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	Due to an overwhelming number of letters and telephone calls requesting
details about our new books, new products, speaking tours, psychic research
projects and our intensive experimental UFO-construction programs, we have to
use this less personal form of keeping in touch with our many friends and
collaborators around the world.

	Your response to our most recent mailout and activities has been most
encouraging! We have received orders and enquiries from as far away as Noumea
in the south Pacific, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela,
Panama, Mexico, Soviet Satellite countries, China, South Africa, Persia, the
Congo, Australia, Japan, as well as from every country in Western Europe and
almost every state in the U.S.A. Not only is this response extensive, it is
massive--a clear indication on the part of knowledgeable UFO researchers and
members of the public that they are tired of the 'Junk food' being served up
by old-line UFO groups and publications who expound the official CIA-KGB alibi
that all UFOs are extraterrestrial. What the UFO-watching world wants now is
the real meat of the matter--a serious investigation of UFOs whose origins are

	SAMISDAT is the only organization making such an effort, but we are not
alone, for we have thousands of supporters like yourself who want to know the
truth which the saucer-charlatans have for 30 years tried to cover up with
fairy tale fantasies of 'little green men'. It is people like yourself who
have made SAMISDAT the most active UFO Organization and publisher on Planet

	Certainly we can be proud of this achievement which is the result, not
only of our own herculean efforts and sacrifices, but of your faithful support
during this 5 year long struggle against the forces of vested interest, deceit
and prejudice which have attempted to hide the UFO story under a cloak of
childish nonsense and outright lies. For many years we have determinedly
pursued this new course of investigation, firm in the knowledge that man is
able to achieve that which he perceives.

	Our researchers' keen sense of direction and perception has guided them
unerringly in their discovery of seemingly insignificant clues and the
derivation of meaningful patterns therefrom. Only such devoted and painstaking
research could succeed in unearthing the present array of facts which indicate
the earthly origin of most flying saucers. As one vital discovery has led to
another, we have reached certain conclusions which are logical and
inescapable, however unpopular they may be today.

	Our discoveries have led us into the production of a number of currently
suppressed and sometimes vilified books which are now underground bestsellers.
"UFOs--NAZI SECRET WEAPON?" was our first title, now sold out in 5 complete
editions. Our second book, "SECRET NAZI POLAR EXPEDITIONS", is coming up fast
and has sold out 2 full editions. Foreign language translations of these books
are selling briskly, and it is becoming obvious to everyone that the
media-enforced blockade of the truth has now been broken.  Three additional
books are currently under production and these will round out our Phase I

	During the course of our research, we have discovered some of the original
German flying saucer scientists who are still alive! These space pioneers are,
of course, old men now in their 70s and 80s. Our interviews with them will be
incorporated into our regular lecture program as well as into our future

	We have also been able to establish research teams in Canada, the U.S.A.
and in particular, Germany, whose task it is to rediscover basic wingless
flight which brought the original Nazi UFOs into being.  Already, these teams
have designed and constructed small scale models, some using conventional
power and others which have propulsion systems unprecedented in today's
aerospace technology. With additional research, we hope to make available
several different models in kit form for hobby-builders. Any contributions to
these research projects, whether of ideas or money, will be very much
appreciated. Checks should be made out to SAMISDAT with the notation "For

	Very popular among UFO fans and researchers, young and old, is our
currently avaluable working model of the first German design incorporating the
"Flügelrad" or 'winged-wheel' principle. This model was the big
crowd-drawing attraction of our recent Star Trek Convention display in New
York City. For a scientific demonstration of the inherent inflight stability
of disc-like aircraft--or for just good fun--indoors or outdoors, SAMISDAT
MODEL I is a safe, exciting, entertaining and educational introduction to the
world of flying saucers. Model I is smokeless, odorless and requires no
electric cords or batteries. Rising from its launcher in free flight, it soars
as high as 100 feet, hovers and is capable of traveling 200 feet or more
outdoors, making a beautiful takeoff and landing which any UFO pilot could be
proud of! Indoors, the model ascends rapidly to the ceiling and hovers at
maximum altitude for sometime [sic], before performing a graceful and
controlled descent. Model I is available for $6.95 + $1.00 for postage &
handling--a perfect gift for a boy or girl, whatever age he may be! The price
includes launching unit.Or, buy a SAMISDAT SAUCER-FRISBEE for $3.70,all

     For the truly dedicated UFO researcher, SAMISDAT is embarking upon a
magnificent and awe-inspiring experience! We are negotiating with several
international airlines and chartered air carriers in regard to our planned
investigation of the "Inner Earth Theory" coupled with our search for
"Hitler's Flying Saucer Bases in Antarctica." Our 'launching pad' for which we
are also negotiating will be located in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires. This
site will be the gathering place for an International UFO Convention which is
scheduled to take place some time in 1979 or 1980.  From this convention site,
those who are interested and financially able may join Christof Friedrich and
members of a specially-selected SAMISDAT research team on the Antarctic
Expedition who will not only search for Hitler's Saucer Bases in German
Antarctica, but who will further attempt to settle the controversy about
Admiral Byrd's "Flight into the Polar Opening" by actually flying over the
South Pole! Our tentative flight path is here shown. It is anticipated that a
specially-prepared, long-range jet will be available for the Antarctic
Expedition's polar flight.

