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Subject:     Open Letter to Greg Raven:  Cross-Linking
Sent:        1/12/96 9:17 PM
Received:    1/12/96 9:23 PM
From:        Jamie McCarthy,
CC:          CODOH,
             Ken McVay,
             Hilary Ostrov,

(A copy of this message has also been posted to the following newsgroups:

Mr. Raven,

Now that your web pages are back online, it seems a good time for Nizkor
to again contact you and to suggest that you heed Mark Weber's wishes.

Mr. Weber is the author of an essay entitled "The Holocaust: Let's Hear
Both Sides."  You display this essay in a web page on your site, with
headline-sized type saying:  "Let Both Sides Be Heard."  Nizkor agrees!
Censorship, and hiding information from people, is not the name of the
game, not in the brave new world of 1996, and especially not here in

For that reason, Nizkor has many cross-links over to your web site, Mr.
Raven.  We want our visitors to not just trust what we have to say about
you.  We _want_ them to visit your site and see it for themselves, to
see what you and your organization have to say.  As we point out in the
final "QAR," there are fourteen links back to various pages within your
site within the QAR files alone, and twenty-six such links elsewhere on
the Nizkor web.

Now, you have not provided a single link back to Nizkor.  Since you've
been asked many times to do so, the only logical conclusion is that
you're trying to hide our existence from your readers.

That's a shame.

But the height of the shame is the page where you present the "66 Q&A on
the Holocaust."  You feed your readers information that Nizkor has
demonstrated to be chock-full of errors, half-truths, lies, and
contradictions.  And you don't even point out that a response is
available, much less provide a link for your readers to read it.

What happened to "Let's Hear Both Sides"?

Please start living up to Mr. Weber's rhetoric, Mr. Raven.  Please at
least put in a cross-link from your 66 Q&A web page to Nizkor's 66 QAR

I don't think I need to point out that this is not the first time Nizkor
is repeating this request, or that, if you continue to refuse to provide
the cross-link and indeed to even acknowledge our presence, it will not
be the last.

Posted to alt.revisionism;  emailed to Mr. Raven and Bradley Smith, who
is the head of the Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust.  Cc'd also
to Ken McVay and Hilary Ostrov, the Director and co-Webmaster of the
Nizkor Project, and to Ernst Zuendel, a Holocaust "revisionist" who has
recently agreed to provide a cross-link from _his_ copy of the 66 Q&A.

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 Jamie McCarthy     Co-Webmaster of
 Unless you specify otherwise, I assume pro-"revisionism" email
 to be in the public domain.            I speak only for myself.

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