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A Conspiracy Business?

by Duncan Roads Editor of NEXUS Magazine.

Several years ago I took over a dying magazine.  It was a magazine
that addressed itself to the alternative fringe of society and
thus it carried many TalternativeU points of view on the subjects
of health, human rights, the environment, human potential and
suppressed information.  I revived this magazine by deleting all
articles on the new age, the occult, environment and similar
subjects, and by concentrating on what I call _suppressed
information_.  Since that day four years ago, NEXUS Magazine has
shown phenomenal growth, and today is one of the fastest growing
magazines in Australasia.  In fact we have recently opened offices
in the UK, Europe, and the USA to keep up with the demand from
overseas!  So what drives people to buy NEXUS?  Are these people
all latent conspiracy theorists, and, indeed is being a
conspiracy theorist so bad?  After all, virtually every
best-selling action book or movie is based on a conspiracy of some
form.  In fact, as you well know, there are conspiracies
everywhere, of all sizes, happening all the time,it is how our
society works.  NEXUS Magazine is not a conspiracy magazine.  We
do however cover subjects and stories that often cause the reader
to assume there has been a conspiracy.  For example, we have found
evidence of at least two dozen very successful treatments for
cancer that have been suppressed!  This suppression has always
stemmed from joint action between medical bureaucracies and
pharmaceutical drug companies.  Cancer can, has and is being
successfully cured by a wide variety of treatments,all studiously
ignored and denigrated by the majority of doctors.  An example of
how hypocritical the situation has become:  there is a clinic in
Germany which has a reputation for curing cancer using a wide
range of accepted and unaccepted therapies.  Ex-US President
Ronald Reagan, and heads of the cancer bureaucracy, number amongst
the successfully treated visitors to this clinic, yet they never
pass on this valuable information to the rest of the medical
world.  A couple of years ago NEXUS Magazine organised the visit
to Australia of a man named Ed McCabe.  Ed McCabe is a research
journalist who spends all his time researching and speaking about
what is known as oxygen therapy.  Oxygen therapy has been used to
successfully treat hundreds of people for AIDS as well as cancer,
and is non-toxic.  Ed brought documentation in the form of medical
records, of people who had gone from HIV-positive to HIV-negative.
I invited the media and AIDS groups to view these records, but the
silence was deafening.  As the tour grew closer, though, various
current affairs programmes expressed interest, but certainly not
favourable.  The media had decided to deliberately run negative
stories on oxygen therapies, and anyone using or promoting it
became victims of a media frenzy.  Thus we had the unique
situation where people using oxygen therapies were reporting
amazing results, but the media, the AIDS groups, and the medical
bureaucracy closed ranks and insisted it was all nonsense.  At the
end of the day the public were told it was all a dangerous TconU,
but AIDS and cancer sufferers using oxygen therapies began to
lobby to be able to continue the treatment of their choice,purely
because it was working for them.  To this day, no hospital or
doctor in Australia is willing to trial a treatment which has
already TcuredU many AIDS and cancer victims.  The subject of
suppressed health news is but one of many subjects covered in
NEXUS magazine.  Other topics have included:  cars which run on
water; suppressed archaeological discoveries; the history of
banks; free-energy cover-ups; how the international intelligence
community runs heroin and cocaine; mind-control technology and how
it is being used; and UFOs, and the unexplained.  We gain our
information from researchers, doctors, magazines, newsletters,
computer networks and books.  You will read things in NEXUS that
will stimulate and challenge your view of reality, but above all,
you will read things in NEXUS that you will never see on the six
oUclock news!


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