     This is the most daring scientific operation ever launched by any UFO
organization and publisher. The estimated cost for the Antarctic Expedition is
well in excess of $2,000,000.00--from which at least $500,000.00 is required
for allocation toward the charter deposit fee and modifications on the special
aircraft. A fantastic sum? Certainly, and it is just as certain to be worth
every dollar in terms of the knowledge to be gained.

     SAMISDAT's Antarctic Expedition in Search of Hitler's Flying Saucer Bases
and the South Polar Opening into Inner Earth will be the unique event of a
lifetime. As only a very limited number of people can be accommodated, our
selection standards are of necessity rigorous. The approximate cost per person
on this expedition may be as high as $9,999.00. However, the cost could be
reduced considerably, provided we are able to raise money from our SAMISDAT
SERIES of lectures, tapes, conventions, UFO models and book sales in this
interim period. You can help to realize this dream of a lifetime in several
ways: (1) You can become one of our book distrlbutors by buying SAMISDAT books
and other items at wholesale dealers' prices and then retailing them to
friends, colleagues, UFO conventioneers, and visitors to county fairs, psychic
fairs and flea markets. By purchasing SAMISDAT titles in bulk, you could
easily realize almost a 100% profit on each item sold. This money you could
then apply toward your share in the Expeditlon or use as you see fit. (2) You
can organize a UFO club and hold your own UFO conventions on a profit-sharing
basis with SAMISDAT. (3) You can help us find sponsors for the Expedition. (4)
If you are rich and conscientious, you can underwrite the whole or part of the
Expedition and realize our goal of a lifetime much, much faster.  But empty
promises and other hot-air products from windbags and do-nothings, however
well off, will not serve to waft the Expedition to Antarctica and back. The
only thing capable of doing that is cold, hard cash up front. If you've got
what it takes and want to put your money to work right away, then please
contact us! (5) You can set up your own fund-raising campaign for the
Expedition. For details and assistance in regard to these and other ideas, do
not hesitate to contact us.

     These are but a few of the ways in which we can hasten that glorious day
when we board our sleek, silvery aircraft and wing our way to Antarctica and
beyond--to our rendezvous with history. When we return, we shall have
unearthed Inner Earth and/or found evidence of Hitler's UFO Bases--or we shall
have gone a long way toward dispelling two of the most tenaciously persistent
mysteries of our Scientific Era. Will you join us and help?


     As of this mailing, all those who do not respond to this letter or who have
not ordered SAMISDAT items in the last year will be removed from our mailing
list. We are sorry that such a policy is necessary, but it must be if we are
to remain as an active forward-moving organization in this field of
multi-faceted research. To maintain our headway, we must have rowers on the
oars, not idle passengers in the boat. We therefor [sic] request your understanding
and support. Overhead costs for labor, printing and postage are going up
rapidly and steadily. Thus, we cannot carry thousands of inactives on our
mailout list. We shall miss you, for we were happy to have you as a friend and

     If you do not fill out the attached form and return it to us with a token
of support--whatever you can afford--this will be our last communication to
you. I am sorry that we will not be able to send you further bulletins
concerning the progress of our UFO research and development program in Germany
and North America. Nor will you ever know when the Antarctic Expedition takes
off nor what we have seen and discovered.  Too bad.

     But for you, the active Samisdat Supporter, who continue to show interest,
loyalty and diligence, I extend my most hearty greeting and sincerest
gratitude. Welcome aboard the Adventure of a Lifetime!

                                       Yours Truly, [signed] Christof Friedrich

Note that "Christof Friedrich" is a pseudonym for Ernst Zündel himself; see QAR 62.

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Samisdat Supporter and Financial Contributor:
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filled out and completed, in order to quality
as an active Samisdat Supporter.

I enclose a donation of $_____ in order to
receive subsequent issues of The Samisdat
Insiders' Report.  Please keep me up to date on
Samisdat Activities.

I enclose a donation of $_____ toward SAMPROJ
R-1 for research & development of flying disc
aircraft.  When model kits are available, please
notify me.

                            Type             Qty
I enclose $_____ for: SAMISDAT SAUCER-FRISBEE___
                            SAMISDAT MODEL I ___
I would like to take part in SAMISDAT's proposed
UFO CONVENTION in South America. I understand
that the costs could be as high as $2500.00 for
transportation & accommodation. Yes     No

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