laws" against Holocaust-denial or any other offensive type of speech, and I am very much in favor of the "free marketplace of ideas." That is why, on the site I co-webmaster, I have provided links to everything I could find on the net related to the Holocaust and its denial, whether I agree with it or not.

The question, Mr. Zuendel, is: are you?

I propose a test case. I am currently preparing a response to the lie-filled propaganda which the IHR calls "66 Questions and Answers on the Holocaust." You make this available on your site at <>. When I finish editing the responses, I will include links to your web page, so that people can see not only what you have to say about it, in your own words, but also can jump back to your table of contents and look around to see what else you are saying.

I would like your pledge, Mr. Zuendel, that when the response I'm editing is complete, you will do the same for me -- that you will put a link on your "66 Questions and Answers" page to the page on the Nizkor site that deals with those questions and answers.

Given that you claim, over and over, that "truth has no need of coercion," I trust that you will not insult your readers' intelligence by hiding from them an alternative viewpoint on those 66 Q&A.

Thank you.

The original email text is available for reference.

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