The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
An Order to Record the Proceedings by Stenographer

By virtue of my authority in terms of paragraph 3 of the Courts Law (Crimes Punishable by Death) 5721_1961, I hereby decide that in this case the proceedings shall be recorded by stenographers. Evidence which is given in a foreign language shall be translated viva voce and recorded by the stenographer from the spoken words of the translator. The Presiding Judge shall certify the record of the proceedings by signing it at the end of the record of each session.

Furthermore the proceedings shall also be recorded by recording machines, and this record shall have equal validity to that of the stenographer, and where necessary it shall also serve for the purpose of verifying what was actually said in Court, whether in Hebrew or in a foreign language.

These provisions shall not apply to the arguments of the attorneys for the parties during the trial. These will be recorded by the Presiding Judge in the usual manner.

The contents of this Order are subject to amendment during the trial, if I shall deem it necessary to do so.

Given this day, 13 Nissan 5721 (30 March 1961)

(Signed) Moshe Landau
Presiding Judge

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