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Subject:     Ernst Zuendel's access to the internet
Sent:        09/23  2:57 PM
Received:    09/23  3:34 PM
From:        Jamie McCarthy,
             Ken McVay,

(A copy of this message has also been posted to the following newsgroups:

Greg Raven wrote:

> If you are referring to Zundel, you should be aware that he has no
> connection to the Internet, so engaging in a debate with you or anyone
> else is problemmatical for him.

[Ken McVay wrote:]

> Utter nonsense. Mr. Zuendel has a connection to the Internet,
> and is quite capable of using it to further his expressed
> desire for "free and open debate" here in alt.revisionism.
> That he doesn't is telling. (Marc Lemire) wrote:

> Really Ken.
> Could you please point out this so-called connection Mr. Zundel has.

Marc, you go on to point out, in your .sig:


He's got a web site, he's got an email address (;
ergo he's got a connection to the Internet.  Marc, what of that
don't you understand?

Furthermore, his refusal to join us here on alt.revisionism is due to
his lack of desire.  He writes:

   Discerning people understand full well what's going on in groups
   like alt.revisionism.  They see a bunch of screeching, screaming
   network terrorists monopolizing this modern medium to vilify, stifle
   and distort.  If one subtracts barrels of verbal obscenities being
   offered by your side - along with ludicrous claims by so-called
   "Holocaust survivors," mediocre authors and outright frauds that are
   the hallmark of such groups - very little of substance is left.  We
   want no part of that.  We have our goal - which is to shed light,
   not heat, on this subject.


Lack of desire, not lack of access.

In fact, Mr. Zuendel has obviously been reading alt.revisionism for some
time, since he's obviously formed such a colorful opinion of the place! 
Why Mr. Raven then claims that Mr. Zuendel finds it "problemmatical"
[sic] to join us here, I don't understand.

But then I don't understand many of Mr. Raven's claims.  (The IHR has
no office of president?  And I am guilty of "misquoting" and
"misrepresenting" Greg Raven?  I'm still waiting on explanations,
Mr. Raven.)

Posted and emailed to Messrs. Raven, Lemire, McVay, and Zuendel.

Incidentally, my reply to Mr. Zuendel's commentary is pending -- watch
I'll get it up there as soon as I find the time to write it!  The
discussion between Mr. Zuendel and Nizkor is really getting interesting
-- it appears that Mr. Zuendel actually has no intention whatsoever of
engaging in what the net knows as "open debate."  Instead of an open
discussion forum like Usenet, where claims can be quickly debated,
he prefers the Web, where arguments and counter-arguments trade places
slowly and only with great difficulty.  Interesting.  I'll be exploring
that in my reply.

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 Jamie McCarthy
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