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Dachau Gassing Victims Sent to Hartheim

The following is from a book purchased from the memorial on the site of the Dachau camp in December 1993.

"In 1940, as the death rate continued to increase, a camp cremation with one incinerator was built. In the course of the mass extermination plan, a bigger plant with a gas chamber and four incinerators -- the so-called "Baracke X" -- was quickly erected in 1942. The gas chamber, which was camoflaged as a shower room, was never put into use. Thousands of prisoners, who were selected for extermination, were sent to other camps or to Hartheim Castle near Linz to be gassed." (Distel et al., 173)

Work Cited

Distel, Barbara, and Ruth Jakusch, eds. Concentration Camp Dachau 1933-1945 (14th edition). Brussels: Commite Internationale de Dachau, 1978.

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