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The following text is from Carlos Porter of Belgium:


Dear Sirs,

It might be noted that the book SCHINDLER'S LIST (an admitted work of
fiction) contains the following factual assertions which are UNTRUE:

CLAIM:  Zyklon becomes instantly gaseous 

CLAIM:  Zyklon served no purpose other than mass murder.  Zyklon and
crematory ovens are proof of mass murder .

CLAIM:  Crematory ovens burn corpses in a few minutes 

CLAIM:  Corpses can be burnt in pyres by dousing them with gasoline 

CLAIM:  Human ashes are so light in weight that they float through the air,
like pollution 

CLAIM:  Kurt Gerstein is taken seriously .

CLAIM:  The "human hair booties for U-boat crews" (Document USSR 511) are
taken seriously 

CLAIM:  There was no way to combat typhus except by boiling clothing <260>.
Oskar Schindler was the only person to steam clothing, providing the only
preventive measure against typhus .

The book also makes the following factual admissions, all TRUE:

TRUE:  Most Holocaust "proofs" are of Polish or Soviet communist origin
<342, 417, 520>.

TRUE:  Many Jews are Marxists who forged thousands of German documents,
fabricating German stamps by the hundreds <182, 251, 285, 458, 459, 460,

TRUE:  Concentration camp inmates died of epidemic disease including scarlet
fever, typhoid, dysentery, and typhus <353, 421, 445, 449>.

TRUE:  Auschwitz was a swamp, full of mud, snow, and ice   (forgetting to tell us that the funeral pyres were in holes in
the ground, according to Document USSR-8, a Soviet "War Crimes Report" which
is our principal source of information).

TRUE:  All concentration camps were industrial installations with huge
factories <327, 413, 421>.  All camps contained hospitals <439>.

TRUE:  There was a children's camp at Auschwitz <520>.  Inmate labour was
required for industrial purposes .

Obviously, if only the "unfit" were gassed , there was no attempt to exterminate the Jewish people "as
a whole".


                       [signed] Carlos W. Porter

                          FAX:  (087) 77 46 09
                          Tel:  (087) 77 36 55


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-Dan Gannon

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