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Irving vrs. Lipstadt

April 2000

"Following his conversion to `hard' revisionism with the Leuchter Report in 1988, Irving charted a course still further to the right. From this date Irving, alongside Zündel, can be considered international radical-revisionism's most active and prominent exponent in Germany. This movement, and Irving as its ideologue, propagated ideas that played an important part in the third wave of RWE. Denial of the Holocaust became part of the standard political repertoire of neo-Nazi organisations. In turn the politics of neo-Nazism in Germany since the late 1980s has exhibited a profoundly alarming tendency to either condone `spontaneous' acts of violence against the objects of its resentments or even to politically organise that violence."
Funke, Hajo. David Irving, Holocaust denial, and his connections to right-wing extremists and Neo-National Socialism (Neo-Nazism) In Germany, p. 135

Columbus Dispatch - Apr. 30, 2000 Letter to the Editor: "Holocaust deniers pay tribute to legacy of hate"
The Morning Call - April 28, 2000 Essence of anti-semite captured
Canadian Jewish News - Apr. 28, 2000 Irving's cross-examination said 'surreal'
Canadian Jewish News - Apr. 28, 2000 Irving proceeding with second libel action
Guardian - Apr. 28, 2000 Heart of darkness
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 28, 2000 Reflections On David Irving, by Deborah E. Lipstadt
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 28, 2000 Letters: Irving's Punishment
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix - Apr. 'I was wrong to laugh' (Deborah Lipstadt)
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Apr. 28, 2000 Why we need Holocaust Remembrance
The Globe & Mail - Apr. 25, 2000 Slaying the ghosts of Jewry's past
"...He had himself initiated what proved to be his humiliation. He sued author Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin, the publisher of her book Denying the Holocaust, for libelling him as an anti-Semite. Earlier this month, he secured the opposite of what he desired -- a judgment from Judge Charles Gray, ruling in Britain's High Court, that he had "persistently and deliberately manipulated historical evidence," that the criticisms of him in Prof. Lipstadt's book "were almost invariably well-founded" and that he is "a racist who associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism."
Time [International ed.] - Apr. 24, 2000 History Wins, Irving Loses
Controversial historian David Irving loses his libel suit and is branded a pro-Nazi falsifier of history
The American Prospect - Apr. 24, 2000 The Banality of Irving
There was that part of him that could not believe what was happening--that, regardless of how the judge ruled on the libel case, Irving was losing his argument on the history--even as it occured. It is the corner David Irving has painted himself into, where even his hope is a form of denial.
Ventura County Star - Apr. 24, 2000 Truth of history will prevail, if we listen to facts
LIBEL VERDICT: Former head of Simi Valley institute was victorious.
New Statesman - Apr. 24, 2000 Sad, foolish, rather disgusting
New York Press - Apr. 24, 2000 Peculiar yet brave
Newsweek - Apr. 24, 2000 The Price of Defending Hitler
A historian explains why a leading voice of 'Holocaust denial' lost his libel case
Jerusalem Post - Apr. 21, 2000 WEIN ON-LINE: What they deny
Jerusalem Post - Apr. 21, 2000 The ugly, the wacky - and culture that's fun
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 21, 2000 The Diminished Assault on Truth and Memory
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 21, 2000 Talking with Lipstadt
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 21, 2000 Letters
Sobran's - Apr. 20, 2000 Subsidized Consensus
New Times Los Angeles - Apr. 20-26, 2000 Witness for the Persecution
Columbus Dispatch - Apr. 20, 2000 Truth be told - Holocaust cannot be erased by revisionists
New Jersey Jewish News - Apr. 20, 2000 Holocaust trial was victory over moral leprosy
Jewish Exponent - Apr. 19, 2000 The Irving Verdict
Canadian Jewish News - Apr. 19, 2000 Editorial: Truth over falsehood
National Post - Apr. 18, 2000 Depths of duplicity: Jews and gentiles alike should ponder why the Holocaust happened
Sobran's - Apr. 18, 2000 The "Dangerous" David Irving
Chicago Sun-Times - Apr. 18, 2000 Holocaust messages
Bangkok Post - Apr. 18, 2000 Were things really as made to appear?
The Independent - Apr. 18, 2000 Losing was unthinkable. The rest is history
Everyone, even David Irving, has a right to have their reputation protected. The outcome is a sparkling vindication of British libel laws.
The Statesman [Calcutta] - Apr. 17, 2000 FATE OF PEOPLES - Irving verdict a blow for progress
St. Petersburg Times - Apr. 17, 2000 blow to Holocaust deniers
Jerusalem Post - Apr. 17, 2000 Irving faces arrest for failure to repay loan
Although Irving lost the case, he has failed to repay the loan or to attend a debtors' court to which he was summoned shortly after the original judgment. As a result, he has now been found to be in contempt and a warrant has been issued for his arrest
The Washington Times - Apr. 17, 2000 The slippery slope of anti-semitism
The Irish Times - Apr. 17, 2000 It's never that simple
The Irish Times - Apr. 17, 2000 The greatest threat to truth comes from denial
The Guardian - Apr. 17, 2000 Judging history (Interview with Judge Gray)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Apr. 17, 2000 Letter: A verdict for truth
Sunday Gazette-Mail - Apr. 16, 2000 Trial hands Holocaust deniers a setback
