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Subject: Holocaust Almanac: Early Nazi Ideology Makes Plan Clear (2)
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Continuing from yesterday's selection from Fein, one cannot help but
contrast her observations with some of the anti-Semitic nonsense being
promulgated by the neo-Nazis... all of the sadly familiar elements of 
oppression are there, clear to the naked eye:

"The `Volk' had a messianic mission, entailing the destruction of other
races and nation-states in the way of its achievement. This conception was
expounded by pan-German ideologues in turn-of-the-century Vienna, where
Hitler, by his own account, first became politically educated. <58> They
were obsessed by envy of the Jews, of their cohesion and their claim to
chosenness. The explanatory power of anti-Semitism was expanded by the
diffusion of the fraudulent `Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' published by
the Czar's secret police and spread by anit-Bolshevik emigres to
reactionary circles in Germany after World War I. The `Protocols' depicted
a worldwide conspiracy, holding Jews responsible for Bolshevism. <59>

The metahistory of the `Volk' differed from the actual history of the
Germans, for whose misfortunes actual Germans were not responsible. They
had been betrayed, stabbed in the back, by the enemy within - the Jew. The
`Volk' demanded not only equality with other nations -- the right to defend
their frontiers without restriction -- but additional room to expand --
`Lebenstraum.' Other nationals of German blood (`Volksdeutsche') who could
be reclaimed resided from the Rhine to the Vistula. The nations that they
inhabited would become incorporated into the Reich or colonized by it
during the next decade. Natives of colonized nations belonging to the
inferior Slavic race would be stripped of rights, reduced to subliteracy,
exploited ruthlessly, and frequently subjected to collective violence. <60>"

<58> Hitler, Adolf. "Mein Kampf" trans. Ralph Manheim (Boston: Houghton
     Mifflin, 1971), 19-125
<59> Cohen, Norman. "Warrant for Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish World-
     Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion," (New York:
     Harper Torchbooks, Harper and Row, 1969).
<60> See Alexander Dallin, "German Rule in Russia, 1941-1945: A Study
     of Occupation Policies," (New York: Macmillan, 1957), for how these
     theories were acted out.

[It is worth noting here that the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is
still being published today, by a publishing firm closely tied to the IHR,
the source of much of the data being promulgated by the extreme right.
Coincidence? You tell me.]

Excerpted from-------------------------------------------------------
"Accounting for Genocide: Victims - and Survivors - of the Holocaust"
(New York: Free Press, 1979)

Conot's "Judgement at Nuremberg" offers this brief outline of Nazi party
actions which certainly suggest a firm program to deal with the "Jewish
Question" ...

"On April 7, `The Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil
Service' was enacted. Communists, liberals, Jews, and part-Jews were
dismissed from all positions.

Journalists were incorporated as a body into the civil service. Since Jews
could not be civil servants, it followed that they could not work on

One measure after another was directed against the Jews. On April 25 `The
Law Against the Overcrowding of German Schools' limited the number of Jews
permitted in institutions of higher education to the same percentage as
their presence in the general populationi. Since Jews accounted for less
than one percent of the population, but ten percent of university students,
nine out of ten were ejected. After disposing of the Jews, the party gave
vent to its general anti-intellectualism and male chauvinism by forcing the
reduction of university enrollment from 118,000 to 51,000. Of those
remaining, only 6,300 were women -- down seventy-five percent!

On November 1, a Reich Chamber of Culture was established under the aegis of
Goebbles to supervise the arts. Only Aryans were admitted to the chamber,
and only a member of the chamber could work as a writer, actor, musician, or
painter. In parallel fashion, the creation of the Academy of German Law
eliminated Jews from meaningful participation in the legal profession. A
`Homestead Law' prohibited Jews from farming or owning land." 

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