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David Irving's Hitler
A Faulty History Dissected
Two Essays by Eberhard Jäckel
Translation & Comments by H. David Kirk


21. Originally published, abbreviated, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 25 August 1977, p. 17.

22. To aid the reader the translator has inserted sub-headings not originally part of Professor Jäckal's essays.

23. Hugh Trevor-Roper was Regius Professor of Modern History 1957-80.

24 Hitler und seine Feldherren.

25. This German composite term appears in the English text.

26. Since the names of Hitler and Himmler are so close in spelling and sound, it is easy to confuse them in reading. Himmler, the "Reichsfuehrer SS," was head of Hitler's elite guard troops, the SS, who not only ran the death camps but managed most, if not all, of the murder machinery of the Holocaust.

27. This translator contacted Prof. Jäckel about the meaning of the sentence in parenthesis. Here is Prof. Jäckel's reply: "On November 25, 1941 German Jews, deported from Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt, were shot at Kovno. On November 27 the seventh transport of Jews left Berlin. The phone conversation of November 30 concerned that transport. But the call had come too late: these people were shot on arrival at Riga on November 30." Professor Jäckal's explanation of why these people were shot in spite of the "order" not to "liquidate" them appears to be in error. See ' Translator's Postscript' for "Irving's House of Cards."

28. See 'Translator's Postscript' for "Irving's Misuse of Informants."

29. Hitler's "Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment."

30. By then Austria, Danzig, and the largest part of Czechoslovakia had become incorporated into the Reich.

31. Lebensraum.

32. Support for this suggestion comes from Albert Speer's "The Slave State: Heinrich Himmler's Masterplan for SS Supremacy," London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1981, p. 6 (translated by Joachim Neugroschel). Speer says: "The dichotomy of this man (Himmler), who was in charge of total mass murder and yet constantly opposed extermination policies (to staff his armament factories), leads me to suspect that he was not the driving force in the murder continued Of the Jews. I would point instead to Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and that hate-filled mover Martin Bormann." I am indebted for this information to Professor Kurt Jonassohn of Concordia University, Montreal.

Additional support comes from "The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels," Hitler's propaganda minister. "On September 14, (1942) he tells Minister of Justice and President of the People's Court Otto Thierack, that Jews should be exterminated by working them to death, and four days later, Thierack accordingly arranges with Himmler for Jews to be transferred from ordinary prisons to the "jurisdiction" of the SS." Quoted by C.C. Aronsfeld in "The Bestial Policy of Cold-Blooded Extermination," Midstream, April 1993, p. 11

33. Geheimreden.

34. See page 14, footnote 15 for an explanation of that statement

35. Emergency militia squads, organized for shooting Jewish men, women, and children behind the lines.

36. Sicherheitsdienst, the Security Service of the SS formed in 1932 under Heydrich, later also chief of the Security Police (Sipo), as the sole intelligence organization of the NSDAP. The HQs of the Sipo and SD formed the core of the 1939 RSHA (Reichssicherheitsdienst); a special Security Service responsible for guarding Hitler and other leading Nazis, drawn from the criminal police commanded by Major-General SS Rattenhueber (from H. Krausnick and M. Broszat, Anatomy of the SS State, 1970, pp. 285, 383).

37. The title given to the Nazi administration of the conquered Polish territory

38. High-ranking regional Nazi party official

39. Of emptying the ghettos.

40. German Parliament.

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