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[Reproduced from P.Longerich: _Die Ermorung der europaeischen Juden_;
   _Eine umfassende Dokumentation des Holocaust 1941-1945_
   Muenchen, 1989. p.86
 The original of the document is: PA AA Inland IIg Bd.177,
  Auswaertiges Amt, Bonn. This was posted here very often]


 Altreich                                          131 800
 Ostmark [i.e.Austria]                              43 700
 Ostgebiete [i.e. annexed parts of Poland]         420 000
 Generalgouvernement [remaining central Poland]  2 284 000
 Bialystok                                         400 000
 Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren                    74 200
 Estland  -judenfrei-
 Lettland                                            3 500
 Litauen                                            34 000
 Belgien                                            43 000
 Daenemark                                           5 600
 Frankreich/Besetztes Gebiet                       165 000
             [German occupied Northern France]
            Unbesetztes Gebiet                     700 000
             [Free zone in Southern France]
 Griechenland                                       69 600
 Niederlande                                       160 800
 Norwegen                                            1 300


 Bulgarien                                          48 000
 England                                           330 000
 Finnland                                            2 300
 Irland                                              4 000
 Italien einschl. Sardinien                         58 000
         [including Sardinia]
         Albanien                                      200
 Kroatien                                           40 000
 Portugal                                            3 000
 Rumaenien einschl. Bessarabien                    342 000
 Schweden                                            8 000
 Schweiz                                            18 000
 Serbien                                            10 000
 Slowakei                                           88 000
 Spanien                                             6 000
 Tuerkei (europ.Teil)                               55 500
         [european part]
 Ungarn                                            742 800
 UdSSR                                           5 000 000
        Ukraine                           2 994 648
        Weissrussland ausschl.Bialystok     446 484
        [Belorussia excluding district Bialystok [see above]]

                    zusammen ueber       11 000 000
                    [in total more than]

There are several curious features to be noted here:
The compilation is splitted in two parts - according to the
control Germany could exert in the respective countries.
A.: Those under direct control, as in Germany proper or
    annexed and conquered countries.
B:  Enemy countries, neutrals or allies.
The compilation largely reflects a split between the larger
zone of German influence and the remoter parts of Europe -
as it was prior to the invasion in USSR. However, the annexed
precise data on Ukraine and Belorussia along with the
data on the Baltic states provide an updated statistic.

I once asked Mr Baron two questions about this statistics -
he never answered. So, I reintroduce them here:

1) What does it mean when _Estland_ [Estonia] is marked
as _judenfrei_ [free[d] of Jews] here? Apparently, the
central German institutions assembled data about the 
sweeping out of Jewish populations in territories under
their occupation, or will Mr Baron provide another 
2) Normally, figures are rounded here, either to hundreds
thousands or ten thousands. But, the figures given for
the Ukraine and Belorussia are precise to the last digit.
Historians interpret this curious feature by the practise
of the SS-statisticians: They subtracted numbers of killed 
Jews, reported by the _Einsatzgruppen_ and other similar
units in the East, from a once given total number, they 
had estimated before, as evidenced by the figure of
5 Mio. in USSR. Therefor the statistics indicates the
beginning of the _Final Solution_, or will Mr Baron provide 
another explication?

I mean, other than his usual, 'does the document really exist, 
who has ever seen it', or 'it has been tampered with anyhow' etc. 
which is rather a sophiticated set of idiotic self-contradictory 


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