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Greg Raven is the head of the Institute for Historical Review.

When Ken McVay said that Greg Raven's web site is "the IHR WWW site," it's a "substantive falsehood." Yet the IHR's own publication, the Journal of Historical Review, tells us that it is the "IHR Web-Site."

Ken McVay's open letter of August, 1995:

...Mr. Raven, you operate the IHR's WWW site,

Greg Raven's response five days later:

Just about everything about this paragraph, the first in McVay's "open letter," is inaccurate. To save space, I will deal only with the substantive falsehoods.


Second, while it is true that I make available some IHR material on the World Wide Web, I do so not in my official capacity with the IHR, but rather I do it on my own time, and I finance it out of my own monies.

IHR Web Site

The Journal of Historical Review, September/October 1995:

New IHR Web-Site and E-Mail Addresses

Through his personal Internet web site, Journal associate editor Greg Raven makes available an impressive selection of material from the Institute of Historical Review...

Why was it acceptable for the IHR to refer to Greg Raven's personal web site as the "IHR Web-Site," but when Ken McVay used the term "IHR WWW Site," he was accused of "inaccuracy" and spreading "substantive falsehoods"?

The obvious answer is that Mr. Raven was simply looking for excuses not to provide the cross-links which Ken McVay's open letter was asking for.

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