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Fifty-Fourth Day: Friday, 8th February, 1946
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For the purpose of successful execution of their criminal plans these conspirators, Goering, Hess, Rosenberg, Fritzsche, Schirach and the other defendants, developed a fiendish "theory of the superior or master race." By means of this so-called theory they had in mind to justify the claims of German Fascism for the domination of other nations, which were declared by their theory to be nations of inferior race.

It followed from this theory that Germans, since they belonged to the "master race," have the "right" to build their own welfare on the bones of other races and nations. This "theory" proclaimed that German Fascist usurpers are not bound by any laws or commonly accepted rules of human morality. The "master race" was permitted to do anything. No matter how revolting and shameless, cruel and monstrous were the actions of those individuals, the were based on the "idea" of the superiority of this race.

Said Hitler:

"We want to make a selection for a class of new masters who will be devoid of moral pity, a class which will realize that because of its better race it has the right to dominate others, a class that will be able to establish and maintain without hesitation its domination over the masses." (Otwalt, Ernst. "Deutschland erwache!" 1932, Page 353.)
This German Fascist racial theory had at the same time to serve as a "scientific" basis for the preparation by the Hitlerites of an attack against democratic nations, as a justification for aggressive wars for which the Hitlerites made feverish preparation during the whole time of their domination of Germany. In such manner, the function of racism was to justify the conspiracy to fulfill the predatory aims of the German imperialistic clique.

By order of the German Fascist authorities, the "racial doctrine" was introduced into the educational plans as a most important and obligatory subject. In the hands of German Fascism, the schools and universities became dangerous centers for the intellectual and moral mutilation of the people and, as such, the greatest menace to civilisation. All branches of science were militarised. All aspects of art were subjected to the aims of aggression.

"We approach science unbiased by knowledge and scholarly education," declared the Fascist review "Politische Wissenschaft," (Number 3 for 1934). "The student must come to college with the demand that science be as soldierly as his own bearing, and that the professor possess the qualities of a leader and the bearing of a soldier."

"Give us arms again," said Hitler. "For this, to be sure, from the child's primer to the last newspaper, every theatre and every movie house, every advertising pillar and every billboard must be pressed into the service of this one great mission...." ("Mein Kampf," Muenchen, 1933, p. 715).

Geography became the instrument for propagating the "Pre- eminent importance of the Germans in the world"; of their "Right to dominate" other peoples. A feeling of racial superiority, arrogance, hatred, contempt, and cruelty toward other peoples was cultivated in the young. These are the words of a German Fascist song:

"If all the world lies in ruins,
What the devil do we care?
We still will go marching on,
For to-day Germany belongs to us
And to-morrow the whole world."
The German Fascist "ideology" set loose the wildest and lowest instincts. The Fascists made a principle of arbitrary actions, violence and debasement of the people. They declared as dangerous for the "Master Races" the ideas of freedom, the ideas of enlightenment and the demands of humanity.

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Said Hitler: "I am freeing men from the wearisome restrictions of the mind, from the dirty and degrading self- mortifications of a chimera called conscience and morality, and from the demands of a freedom and personal independence which a very few enjoy" (Hermann Rauschning, "The Voice of Destruction," 1940, New York, p. 225).

In the spirit of such "principles" the entire German Fascist system of education was built up with a view to adapting and preparing them to a blind obedience in the execution of all predatory plans and aims put before Germany by the Hitlerite rulers. As a result of Fascist propaganda and the whole system of measures cultivated by the German State, the German mind was systematically poisoned by the fumes of Chauvinism and hatred of mankind. The aggressive plans of German Fascism ripened with every year of their political power which, according to the schemes of the conspirators, should result in a rapid and easy victory for the gang of Hitlerite cut-throats and in their domination over all the countries in Europe.

The criminal conspiracy aimed at the establishment of a predatory "New Order" in Europe. This "New Order" was a regime of terror by which, in the countries seized by the Hitlerites, all democratic institutions were abolished and all civil rights of the population were abrogated, while the countries themselves were plundered and rapaciously exploited. The population of these countries, and of the Slav countries above all others, especially Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Poles, Czechs, Serbians, Slovenes, and Jews, were subjected to merciless persecution and mass extermination.

The conspirators failed to achieve their objective. The valiant struggle of the peoples of the democratic countries, led by a coalition of the three great powers -- the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and Great Britain -- resulted in the liberation of the European countries from the Hitlerite yoke. The victory of the Soviet and Allied armies wrecked the criminal plans of the Fascist conspirators, and liberated the peoples of Europe from the terrible threat of Hitlerite domination.

We, the prosecutors, are obliged by law and duty before the peoples of the democratic countries and all mankind to formulate and present to the International Military Tribunal evidence proving the guilt of the defendants in committing the most grievous crimes.

Permit me to perform my duty, jointly with my colleagues, by presenting to the International Military Tribunal the evidence which, together with the materials already presented by the Prosecution on behalf of the United States of America, Great Britain, and France will give a complete and exhaustive body of proof in this case.

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