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Subject: NEXUS Magazine's David Irving Reviews - Info Wanted
Summary: General information sought regarding political views as expressed
         in NEXUS magazine, and neo-Nazi slant, if any. (More general:
         info sought about possible connections, however unlikely, between
         neo-Nazi and New Age interests.)
Followup-To: alt.revisionism
Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA
Keywords: Nexus,Australia 

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Last-Modified: 1993/10/26

   A message recently arrived which questioned me as to whether or not
   my archives contained any information about possible links between
   neo-Nazi organizations and "New Age" philosophy. Frankly, although I
   know very little about "New Age" thinking, everything I have run
   across has been more or less positive - certainly not the sort of
   material I would even remotely connect with Nazi political philosophy
   (if indeed that is the correct description).

   I responded with a request for more specific information, which led
   to the following material regarding NEXUS, an Australian magazine
   which is also published and distributed in the United States. Whether
   or not NEXUS is representative of "New Age" views I cannot say, but
   the material related to Hitler apologist David Irving was
   disturbingly familiar, echoing as it did the Willis Carto - IHR
   Holocaust denial theme.

   I would like to obtain more information about NEXUS, and its
   editorial philosophy.

   Here is the Irving material - comments in [brackets] are some of
   those which accompanied the data below. Comments in {curly brackets} 
   are mine....
Head office, all correspondence:

NEXUS Magazine 
PO Box 30
Mapleton QLD 4560 Australia
Phone (074)429 280

Published by Pyoquip Pty Ltd (ACN# 003 611 434)
Editor: Duncan M Roads

USA office:
PO Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946-0074 USA
Tel (815)253 6390 Fax: (815) 253 6300

[American distributors, according to the February 14 (1993) issue:]

Adventures Unlimited (ILt)
Desert Moon Periodicals (NM)
Fine Print Distributors (TX)
Ubiquitiy Distributors Inc (NY)

          "Statement of Purpose: Nexus recognises that humanity
	  is undergoing a massive transformation.  With this in
	  mind, Nexus seeks to provide 'hard to get' information,
	  so as to assist people through these changes.  Nexus is
	  not linked to any religious, philosophical, or
	  political organisation."

["Global News", Nexus 2/14:]

          Reviews, p. 60: "Churchill's War", David Irving:

          "Published by: Veritas Publishing Company, Cranbrook,
	  W.A.  6321 Price: $40.00 postpaid, from New Dawn
	  International News Service, GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne

          "What an amazing book!  What an amazing author!  So
	  many university academics go and read twelve or so
	  books on a subject and then write book number thirteen,
	  but not David Irving.

          Ranked as Britain's top historian, David irving is the
	  only person to have gone through the personal diaries
	  of key generals and power figures of World War II.

   {One can only wonder where NEXUS discovered Irving's ranking as
   "Britain's top historian," given his utter rejection by his British
   peers, not to mention leading scholastic historians world-wide.}
          His thoroughness and attention to detail has revealed
	  many aspects of WWII that are obvioulsy not popular -
	  _Churchill's_ _War_ is testimony to that.

          Churchill is portrayed by our history books as a noble,
	  brave and determined individual caring for the British
	  empire.  Unfortunately his personal diaries, and the
	  personal diaries of people in power he corresponded
	  with, do not mirror this image.

          We thoroughly recommend any serious researcher of WWII
	  history to obtain and read all of David Irving's
	  excellent books."

"Hitler's War
by David Irving
Published by Focal Point, UK, 1991
ISBN 1 872187 10 8
RRP: $60.00, 857 pages, hard cover
Available: Veritas Publishing Co Pty Ltd,
PO Box 42, Cranbrook, WA 6321
(add $5.00 postage when ordering)."

[They do include the details with almost all their book reviews.
Seems they review books in exchange for advertising. Yes, there
is a related ad in the mag]

          "In some countries this book is classed as a textbook
	  and is compulsory reading, while other countries are
	  trying to ban it.

   {I'd like to know which countries use "Hitler's War" as compulsory

          The book gives a very different picture of Hitler and
	  WWII, from [sic] that of the Hollywood movies.  It does
	  not apologise for Hitler or his actions; it merely
	  reports ont he facts, and in many cases the author digs
	  up facts which are not popular with the establishment.

   {They are not popular because Irving conveniently and dishonestly
   ignores any such facts which do not support his thesis, as anyone
   reading Dawidowicz or Ja"ckel will immediately attest.}

          It is said that the winners write the history books,
	  and when one tries to research WWII and its key
	  players, there is little to choose from in terms of
	  unbiased research or writings - except for David
	  Irving.  His research is meticulous and infallible.

   {After Dawidowicz finished her work regarding Irving's blatent
   manipulation of the Himmler memo, it is impossible to understand how
   anyone could consider Irving's work "unbiased!"}

	  The rare documents, manu- scripts and photographs he
	  has unearthed through his painstaking endeavours are
	  accessible to any other researcher.

          There you have it.  If you ever wanted an unbiased
	  history of World War II, _Hitler's War_ is a must-read

"The Search for Truth in History
with David Irving
Duration: 90 mins (PAL VHS)
RRP: $35.00 (audio tape $10.00)
(prices include postage)
Available: Veritas Publishing Company
Pty Ltd, PO Box 42, Cranbrook, WA 6321.
Phone: (098) 268 055. Fax: (098) 268 051"

          "This is the video they tried to ban.  When you see it,
	  you'll see why.  I think it is outrageous that a man is
	  banned from entering a country because of his views of
	  history.  It is even more outrageous when that
	  particular man is one of the western world's most
	  acclaimed and respected researchers.

   {There it is again - asserting Irving's status as something he most
   certainly is not - acclaimed and respected. Do we begin to wonder
   about a drift towards the IHR here?}

          People might disagree with what he says, and they are
	  entitled to do so, but one thing stands out
	  irrefutably: his research is impeccable, and none dare
	  challenge him on it.  instead, we get a lot of
	  emotional rhethoric from critics who try to prevent
	  others from gleaning another point of view.

          As you now, unless you were on the Moon at the time,
	  David Irving was banned from entering Australia earlier
	  this year as a result of pressure from certain minority

   {"Certain minority groups" indeed.}

          The tour organisers then decided to arrange video
	  showings of one of Mr Irving's talks.  These, too, came
	  under intimidation, and most were cancelled due to lack
	  of available venues.

          This particular video lecture by David irving deals
	  with that most unsavoury chapter of WWII, "the

          What can one say?  - the information in this video is
	  worth considering.  I know many people like me who
	  became more suspicious as a result of the attempts to
	  gag David Irving.

          It is high time to publicly debate some of the points
	  raised in this video."

[Oh, and a small ad:]

          "David Irving - Why was he banned?  Freedon of Speech
	  vs.  Censorship.  Holocaust or Holohoax.  The case of
	  the Historical Revisionists find out the truth.  Send
	  $5 for information pack and booklist to PO Box 66,
	  Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006."


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