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In article , (Richard J Green)

> In article <>,
> Chris Carpenter  wrote:


> >>>>Hilberg for instance, counts 1,000,000 Jewish deaths at
> >>>>Auschwitz-Birkenau and a total of 5.1 million Jewish deaths.
> >>>Yes, and Pressac gives the number at 630,000 at A/B.
> Perhaps he does.... 

Perhaps Pressac doesn't. Pressac for example, writes that "approximately
400,000 people, most of them Jewish women, children, and old men" were
killed in Krema II. He also writes "about 350,000 victims" were killed in
Krema III. Pressac does not definitively state how many people were killed
in Kremas IV and V but ventures that the total was certainly more than
70,000.  Pressac also states that from the camp creation until November
1942, 107,000 lives were lost -primarily from homicidal gassings in the
bunkers. Add to this an estimated 10,000 who were killed at Krema I and we
can see that:

Krema I .............  10,000
Bunkers 1 & 2 ....... 107,000
Krema II ............ 400,000
Krema III ........... 350,000
Krema IV & V ........  70,000+

         Total ...... 937,000+

Cf. Pressac, _Technique_, pp.132,162,183,390. 

Note:  Not included is the total number for those who died from "natural"
causes (i.e. those _not_ gassed to death) at Auschwitz. 

> ...Please provide your source and explain your point if
> you have one.

Yes please, Mr. Carpenter, by all means provide your source that shows
Pressac claims an Auschwitz death toll of 630,000. 

However, given Mr. Carpenter's intellectually dishonest practice of
selective quoting and distortion in his attempt to discredit works about
the Holocaust, I think Mr. Carpenter's "point" is self-evident.



"Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes 
not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties--but
right through every human heart--and all human hearts." 

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"

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