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From Sun Mar 31 10:24:03 PST 1996
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From: (William Garrett Poteet)
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Subject: Re: Genetics...
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 01:10:30 -0600
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In article <4j1cg2$>, (Mr
Richard Ethan Latker) wrote:

:Les Griswold (bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:
:: Nope.  I've never behaved like a nigger, shiftless and lazy, and inclined
:: to criminality.
:I guess that would depend on how one defines "criminality". Publicly
:defaming the genetic characteristics of the entire African race based on
:the very recent explosion of crime among young black males (and a minority
:of them, at that) certainly borders on being criminal. Have you visited
:Milan, Mr. Grizly? Do you ascribe the very white criminality found there
:to some kind of genetic defect? 

I consider it to be. The Italians have suffered greatly from the genetic
defect of the Sicilian lineage which positions them toward criminality and
lowlife existence.

However, the Africans put the Sicilians to shame. With far fewer tools and
no technology, the Africans have succeeded in killing themselves for
millennia. In the Congo (Zaire) there are more than 200 tribes killing
each other. Africans are so tribal, in fact, the the very concept of
"africanism" is unknown to more than 90% of the population, most of whom
are unaware that they live on a continent or what a continent is. Only
African Americans who have had the education of white men who took pity on
their ignorance understand that all blacks are Africans. This is
information straight from Stokely Carmichael who is starting up a new
Muslim, African, Communist Movement which is going to tear the entire
asshole out of African Americans once it gets going and alarms the whites
enough to rise up and restrict their activities.

Remember, Africans. You are a visitor here in an estranged land, estranged
by your uncivil activities, and your criminality towards each other is
that which has made you absolute anathema to whites. Your days are
numbered, because you reek of death. It is all your own doing and is a
part of your genetic and cultural inheritance. 

Let me explain. 

Your criminality is worldwide; every African country is filled with
murder. If African American crime were not counted, the crime in America
would be far lower than anywhere else in the world. It is your crime,
black crime, that is blackening our national character and image.

Someday your African American criminal splendor and laziness will result
in your partition and separation from the majority (which is already is,
actually, only you don't realize it yet). We who are civilized will not
live with you. We have refused, and we continue to refuse. Even Henry
Cisnaros, who runs HUD and wants all whites to have blacks in their
neighborhoods, lives in a lily white community, because he truly hates
blacks and wants to protect his family from you. Our country's housing
pattern is one of 94%-99% apartheid. Whites and blacks live in almost
total isolation. Only the government theorists who pull the HUD and
federal integration strings believe that they are forcing integration on
the frontiers of white/black communities. But the whites and blacks will
never live with each other. Look around. The blacks are isolated here. The
whites are isolated there. When the blacks move in, the whites move out.
We don't like you. And for good reason. You are evil, stupid, ignorant,
and criminal. Look at what you have done to our cities and schools. You
are evil.

America is the only country that is so liberal that the majority race
relocates itself at its own expense, allowing an ignorant minority to tear
apart its communities one by one and reduce their inhabitant to despair,
fear, and flight. If blacks were fun to live next door to, there would be
no problem. But they aren't. And that is a BIG problem.

As this continues, whites will no longer be able to pretend it is not
happening. Remember the phrase, "Those who do not study history are
required to repeat it." The history of urban destruction by blacks is now
so obvious that its elimination through repression of racial integration
(which is a lie and only a prelude to the incursion of black crime into an
area and the removal of whites through self-relocation) will be a
paramount national concern and focus. It has already happened. You are
finished as a force.

Already, the Seminole vs. Florida Decision by the Supreme Court signals
the first turn toward States Rights by the Court in American Judicial
history, partly and mostly in reaction to black crime and black lawsuits
which are so frivolous, lengthy, and reflective of black ethical deception
and hopelessness so as to be ridiculous. The Brown vs. Topeka Case is thus
finally undone and more so. Within ten-to-twenty years, the Seminole vs.
Florida Case will be seen to have undone integration, federal incursion
into state business, and civil rights other than those granted on the
local level where the action is.

So, kiss off African Americans. Your fun is over. Black irresponsibility
and crime complete with welfare, food stamps and abject hatred of whites
has spawned the final solution. The tide has turned all the way to the
Supreme Court which has declared the primacy of the state over the NAACP
which can no longer sue a state without that state's permission.

So, you pull's the cord, and you pay's the price, dudes. So,
congratulations. After all, this is what you wanted, isn't it? Otherwise,
why would you have ruined our cities, wasted our educational money,
destroyed all your houses and apartments, and turned everything we did in
charity for you into whining and rebelliousness? After all, if you had the
brains, you would have succeeded, but you didn't. And you won't. You are a
retard race. Look at your grades in schools, your IQ tests, your
criminality--all marks of a degenerate race of beings. You will now begin
to rapidly pay the price for your years of evil in our presence. And no
one deserves ostracism as much as African Americans. It's over, you bums.
You blew it. The South was right. You suck.

I hope this can be done without genocide. However, what you did to the
whites is, under United Nations rules, genocide, because the convention on
genocide cites that the systematic destruction of a society and culture
through destruction of cities, homes, infrastructures, schools, sense of
community cohesiveness is a symptom of genocide. And this is what you have
done to the whites. This is exactly what you have done to whites. 

We will never live with you, because we are people of laws and not of
criminality. We are a nation of work as opposed to laziness. We believe in
responsibility as opposed to dissolution, immorality, and hatred of our
people, we who have tried to help you. The curse upon you was applied by
your own actions. Now, you must live with it and with its repercussions.
It's called true justice. Get ready.

William Garrett Poteet

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