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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter VIII
The Economic Aspects of the Conspiracy
(Part 5 of 5)


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6, especially 6(a). Vol. I Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1, Section IV(E). Vol. I Pg. 21

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg trial. A double asterisk (**)-before a document number indicates that the document was referred to during the trial but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason given in parentheses following the description of the document. The USA series number, given in parentheses following the description of the document, is the official exhibit number assigned by the court.]

*699-PS: Letter from Funk to Hitler, 25 August 1939, reporting on economic affairs. (GB 49) Vol. III pg. 509

*1168-PS; Unsigned Schacht memorandum to Hitler, 3 May 1935, concerning the financing of the armament program. (USA 37) Vol. III pg. 827

*1301-PS; File relating to financing of armament including minutes of conference with Goering at the Air Ministry, 14 October 1938, concerning acceleration of rearmament. (USA 123) Vol. III pg. 868

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*2261-PS; Directive from Blomberg to Supreme Commanders of Army, Navy and Air Forces, 24 June 1935; accompanied by copy of Reich Defense Law of 21 May 1935 and copy of Decision of Reich Cabinet of 12 May 1935 on the Council for defense of the Reich. (USA 24) Vol. IV Pg. 934

*2353-PS; Extracts from General Thomas' Basic Facts for History of German War and Armament Economy. (USA 35) Vol. IV Pg.1071

*3787-PS; Report of the Second Meeting of the Reich Defense Council, 25 June 1939. (USA 782) Vol. VI Pg.718

*3901-PS; Letter written November 1932 by Schacht, Krupp and others to the Reich President. (USA 851) Vol. VI Pg.796

*D-157; Letter from Krupp to Hitler, 25 April 1933, with enclosure. (USA 765) Vol. VI Pg. 1063

*D-167; Memoranda by Sonnenberg and Dr. Conn concerning exchange of intelligence involving Krupp works. (USA 766) Vol. VI Pg. 1069

*D-203; Speech of Hitler to leading members of industry before the election of March 1933. (USA 767) Vol. VI Pg. 1080

*D-204; Statement of Krupp concerning political organisation of state and economy, 22 February 1933 (USA 768) Vol. VI Pg. 1085

*D-206; Memorandum, 12 October 1939, on distribution of propaganda abroad through foreign connections of Krupp firm. (USA 769) Vol. VI Pg. 1085

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*D-317; Krupp speech, "Thoughts about the Industrial Enterpriser", January 1944. (USA 770) Vol. VII Pg. 21

*EC-14; Speech before the Wehrmacht War College, 1 November 1937, by Major-General Thomas. (USA 758) Vol. VII Pg.246

*EC-27; Address of Major-General Thomas before the Staff Instructors' Course, on 28 February 1939 in Saarow-Pieskow. (USA 759) Vol. VII Pg.250

*EC-28; Lecture of Major-General Thomas delivered, 24 May 1939, at the Foreign Office. (USA 760). Vol. VII Pg.250

*EC-128; Report on state of preparation for war economic mobilization a of 30 September 1934. (USA 623) Vol. VII Pg.306

*EC-174; Summary "war economy" trip to Godesberg undertaken by General Staff between 25 May 1937 and 2 June 1937. (USA 761) Vol. VII Pg.326

*EC-177; Minutes of second session of Working Committee of the Reich Defense held on 26 April 1933. (USA 390) Vol. VII Pg.328

*EC-252; Letter from Schacht to Blomberg, 8 July 1937. (USA 762) Vol. VII Pg. 346

*EC-257; Personal letter from Schacht to Thomas, 29 December 1937. (USA 763) Vol. VII Pg.347

*EC-286; Correspondence between Schacht and Goering, March-April 1937, concerning price control. (USA 833). Vol. VII Pg.380

*EC-293; Letter from Schacht to Reich and Prussian Economics Minister, 24 December 1935, concerning army demands for raw material. (USA 834) Vol. VII Pg. 391

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*EC-297-A; Address in Vienna of the Reichsbank President, Dr. Schacht, 21 March 1938. (USA 632) Vol. VII Pg.394

*EC-369; Correspondence between Schacht and Hitler, January 1939. (USA 631) Vol. VII Pg.426

*EC-383; Letter 16 January 1937 with enclosure -- article about Schacht appearing in the Military weekly Gazette. (USA 640) Vol. VII Pg.436

*EC-397; Letter from Hitler to Schacht, 19 January 1939. (USA 650) Vol. VII Pg. 438

*EC-404; Minutes of conference of Sixth Session of Working Committee of Reichs Defense Council, held on 23 January 1934 and 24 January 1934. (USA 764) Vol. VII Pg.443

*EC-405; Minutes of Tenth Meeting of Working Committee of Reichs Defense Council, 26 June 1935. (GB 160) Vol. VII Pg.450

*EC-408: Memorandum report about the Four Year Plan and preparation of the war economy, 30 December 1936. (USA 579) Vol. VII Pg. 465

*EC-416; Minutes of Cabinet Meeting, 4 September 1936. (USA 635) Vol. VII Pg.471

*EC-436; Affidavit of Puhl, 2 November 1945. (USA 620) Vol. VII Pg.494

*EC-439; Affidavit of Schnitzler, 10 November 1945. (USA 618) Vol. VII Pg.501

*EC-461; Extracts from Ambassador Dodd's Diary, 133-38. (USA 58) Vol. VII Pg.515

Affidavit J; Affidavit of Erhard Milch, 23 January 1946. Vol. VIII Pg.653

Chart No. 9; The Organization of German Business. Vol. VII Pg.778

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