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Notes on a Discourse Analysis
of Selected Zündelsite Materials
(Part 11 of 13)

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Tab 22. Power Letter - March 1997

"The Swiss ruling elite, with a few notable exceptions, has predictably caved in to the worldwide Holocaust Lobby pressure and announced their fatal error - a $6 Billion Holocaust Victims' Fund. The Holocaust terrorists are crowing triumphantly. The eternal parasite, riding high on a wave of victimhood, seems to have cast all caution to the wind, drunk with the feeling of influence and power of having brought yet one more gentile country to its knees.

Where will this end? I fear for the "little Jew" who has no voice and no say in this matter, but ultimately will have to suffer the fallout!"


This passage uses the epithet Holocaust Lobby to refer to Jews, an appellation which is strengthened through the use of the terms gentile country (in implicit contrast to non- gentile countries, i.e., Israel) and the "little Jew". The writer subjects Jews to contempt and derision through the use of negative expressions which are assigned as attributes and characteristics to the Jews, terms such as Holocaust terrorists, crowing, parasite, victimhood, drunk, etc. These negative terms are designed to establish within the reader a pejorative stereotype of all Jews. Terrorist and victimhood are terms which the writer uses to invert history, turning Jewish Holocaust victims into terrorists, such that the horrors of the Holocaust are now laid at the feet of the Jews. Parasite is used as a pejorative term to evoke the negative archetype of the eternal Jew.

The passage then utters a threat to the "little Jew" (although the use of scare quotes does not sufficiently identify a specific group of Jews, the implication is that such individuals are somehow removed from the Holocaust Lobby group). The writer implies that the "little Jew" is swept along by a larger Jewish conspiracy. Moreover, the threat is by implication extended to all Jews, since the only way the "little Jew" can "suffer the fallout" is if he/she is also included in the superordinate class of Jews, the target of the threat.

Tab 26. Good Morning from the Zundelsite (November 24, 1996)

"Why the need to exaggerate? To justify what? A vicious hate campaign for half a century against a former, long defeated enemy? A regime which entered the pages of history over 50 years ago? It [sic] that what this is all about?

Or is it not rather to keep the Germans in pepetual mental, political, economic and financial bondage and to make them susceptible to ever new, thinly disguised blackmail schemes which have extorted over 100 Billion DM out of them for the Holocaust Lobbyists and many

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members of their tribe, institutions and organizations - not to forget the state of Israel, a state which did not even exist at the time of the alleged crimes that were supposed to have been committed by the Nazis? Could it also [sic] about political influence and advantage, both domestic and foreign, that whose [sic] who can claim "victim" status can amass by exploitation of the "Holocaust"?


The term Holocaust Lobbyists is used as a negative epithet for Jews. Just in case the reader is unclear about this reference, the writer reinforces it with the term tribe and with the invocation of the state of Israel. These two terms, through the principle of relevance, serve their function only if the epithet is properly associated with Jews. Once having established Jews as the overall theme for the passage, the writer proceeds to attribute to Jews various negative and characteristics The writer attributes to the Jews a vicious hate campaign, a deliberate intention to hold Germans in perpetual mental, political, economic and financial bondage, as well as the status of extortionists and blackmailers.

The use of scare quotes around "victim" and "Holocaust" represent the writer's disbelief of these terms in the present context. The passage takes as its central message the assertion that Jews are criminals, although such allegations are asserted without appropriate warrants which felicitous discourse requires, thereby singling out Jews as a specific, identifiable group and attributing to them highly negative attributes.

Tab 27. Good Morning from the Zundelsite (April 26, 1997)

"The fact is that the Jewish Lobby - or the Israeli Lobby, as some like to call it - have long had a deliberate policy of lying to non-Jewish Americans. They lied to us about Hitler and about National Socialist Germany, because they wanted America to go to war with Hitler to destroy this threat to their schemes. They have lied to us about their own role in setting up the Communist conspiracy, which spread out of London and New York to Russia and from there to other countries until it engulfed half the earth and consumed tens of millions of human lives. And they have lied to us about a great number of other things, too - including their most infamous lie and most lucrative and crooked scheme, the so-called "Holocaust ".


In this passage, the writer stipulates the existence of an organized entity called the Jewish Lobby (equivalently, the Israeli Lobby). (Note that prior to World War II, there was no Israeli Lobby, since Israel did not exist. However, the writer links the two expressions together as

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equivalent, a historical impossibility.) To this entity the writer attributes the defining characteristic of "a deliberate policy of lying" about a host of issues. The word lie involves the presupposition that the one uttering the lie knows that the complement of the verb is in fact true and that the one uttering the lie is deliberately misrepresenting the proposition. Thus, in an expression like "they have lied to us about their own role in setting up the Communist conspiracy...", the presupposition is that they (the Jewish Lobby, an epithet for Jews in general) know about their own role in setting up the Communist conspiracy which, in turn, implies that they (Jews as a group) set up the Communist conspiracy. It also presupposes an attempt at deliberate misrepresentation for some particular ends, which is evoked by the term schemes. Thus, by this peculiar logic, the writer asserts that Hitler was the only opposition to the schemes of the Jews. so the world was forced to go to war against Hitler.

The pronouns they and their are used via topic continuity to sustain reference to the antecedent Jewish/Israeli Lobby, namely Jews. The pronoun us takes as its antecedent both the writer (since it is first person plural, used inclusively) and by association in the first sentence, non-Jewish Americans. Thus an implicit contrast is constructed between Jews and non-Jews, with the narrative implication that the Jews should be held in a negative position, since the non-Jews are the stipulated victims of the lies.

The writer also asserts that the "so-called Holocaust" is a lie and that is also a product of Jewish financially motivated interests. In summary, the entire passage singles out Jews as a group which has a deliberate and intentional policy of Iying in order to secure financial gain. The writer tries to cash in on deeply evocative negative stereotypes which associate a complex of conspiratorial attributes to Jews. The writer therefore overtly and explicitly places Jews in a position subject to continued hatred and loathing.

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