The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

The Heritage Front Affair
Report to the Solicitor General of Canada
Security Intelligence Review Committee
December 9, 1994

Transcription Notes

Although I have done my best to provide an accurate transcription, it is possible, given the size of the SIRC report, that I have inadvertantly included typos here and there. When in doubt, see the original report, or contact me by email, so I can double-check with my copy.

The original format was not kept, as it would have taken too much time, but no changes to the text were made. The transcription is as accurate as humanly possible.

Footnotes, which appear in the original at the end of each page, have been collected together and moved to the bottom of each section. Ken McVay, December 2, 1995

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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