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Scenes From Auschwitz
Zofja Rozenstrauch

This page offers reproductions from an album of nineteen drawings made by Zofja Rozenstrauch (No. 48035), a woman prisoner in Auschwitz from 1943 to 1945. The album was submitted to the District Court in Jerusalem during Session No. 71 of the trial of Adolf Eichmann and given the number T/1346 (Volume III, pp. 1289-1291). The captions to each drawing are translations of the artist's comment in Polish in the drawing itself.

We apologize for the large size of these images - we're working to produce smaller versions which will maintain the quality demanded.


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The drawing on the album cover states: Death Camp Auschwitz. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-02.JPG

215.30 Kb
"We are going to camp." Days and nights without a drop of water for the 140 persons in the freight car. The brave ones jump out of the windows while the train is moving at full speed, but they could be caught by the bullets of the guards.

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1024 x 690
New arrivals - shaving heads and showers. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-04.JPG

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1024 x 698
The newcomers to the camp were placed in so-called quarantine, actually locked up for four weeks in a stifling block, ten persons to a bunk two meters long.

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1024 x 758
"Revier" - F.K.L. (Frauen Konzentration Lager - Women's Concentration Camp) Auschwitz Birkenau -- She is preparing the morning's report before the roll-call: Section No. 4, middle bunk, only four dead, the rest still alive. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-06.JPG

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1024 x 672
Lunch. A kapo ladles soup in a way that enough will remain for her to buy cigarettes.

124.50 Kb
1024 x 692
"You didn't get enough soup? This evening you will get more." Thus promised Arbeitsdienstführer Schultz. This is what the extra portion looked like. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-08.JPG

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1024 x 683
"Arbeitsdienstführer Schultz on duty." For minor offences (not moving fast enough when passing through the gate) punishment was kneeling down for some hours during the roll-call. The above-mentioned SS officer inflicted such punishments without any reason, flogging and kicking indiscriminately. F.K.L. Auschwitz-Birkenau. While kneeling, hands had to be held high.

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1024 x 669
Those suffering from sores and rashes - to the chimney. Everyone in the camp suffered from sores and rashes due to the poor food and lack of vitamins. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-10.JPG

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1024 x 675
"Sortierung" [sorting out] F.K.L. at Birkenau near Auschwitz. In the foreground S.S. Unterscharführer Tauber conducts the selection of those [to be sent] to the chimney. On the left a group of women selected to survive, on the right a block leader writes down the numbers of those to be gassed and a group of those condemned under the supervision of an SS woman. In the distance, the crematorium chimney.

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1024 x 676
"To the crematorium" -- Auschwitz-Birkenau. Loading a truck for the crematorium. Those condemned waited in block no. 25, specially designed for this purpose. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-12.JPG

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1024 x 684
"Incautious." He is giving her a piece of bread. But when spotted by an SS man one had to pay dearly for such expressions of affection.

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1024 x 671
"Punishment." It was good when it ended in a thrashing; worse when numbers were written down and you were called to the Politische Abteilung [the Political Department]. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-14.JPG

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1024 x 815
Politische Abteilung or the Auschwitz Gestapo. One of their tortures was an electric current that did not kill but caused nose bleeding.

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1024 x 685
Twenty-two on the b...
Auschwitz-Birkenau F.K.L. Arbeitsdienstführer metes out punishment. In the background, the female Ober's [Superior] car, the "cream vehicle" known to all. The Ober was SSustuf [SS Untersturmführer] Mandel.

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1024 x 671
"Sport" -- crouching and jumping with rocks in one's arms.

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1024 x 746
"She went on the wire." A favourite way to end one's suffering in Auschwitz. The 5,000 volts never disappointed. The watchmen on the towers had orders to shoot anyone approaching the wires. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-18.JPG

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1024 x 703
Auschwitz - the last execution, January 1945.

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1024 x 678
Arbeit Macht Frei. ../../../ftp.cgi/camps/auschwitz/images/Zofja_Rozenstrauch/T1346-20.JPG

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1024 x 688
Evacuation - We were taken out of Auschwitz [on] 18-1-45 in the direction of Wroclaw. Those who could not keep up the pacof the transport were killed on the way.

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