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Irving vrs. Lipstadt

May 2000

"13.9 As appears from section V above, the Defendants have selected nineteen instances where they contend that Irving has in one way or another distorted the evidence. Having considered the arguments, which I have summarised at some length, I have come to the conclusion that the criticisms advanced by the Defendants are almost invariably well-founded. For whatever reason (and I shall consider later the question of Irving's motivation), I am satisfied that in most of the instances cited by the Defendants Irving has significantly misrepresented what the evidence, objectively examined, reveals."
(Judge Gray, Irving vrs. Lipstadt, Judgment)

The Guardian - May 31, 2000 Irving turns to US fans to fund his legal costs
Los Angeles Times - May 31, 2000 Letter to the Editor: David Irving
Los Angeles Times - May 30, 2000 Holocaust Revisionist Begins U.S. Tour
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - 26 May 2000 Jerusalem Post may sue denier David Irving
New Times Los Angeles - May 25-31, 2000 In the Hot Seat
Cal State Long Beach faculty members are trying to force Professor Kevin MacDonald to publicly defend his controversial views on Judaism.
History Today - May 2000 Impressions of the Irving Trial
Jerusalem Post - May 19, 2000 'Post' threatens Irving over copyright
Sydney Morning Herald - May 18, 2000 Australian envoy snubs David Irving
Daily Forty-Niner - May 15-18, 2000 Teacher testimony stirs controversy
Fulton County Daily Report - May 15, 2000 Giant Effort Helps Emory Prof Overcome Holocaust Denier
The Advocate - May 13, 2000 'Whether it happened or not is not subject to debate'
Columbus Dispatch - May 10, 2000 The freedom of inquiry is the avenue to truth
Jerusalem Post - May 7, 2000 Holocaust denier Irving ordered to pay $250,000 'on account'
The Independent - May 6, 2000 Irving ordered to pay #150,000 costs - bankruptcy
The Guardian - May 6, 2000 Irving ordered to pay #150,000 interim costs
New York Jewish Week - May 5, 2000 Denying the deniers
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - May 5, 2000 Listening to Lipstadt
The Advocate - May 3, 2000 Professor says Holocaust trial win important
The Daily Bruin [UCLA] - May 2, 2000 Jewish professor receives welcome after exoneration
Jerusalem Post - May 2, 2000 Lipstadt recounts battle with 'Amalek'
The Nation - May 1, 2000 History and the Holocaust
The Lawyer - May 1, 2000 Libel laws winners in historical battle
As to history, it seems almost received wisdom in the commentary on the case that the court is not the correct arena for historical debate. Two of those who expressed this view were Donald Cameron Watt and John Keegan, Irving's subpoenaed witnesses. They missed the point. If people such as Irving do decide to launch attacks on their critics and are then found out, they can not then complain about the result. They argued history needs its mavericks, its unconventional, controversial figures. Each missed the point. History does not need liars.
The Review - May 2000 [formerly the Australia/Israel Review] Court out
Los Angeles Times - May 1, 2000 Author Urges Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism
Atlantic Magazine - May 2000 Letters in response to the Guttenplan article (See February)

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