The Sacramento Bee - Apr. 16, 2000 A judgment against hate
New York Post - Apr. 16, 2000 David Irving: Still in denial
Justice Grey, however, found otherwise. Irving, he wrote, is "not a historian but a falsifier of history" who is driven by a clear ideological agenda and "distinct pro-Nazi bias and anti-Jewish bias." The judge ruled that Irving is "a right-wing, pro-Nazi polemicist" engaged in a "deliberate ... falsification of the historical record ... consistent with his own ideological beliefs."
Washington Post - Apr. 16, 2000 A judgment against hate
The Observer - Apr. 16, 2000 The battle may be over - but the war goes on
The Observer - Apr. 16, 2000 The lying game
Toronto Star - Apr. 15, 2000 Where there's wool to pull, we've got the eyes
WHEN DAVID IRVING, the notorious historian a British judge has called a Holocaust denier, racist and anti-Semite, continues to deny the Holocaust and calls the judge's opinion ``historically incredible'' and ``perverse,'' he sounds, to sensible people, incredible and perverse.
The Press (New Zealand) - Apr. 15, 2000 Good riddance, Mr. Irving
Los Angeles Times - Apr. 15, 2000 The Step From Holocaust Denial to Nationalism
Evening Standard - Apr. 15, 2000 Shamed historian refuses to change
The Independent - Apr. 15, 2000 Judgment has been passed. So how do you feel about being labelled as a racist now, Mr Irving?
The Guardian - Apr. 15, 2000 Why history matters
The Economist - Apr. 15, 2000 Slugging through the mud
Jewish World Review - Apr. 14, 2000 Fighting Back Against 'Evil'
Deborah Lipstadt explains why she felt 'blessed' to counter Holocaust denier David Irvings libel suit.
Emory Wheel - Apr. 14, 2000 Staff Editorial: Lipstadt's verdict
Emory Wheel - Apr. 14, 2000 Lipstadt wins British libel suit; will return home today
The Forward - Apr. 14, 2000 A Famous Victory
New York Jewish Week - Apr. 14, 2000 `Vindication' For Lipstadt, The Jews
New York Jewish Week - Apr. 14, 2000 Fighting Back Against `Evil'
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California - Apr. 14, 2000 Lipstadt: Continuing to teach 'will be enough for me'
News & Record (Greensboro, NC) - Apr. 14, 2000 Holocaust denial: an ugly assault on truth
Seattle Times - Apr. 14, 2000 Holocaust trial winner has UW tie
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Apr. 14, 2000 Truth Prevails - Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books prevail as Justice Charles Gray throws out David Irving's libel claim
The Guardian - Apr. 14, 2000 Letters: and as for Irving ...
Indiana Daily Student - Apr. 13, 2000 British historian branded Holocaust denier - Author's credibility further damaged by verdict
Noted for presenting World War II from the German perspective, his books used to bring in six-figure sums. Now he hocks his work for free over the Internet. The darling of neo-nazi groups, his reputation has been so tarnished his twin brother changed his name.
New Zealand Herald - Apr. 13, 2000 Irving dismissed as racist and liar
New Zealand Herald - Apr. 13, 2000 Pledge to go on telling 'truth'
Cleveland Plain Dealer - Apr. 13, 2000 Skewered on his own words
Newsday - April 13, 2000 Editorial: Law catches up with Denial of Holocaust
{...} He cited example after example where Irving "significantly misrepresented . . . the evidence . . . pervert[ed] the evidence . . . misrepresentation . . . misconstruction . . . omission . . . mistranslation . . . misreading. . . . double standards." The judge found Irving's explanations for his writings "tendentious . . . unjustified . . . specious . . . distorted . . . fanciful . . . hopeless . . . disingenuous . . . [and] a travesty." "It appears to me," Gray also wrote, "that Irving qualifies as a Holocaust denier . . . . Irving is anti-Semitic . . . . Irving is a racist. . . . Irving [is] a right-wing pro-Nazi polemicist." The irony is Gray's findings are even stronger than the words Lipstadt had written.
Newsday - April 13, 2000 Editorial: Truth Is Winner in Holocaust Denier's Libel Defeat
It's always sweet to see a fraud get his comeuppance, but this week's verdict in a high-profile British libel trial is particularly satisfying in several different ways-not least because the loser is on the hook for the winner's legal bills, which could amount to $3 million.
Chicago Tribune - Apr. 13, 2000 The disgrace of a Holocaust denier
Truth, justice and history were well served Tuesday when British writer David Irving lost his libel suit against an American academic who had branded him a Holocaust denier and an apologist for Adolf Hitler.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation/ABC News Online - Apr. 12, 2000 Call for Australia to bar 'Holocaust denier'
Aberdeen Press and Journal - Apr. 12, 2000 'Holocaust denier' Irving faces ruin - Judge labels historian as 'racist anti-Semite'
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 He says Auschwitz is a myth, but he has never set foot in the place, never seen the evidence
The Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Wonderful Steve Bell editorial cartoon!
National Post - Apr. 12, 2000 British judge brands historian an anti-Semite
The Globe & Mail - Apr. 12, 2000 Irving loses libel case in Holocaust denial suit
British judge throws out historian's complaint against U.S. professor, branding the controversial British author a racist and an anti-Semite
The Washington Post - Apr. 12, 2000 U.S. Scholar is victorious in Holocaust libel trial
The Sun - Apr. 12, 2000 Hitler Liar's #2m bill
TOP historian David Irving faced ruin last night after a judge branded him a racist for denying the Nazis killed six million Jews.

