The Nizkor Project

50 Years of Silence

History and Voices
of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria

The Romanians

Encouraged by the virulently anti-Semitic wartime government, and subdued by the German Nazis, some Romanian gendarmes and power-hungry officers committed incredible acts of cruelty against their victims.

One officer responsible for such barbarism was Colonel Loghin, first the Prefect of the Tulchin district and later of the Moghilev district. His hatred of the Jews was so strong that he would not allow a Jew to even speak to him, or to be seen anywhere in the vicinity of his office. He even refused to receive letters from Jews. Over time, he sent many deportees to the German-administered camps where they perished.

In Bershad there were approximately 4,000 local Ukrainian Jews who survived the German Nazi massacres. About 20,000 deportees were brought into the city ghetto. The crowding was terrible. Two monstrous officers "reigned" in the city. They robbed and killed deportees with their bare hands. One was Lieutenant Ghineraru, sentenced to death after the war for his savagery. The name and whereabouts of the other are unknown.

Even the soldiers working with Einsatzgruppe D in southern Ukraine were appalled by the savage killings and disregard for the disposal of corpses by the Romanian troops.

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