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From: (Michael P. Stein)
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Subject: Soviet-supplied proof: the OSS fact-checks Uncle Joe
Date: 21 Aug 1994 22:22:53 -0400
Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA
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In article ,
Greg Raven  wrote:
>Oh, boy. More Soviet-supplied "proof."

     It seems that the OSS did not fully trust Uncle Joe, and decided 
to subject him to a little fact checking.  While it is not direct 
evidence, I thought this document might be of interest to those 
wondering about the accuracy of Soviet charges and evidence in general.  
Take note of the last paragraph, and of the date of the report. 


                          _Summary and Conclusions_

          The Soviet State Extraordinary Commission for Ascertaning and 
     Investigating the Crimes Committed by the German-fascist Invaders 
     and Their Accomplices charges that, according to preliminary 
     figures, the Germans had executed two million Russian citizens by 
     March 1944.  This charge was preceded by numerous atrocity charges 
     for particular regions and cities, emanating from the commission 
     and from other sources.

          The present report assembles the various Russian charges and 
     attempts to check the total figure on atricities which the Russians 
     have published with the individual charges for different regions.  
     On the basis of the latter, an estimate of 2.4 millions is obtained 
     as the number executed in invaded areas within the pre-1939 
     borders.  The rather small discrepancy between this estimate and 
     teh Russians' own total may readily be explained by statistical 
     errors, and possibly by the fact that the figures may not be 
     altogether comparable.

          The consistency between the estimated total and the Russian 
     total, of course, does not validate the Russian charges.  But it 
     suggests that the Russian total is based on a compilation of 
     individual charges for different localities, and accordingly was 
     not produced arbitrarily for purely propaganda purposes.

          The validity of the Soviet charges may also be judged in the 
     light of the following considerations:

          1.  The charges, in general, are presented in round numbers, 
     which clearly stamps them as estimates rather than actual counts.  
     However, it seems clear that the estimates of the State 
     Extraordiary Commission, at least, are based on careful 
     investigation and analysis of factual evidence.  There is no 
     discernible inconsistency between the Commission's charges and 
     other charges.

          2.  There appears to be a striking positive correlation 
     between the magnitude of the atrocity charges for different 
     localities and the proportion of Jews in the population of these 

          3.  There are several inconsistencies in the individual Soviet 
     charges.  These are minor in character, however, and probably are 
     explainable in terms of differences in the contexts in which the 
     various charges appear.  In general, the same figures are put forth 
     consistently in different Soviet publications.

          One fact that clearly emerges from this analysis is that the 
     Germans have extended to occupied Russia their policy of 
     liquidating the Jewish population of Europe.

Source: Report 2256*, "A Statistical Analysis of Soviet Atrocity 
Charges,"  United States Office of Strategic Services, Research and 
Analysis Branch, 4 July 1944.

*The facsimile is poor; it appears that the last two digits of the 
report number were mistyped and then written over in pen.  I *think* the 
number is 2256, but it might be 2255 or 2266. - mstein
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