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Confronting Hitler's Defender

Irving vrs. Lipstadt

February 2000

ABC News - Feb. 29, 2000 Dance of Death: Israel Releases Eichmann Memoir
Reuters - Feb. 29, 2000 Eichmann acknowledged Holocaust "dance of death"
Ha'aretz - Feb. 29, 2000 Eichmann's diary opens to public today
Jerusalem Report - February 28, 2000
Jerusalem Report - February 28, 2000 The Holocaust on trial
The Age - February 28, 2000 In denial of evidence
Newsday - Feb. 28, 2000 After 40 Years, Eichmann Diary Released
Salt Lake City Tribune - Feb. 28, 2000 Israel to Release Eichmann Memoir
The Scotsman - Feb. 28, 2000 Israel releases Eichmann secrets to libel trial
Jerusalem Post - Feb. 28, 2000 Eichmann memoir to help fight Holocaust denier
Ha'aretz - Feb. 28, 2000 Eichmann journals being made public
Ha'aretz - Feb. 27, 2000 London lawyers request Eichmann journals for Holocaust denial suit; A-G wants to cooperate
Jewish World Review - Feb. 24, 2000 Holocaust Denial Trial: Do We Care?
With historical truth at stake, little interest found in landmark libel case in London.
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Feb. 18, 2000 Denier confronting Holocaust scholars at libel trial
The Jewish Week - Feb. 18, 2000 Holocaust Denial Trial: Do We Care?
Jewish World Review - Feb. 3, 2000 When neo-Nazis have short memories
Toledo Blade - February 13, 2000 Editorial: Jousting with the Holocaust
Jerusalem Post - February 13, 2000 British scholar: Irving has no right to call himself a historian
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix - Feb. 11, 2000 Anti-Semitic utterances thrown back at revisionist
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Feb. 11, 2000 Letters to Deborah Lipstadt
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Feb. 11, 2000 Denier faces own anti-Semitic remarks at libel trial
Times of London - February 11, 2000 Irving 'doesn't deserve to be called a historian' - "DAVID IRVING did not deserve to be called an historian, a leading academic said yesterday. Richard Evans, Professor of Modern History at Cambridge University, told the High Court that he was not prepared for the "sheer depth of duplicity" which he encountered in Mr Irving's treatment of historical sources relating to the Holocaust."
The Guardian - February 11, 2000 Irving 'should not be deemed a historian'
The Guardian - Feb. 9, 2000 Bogeyman in the nursery
U.S. News & World Report - Feb. 14, 2000 Wrestling with the past: New debates over old horrors: The Holocaust and the writing of history
The National Post - February 5, 2000 "David Irving v the dead"
A historian who denies the presence of gas chambers at Auschwitz is suing a writer who describes him as a Holocaust denier. It only gets weirder from there
The Guardian - February 5, 2000 Court 73 - where history is on trial
National Public Radio - February 5, 2000 All Things Considered: D.D. Guttenplan Comments on the Trial (RealAudio required)
Chicago Tribune - Feb. 4, 2000 Historian's words used against him in court - Diary and speeches quoted at trial paint anti-semitic portrait
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Feb. 4, 2000 Flawed Logic: On Auschwitz: The Trial Continues
The Jerusalem Post - February 4, 2000 Jews hated for their money, greed, says Holocaust denier
The Scotsman - February 4, 2000 Irving says Lawrence death provoked by immigration
Times of London - February 4, 2000 England's black cricketers left Irving 'queasy'
Toronto Sun - Feb. 3, 2000 Publish & be damned
The Washington Times - February 3, 2000 Neo-Nazis have short memories
Times of London - February 3, 2000 Diary reveals Irving's ode to Aryans
Times of London - February 3, 2000 Irving's 'Ditty'
The Times of London - February 3, 2000 Irving is accused of 'unvarnished' racism
The Guardian - February 3, 2000 Irving taught his nine-month-old daughter racist ditty, libel trial told
The Times of London - Feb. 2, 2000 Irving accused of exaggerating Dresden toll
The Christian Science Monitor - Feb. 2, 2000 History's elusive 'truth'
The Guardian - Feb. 1, 2000 Author not anti-Semite, court told
Atlantic Monthly - February 2000 The Holocaust on Trial

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