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Subject: Holocaust was: Re: Whopper of the Week: Race is "Cultural"
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> > >	"Holocaust, what Holocaust?".
> > Hi Duncan, thought you'd like to know that you just committed an illegal
> > act in Germany (where your posts are distributed by the magic of Usenet.)
> I don't wish to give support to Duncan or the holocaust denial crowd,
> but making it illegal to question something seems rather repressive to
> me.

In Germany, there is a very small minority of extreme nationalists. Their  
ultimate goal is to take control over the German state, eliminate the  
German Constitution and bring it back to the barbarian age, '33 to '45.

In Germany, there is a principle called the ,Grundsatz der Streitbaren  
Demokratie', the Principle of the Valiant (?) Democracy, which states that  
the democracy tolerates every political tendency except those trying to  
destroy it; but those have lost every right to publish, assemble or  
otherwise try to gain political momentum. In other words: Organized Neo- 
Nazis are illegal in Germany, and that is damn right.
Now, as they are forbidden to print their propaganda material in Germany,  
it is printed in Scandinavia or in the USA, where the Nazi movement seems  
to have strong friends (some key leaders of it are Americans).
For the Neo-Nazis Germany _is_ a police state that suppresses their  
political belief (of the One True Arian. As big as Hitler, as broad as  
Himmler, and as athletic as Goering. What a belief). But the first German  
Republic (Weimarer Republik) did support her foes, and those foes took  
over 1933; the mothers and fathers of the German Constitution did look at  
this and decided to suppress such inhumane beliefs like Nazis.

In the 70s, the german nationalists discovered a new way to justify  
themselves: They denied the existence of Shoah, the genocide against the  
european jews. There were ,proofs' that Nazi Germany did not have the  
technology to kill 6 million jews. This ridiculous statement was called  
the ,Ausschwitz-Luege', the Ausschwitz Lie.
Willi Brandt, the former German chancellor, declared it unlawful to spread  
this lie. There is irrefutable proof that Shoah did really exist, and that  
the whole Jewish culture in Central and East Europe was destroyed by the  
Nazis. There were and are eye witnesses of this crime.
These are the reasons why it is unlawful in Germany to spread the  
Ausschwitz lie, that is to deny Shoah. I cannot deny that the sun or the  
moon exist, I cannot deny that the Earth is round, and I also cannot deny  
that the Holocaust did happen. And I think it is a damn shame that the  
european Jewish culture ceased to exist then. The state of the Federal  
Republic of Germany is not willing to tolerate people mocking over the  
death of this culture and people.

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