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Irving vrs. Lipstadt

January 2000

"This cannot be construed as anything other than a cop out for Nazism and other forms of Fascism that are constructed around spurious theories of racial or religious exclusivism. The not so subtle subtext of Irving’s theory is that there is something internal to Judaism and those who follow that faith which makes them natural targets for pogroms. This is an illiberal, essentialist view that seeks to construct victims of hate and violence as culprits. " (The ([Calcutta] Statesman, January 14, 2000)

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Jan. 28, 2000 Lipstadt trial: Denier admits Jews were gassed
Jewish Journal of Greater LA - January 28, 2000 In Court, Holocaust Revisionist Admits That Nazis 'Systematically' Gassed Jews
Jewish Journal of Greater LA - January 28, 2000 'A Critical Eye' (Letter)
Jewish Journal of Greater LA - January 28, 2000 Deborah Lipstadt's Trial and Us
The Guardian - January 27, 2000 Gas chambers 'that never were'
Times of London - January 27, 2000 Irving disputes 'lurid' atrocity stories
Jerusalem Post - January 26, 2000 Fighting the deniers
BBC News Online - January 26, 2000 'Gas chambers didn't exist' - historian
The Guardian - January 26, 2000 Gas chambers 'not propaganda'
Times of London - January 26, 2000 Auschwitz death chambers 'a moral certainty'
The Spotlight - Jan. 25, 2000 David Irving pursues libel suit
LineOne News - January 25, 2000 Holocaust really happened, Judge told
The Guardian - January 25, 2000 Gas chambers 'not propaganda'
Times of London - January 25, 2000 'Cyanide was used to kill lice' claims Irving
LineOne News - January 25, 2000 Libel Case Historian 'Wanted bunk report to be true'
Chicago Tribune - January 23, 2000 Defender of HItler Sues Critics - And Puts Holocaust on Trial
Post-Gazette Online - January 22, 2000 New twists on history
Times of London - January 21, 2000 Historian accused of right-wing extremism
Times of London - January 20, 2000 Irving eats 'humble pie' on gassing
BBC News Online - January 20, 2000 Historian denies anti-semitism 'slur'
LineOne News - January 20, 2000 'Hitler' historian feeds anti-semitism, Court told
Independent - January 20, 2000 Irving admits he was wrong over murder of Jews in 'gassing trucks'
Times of London - January 19, 2000 Irving insists that Hitler did not order the Holocaust
The Guardian - January 19, 2000 Holocaust claims 'impossible'
Times of London - January 18, 2000 Nazis sent Jews to new life, says Irving
Sydney Morning Herald - January 18, 2000 Philosophy of hate has no room for truth
BBC News Online - January 18, 2000 "Hitler historian branded 'mad or liar'"
BBC News Online - January 17, 2000 "Holocaust trains 'well provisioned'"
The Times - January 16, 2000 Lost causes? Lead me to 'em, m'learned friends
New York Daily News - January 16, 2000 Putting the Holocaust on Trial
Guardian Unlimited Archive - January 16, 2000 Last battle of Hitler's historians
U.S. News and World Report - January 16, 2000 'Debating degrees of evil'
The Irish Times - January 16, 2000 'Branded the "Holocaust denier"'
New York Jewish Week - January 14, 2000 Shoah Revisionist Warns Of Jewish Plot
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Jan. 14, 2000 Libel trial an affront to humanity
The [Calcutta] Statesman - January 14, 2000 Politics of Hate
Jerusalem Post - January 14, 2000 Holocaust denier Irving says German court wants to extradite him
Times of London - January 14, 2000 Germans want Irving to face incitement trial
The Jewish Journal - January 14, 2000 Getting it Very Wrong: How and why the L.A. Times failed in its report on Holocaust deniers
Times of London - January 13, 2000 Irving says Holocaust 'logistically impossible'
BBC News Online - January 13, 2000 'War historian may face extradition'
Michigan Daily - Jan. 12, 2000 Author claims to be victim of conspiracy
Evening Standard - Apr. 12, 2000 Irving: why six million were not killed
Chicago Tribune - January 12, 2000 Holocaust-based libel suit opens in British court
National Post - Jan. 12, 2000 Accused 'Holocaust denier' says his career has been ruined
Times of London - January 12, 2000 Academic buccaneer vs bookish schoolmaster
Times of London - January 12, 2000 Irving 'a liar not an historian', court told
Jerusalem Post - January 12, 2000 Denying the deniers
Indedpendent - January 12, 2000 Irving is a falsifier and a liar, says publisher
The Express - January 12, 2000 Historian, or plain liar?
BBC News Online - January 12, 2000 "Historian: Gas chambers are 'big lie'"
Jerusalem Post - January 11, 2000 Holocaust on trial in London
Independent - January 11, 2000 Historian Irving sues Penguin for libel
LineOne News - January 11, 2000 "Author's claims destroyed my 'pension' says historian"
BBC News Online - January 11, 2000 "Hitler historian branded a 'liar'"
BBC News Online - January 10, 2000 'High Court battle over Holocaust book'
Sunday Times - January 9, 2000 Judgment day for the Holocaust historians
Sunday Times - January 9, 2000 The sharp minds with a war to win

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