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From: Ulrich Roessler 

Here is a select bibliography on the Armenian genocide  which
may be helpful. Published in _Mittelweg 36_ (Zeitschrift des
Hamburger Instituts f"ur Sozialforschung) 4.Jahrgang April/Mail 1995, 
p.37-39.  ISSN: 0941-5382.
In that issue there are also three research articles on the
Armenian genocide.

I selected  my shorter list from this bibliography (bibliographies 
and documentations complete, monographs only titles in English 
with a few exceptions).


Adalian, Rouben (ed.): Armenian genocide resource guide,
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[Reprint from: Charny, Israel W.(ed.):
 Genocide: a critical bibliographic review.
 Vol.3 New York etc. 1994; pp.77-125]

Dadrian, Vahakn N.: Documentation of the Armenian Genocide
 in Turkish sources.
 in: Charny, Israel W.(ed.):
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  Vol.2 New York etc. 1991; pp.86-138

Hovannisian, Richard G.: The Armenian holocaust: a bibliography
 relating to the deportations, massacres and disperson of the
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Hovannisian, Richard G.: The Armenian Genocide.
 in: Charny, Israel W.(ed.):
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Vassilian, Hamo: The Armenian genocide: 
 a comprehensive bibliography and library resource guide. 
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Armenian National Committee: The Armenian genocide as reported in the
 Australian press. Sydney 1983

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 les armeniens dans les archives francaises (1914-1918). Paris 1983

Great Britain, Parliament/Toynbee, Arnold J. (ed.): The treatment
 of the Armenians in the Ottoman empire 1915-1916: documents presented 
 to Viscount Grey of Fallodon. London 1916.

Institut f"ur armenische Fragen M"unchen: The Armenian genocide:
 documentation. Bd.1 (1987) - Bd.3 (19990) [German, English,
 French, Italian, Russian, Dutch texts;] (ten volumes planned)
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 genocide. Vol.1: The lower Euphrates. (planned 5 volumes).
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 Armenian history: a document expose of misrepresentations in 
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 Bericht mit einem Vorwort von A.T.Wegner und einem Anhang. Berlin 1921
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  Armeniern vor Gericht: der Proze"s Talaat Pascha. G"ottingen 1980.]


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 law: the World War I Armenian case and its contemporary legal 
 ramifications. New Haven, CT 1989 [ reprint from: Yale Journal
 of International Law. New Haven, CT. 14 (1989), 2; pp.221-334 and 
 16pp. appendices].

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 (1992), 1-2 [=Papers presented at the National Conference of the 
  National Association fro Armenian Studies and Research, 
  Waltham, Mass. April 1985].

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Zetlian, Garine: Armenian genocide 1915-1923: a handbook for students
 and teachers. Glendale, Calif. 1988

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