A libel case ruling against him shattered his reputation - and left the author with a legal bill of more than #2MILLION.

Newsday - Apr. 12, 2000 Hitler Apologist Loses - British judge rules critic's condemning words not libelous
The Jerusalem Post - Apr. 12, 2000 iBritish court slams Irving as Holocaust denier
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 The sayings of David Irving
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 In the Judge's words...
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 State built on suffering breathes a collective sigh of satisfaction
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 Judge dismantles author's distorted view of history
The Independent - Apr. 12, 2000 Racist. Anti-Semite. Holocaust denier. How history will judge David Irving
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Let's close the book - David Irving has been demolished. Now it is time to give Holocaust victims and survivors some peace
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 'He is a Holocaust denier. He misstated evidence' - The judgment: Judge condemns deliberate falsification of historical record
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Irving: consigned to history as a racist liar
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 How the web of lies was unravelled: Academics spent four years identifying distortions and manipulations in work of bogus historian
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Author with no publisher and few funds landed with #2.5m bill
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Truth's sheer weight - Irving was the deniers' best shot
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Observer in court plea to quash libel action
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 History's verdict on Holocaust upheld
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Relief greets 'victory for truth'
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Unrepentant Irving blasts "perverse" judgment
Historian vows to appeal the failed libel case which branded him a Holocaust denier
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 Irving loses Holocaust libel case
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 The ruling against David Irving
Guardian - Apr. 12, 2000 The cost of denial
Chicago Tribune - Apr. 12, 2000 U.S. writer wins battle with Holocaust denier
"In a 333-page judgment, Justice Charles Gray ruled that Irving, 62, was an anti-Semite and a racist who had deliberately distorted historical evidence to deny the Holocaust and to try to exonerate Hitler from responsibility for the mass murder of Jews. The verdict shredded Irving's reputation and exposed him to possible financial and professional ruin."
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 Racist historian faces #2m bill for libel defeat
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 Historian who strode into court with a reputation but left facing ruin
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 The trial of David Irving - and my part in his downfall
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 Key argument over gas chambers was based on discredited report
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 Advice from Hitler sends ally on road to defeat
Daily Telegraph - Apr. 12, 2000 'Holocaust denier, falsifier of history and racist'
Irish Times - April 12, 2000 Irving's brother changed name to avoid link
Irish Times - April 12, 2000 Irving a 'Holocaust-denier' and antisemitic - judge
Irish Times - April 12, 2000 David Cesarani: Irving exposed as a liar with no interest in truth
Irish Times - April 12, 2000 Holocaust Denial
Ha'aretz - April 12, 2000 Barak: Irving's loss is a triumph for free people
Jewish Post of New York - April, 2000 Holocaust Denier Denied - Apr. 11, 2000 Why Loss in Holocaust Libel Suit Is Important
Apart from derailing a pseudo-scholar, Irving judgment clears the way for serious Holocaust researchers to pursue some important debates
Aberdeen Press and Journal - Apr. 11, 2000 'Holocaust denier' Irving loses libel case Judge labels historian as 'racist anti-Semite'
Evening Standard - Apr. 11, 2000 Historian's lone battle
Evening Standard - Apr. 11, 2000 Only himself to blame
Evening Standard - Apr. 11, 2000 Irving faces ruin after libel case
Evening Standard - Apr. 11, 2000 History needs David Irving
Financial Times - Apr. 11, 2000 Historian loses libel case
The Guardian - April 11, 2000 Irving loses Holocaust libel case
"{...} Mr. Justice Gray said the charges he had found to be substantially true were that "Irving had for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence".
That "for the same reasons, he had portrayed Hitler in an unwarrantedly favourable light, principally in relation to his attitude towards and responsibility for the treatment of the Jews".
The judge said he found that Irving was "an active Holocaust denier; that he was anti-semitic and racist and that he associated with right-wing extremists who promoted neo-Nazism".
The judge said there were certain defamatory imputations which he had found to be defamatory of Irving, but said that in his judgment the charges against him which had been proved to be true were of "sufficient gravity" for it to be clear that the failure to prove the truth of other matters did not have any material effect on Irving's reputation. "
BBC Online - April 11, 2000 History under scrutiny
CNN - April 11, 2000 Historian who challenged Holocaust scope loses libel suit
BBC Online - April 11, 2000 David Irving: Controversial scholar
BBC Online - April 11, 2000 Hitler historian loses libel case
BBC Online - April 11, 2000 Hitler historian awaits libel verdict
Jerusalem Post - April 4, 2000 Lipstadt: Libel trial strengthened me

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