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Irving vrs. Lipstadt

March 2000

MR JUSTICE GRAY: No. What the witness was saying was yes, you have records of what these Adjutants told you, but you were in dereliction of your duty as a historian in forgetting to weigh that evidence against the background, the context. (Irving v. Lipstadt et al, Day 21, p. 41)

Emory Wheel - Mar. 28, 2000 A triumphant return
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Mar. 24, 2000 Pondering significance, awaiting verdict in Holocaust denial trial
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Mar. 24, 2000 Knowing Our Enemy: At trial's end, a Friend of Deborah thinks it's Irving who should beware
The Guardian - Mar. 19, 2000 The world according to David Irving
The Express - Mar. 18, 2000 Sitting on a barbed wire fence is a feat only truth can accomplish
The Guardian - Mar. 18, 2000 Lies and libel
London Jewish News - Mar. 17, 2000 Fuhrer jibe by Irving
17.03 - IN AN astonishing outburst in the High Court on Wednesday, revisionist historian David Irving called the judge, Mr Justice Gray, "mein fuhrer".
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Mar. 17, 2000 Holocaust denier cites Jewish conspiracy at trial's end
Jerusalem Post - Mar. 16, 2000 Lipstadt counsel says Irving exposed as fraud
The Guardian - Mar. 16, 2000 Irving: rabid racist or vilified victim?
Chicago Tribune - Mar. 16, 2000 Charges fly near end of Holocaust libel trial - Historian Irving called a liar; he sees a conspiracy. [Irving] ...produced one of the few outbursts of laughter in the court when he unintentionally referred to Gray not as "my lord," the British court practice, but "mein fuehrer."
Emory Wheel - March 14, 2000 Former student counsels Lipstadt to use unpublished Nazi memoirs
Chicago Tribune - March 11, 2000 Who's On Trial? Holocaust libel case draws to close: Hitler apologist sued to defend his reputation, wound up on defensive
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Mar. 10, 2000 Australian magazine assigns revisionist to cover trial
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Mar. 10, 2000 Irving accused of mocking survivors as trial nears end
New York Post - March 8, 2000 Fettman: Holocaust can't be denied
The [Calcutta] Statesman - March 7, 2000 All about a largely depressing libel suit
Columbus Dispatch - March 4, 2000 Truth, History at issue in trial
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix - March 3, 2000 Eichmann memoirs released for libel trial
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - March 3, 2000 Eichmann could help discredit Holocaust denier suing historian
The Jerusalem Post - March 3, 2000 Sensitize the Arab world
The Independent - March 3, 2000 Irving admits speaking at BNP meeting
The Guardian - March 3, 2000 'Mockery' of Nazi victims by Irving
Jerusalem Post - March 3, 2000 Memory - and the Nazi master plan
New York Jewish Week - March 2, 2000 Eichmann Memoir: Denierís Nightmare?
The Globe & Mail - March 2, 2000 David Irving holds court on Eichmann, libel case
Jerusalem Post - March 2, 2000 Witness: Irving used Germany as 'playground' for extremism
The Guardian - March 1, 2000 Irving 'committed to neo-Nazism in Germany'
The Guardian - March 1, 2000 Eichmann diary to test Irving case
The Guardian - March 1, 2000 Words written in blood: We've heard all these whining excuses before, says David Cesarani
The Guardian - March 1, 2000 The history men: Nazism today: The Holocaust is just an uneasy memory to us. But in old Vienna, does anti-semitism live on?
Baltimore Sun - March 1, 2000 Holocaust memoirs offer few revelations: Israel opens writings by Eichmann to public to help scholar in trial
Ha'aretz - March 1, 2000 Eichmann diaries are window to his inner world
Salon - March 1, 2000 Hitler's apologist

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