The Nizkor Project

50 Years of Silence

History and Voices
of the Tragedy in Romania and Transnistria


The Soviets never recognized the Romanian annexation of territories in 1918. Therefore, in June 1940, the Soviet Union issued an ultimatum to Romania demanding the return of Bessarabia and northern Bucovina. Romanians, feeling humiliated, met this ultimatum with anger. Well-cultivated and perverse propaganda against the Jews rekindled old anti-Semitic feelings. "The Jews are to blame, they have insulted the Romanian army". Thus, the anger and humiliation felt by the Romanians was deflected onto an easy target -- the Jews.

During 1940-1941, anti-Jewish decrees and inflammatory propaganda provided the context in which vicious murders and horrible pogroms were staged in many areas with Jewish population. The brutality of some of those pogroms is briefly described below.

This was the prelude to Transnistria!

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