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The following propaganda is Copyright 1997 Ingrid Rimland, posted in the
interest of public oversight. Note that Ingrid Rimland elects not to post
and defend her propaganda publicly; rather, a fully automated script takes
it from her closed mailing list and makes it available for refutation and
ridicule in the best tradition of free speech. Header text last modified
March 11, 1997.

In my opinion, the best resource available on the net for researching and
countering this material is the Nizkor Project, a grass-roots net-based
archive, For keyword and concept
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While I strongly encourage you to investigate for yourself how and why Ms.
Rimland's writings are maliciously false, if you have any pressing questions
concerning specific assertions below, the address is
available. Alternatively, post your query in alt.revisionism, and someone
will answer. We've seen it all before; there are only so many ways one can
distort historical fact. See the catalogue:

------------ BEGIN ZUNDELGRAM MESSAGE ------------

March 28, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This morning, I want to make two points - and I want to make them as
strongly as possible.

The first is that I would like those of you who are serious about our
struggle to download, print out, read and re-read a most important
document.  It is about 20 pages long and is a very condensed chronological
summary of Ernst Z=FCndel's struggle against the most monstrous lie of all
times - that the Germans had a genocidal policy to kill the Jews of Europe!

In English:

"Ernst Zundel:  In a Struggle to Free Us from The Lie of the Century!"

In German:
"Ernst Zundel:  Ein Lebenslauf im offenen Kampf gegen die L=FCge des

Don't just read it on-screen.  Print it out.  Read and re-read it.  Act on
it.  You MUST understand what this is all about - and once you understand
it,  you will start supporting the Zundel struggle actively, financially
and otherwise.   I know that.

It is important for you to have a comprehensive image of the sheer
magnitude of one man's life-long struggle against enormous forces that have
corrupted, debauched and nearly destroyed all things beautiful, noble and
decent bestowed on Western Civiliation by the Aryan throughout the ages - a
man who has single-handedly and with merely a handful of faithful
supporters wrenched stunning victories from the grasping fist of a
powerfully connected, diabolical enemy with unlimited money and media
support.  Ernst is a strong, determined man, but he cannot do this alone.
It will take sacrifices in many forms from every one of us from this point

The second point I want to make is this:  Within that document outlining
Ernst Zundel's  lifelong struggle you will find references to an initial
raid in Germany - the largest EVER in the history of that country - for
Revisionist material that Ernst had sent out to his friends and supporters.
This raid became the blueprint for "Thought Crimes" persecutions to come.

This raid took place in March of 1981 and targeted thousands of Zundel
supporters.  It involved 300 prosecutors who issued search warrants, 50
judges who had to authorize these warrants, and 10,000 policemen who acted
on those warrants.  What a massive intrusion into people's lives and
privacies in an alleged "democracy" - just to stop Ernst Zundel from having
his say about history - his way!  The truthful, honest way!

This raid was also the beginning of the public and ritual defamation of
Ernst Zundel.  The climate set by these raids created the basis for his
later arrest, trial and conviction so that Ernst is now "criminalized" in
Germany.  Based on this "criminal conviction" under Germany's repressive
"hate laws", every effort will be marshalled by his enemies to get him
deported from Canada to Germany in handcuffs and thrown in prison there,
with the keys thrown as far as the moon.

And note:  Although Ernst won the court case that followed these massive
raids against his German supporters, he never recovered from the attendant
negative publicity in Germany and Canada.  After these raids, it was Open
Season on Zundel - around the world!  The vilification hasn't stopped to
this day.

Much more importantly:  This is no longer about Ernst alone - and hasn't
been for years.  This is about ". . . the struggle between the Germans and
the Jews . . ." as the Canadian Postal Tribunal ruled way back in 1982 -
and, now, it is becoming more and more a global struggle between Gentiles
versus Jews.  Modern-day Germany, an Allied-created postwar puppet state,
is being used as the "enforcer" on behalf of the Holocaust Lobby.  The
Allies "allow" their vassals to execute search-and-arrest warrants against
Revisionist writers and researchers all over Europe - and then convict them
in absentia!

The latest victim is an expatriate American - Carlos Whitlock Porter, a
Revisionist writer and translator who lives in exile in Belgium.  Porter's
"crime", among others, as determined by Germany, is that he translated
several documents, including excerpts from the Nuremberg trial transcripts
- which are on-line on-line at the Zundelsite in five languages!  Can you
see why the Zundelsite is so besieged?

A few weeks ago, Porter, an American still living in Belgium, was
subpoenaed to appear in a court in Munich, Germany.  Here is what he has to
say to the judge:

Judge Zeilinger!

With regards to your subpoena of 27 February: Without prejudicial
admission, waiver, and with all due reserves: I do not recognize your

I do not recognize the legality of your order of punishment. I do not
recognize the legality of your subpoena. I do not recognize the legality of
your laws curtailing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of
opinion, and freedom of expression.

I do not recognize the legality of being asked to produce evidence when
every single one of my defense witnesses and experts is either currently in
prison, or is a fugitive from justice, for the "crime" of expressing their
internationally recognized freedom of expression, and when every one of
their expert opinions and books, have, without exception, been banned,
confiscated and burnt.

I demand all documents in English in accordance with article 6, section
3A-C of the European Human Rights Convention.

I demand an indictment based on facts, not opinions and conclusions, so
that I may know the exact nature of the charges against me.

I demand to know point by point, word by word, sentence by sentence,
document by document, reference by reference, exactly what you object to in
every single one of the sentences quoted against me as well as in any other
sentence which may be quoted against me, so that I can know exactly what is
being alleged against me in order to enable me to prepare my defence.

I demand to be supplied with all documents, evidence, and a list of all
witnesses upon which/whom you intend to rely in proving your case.

I demand a continuance of the trial date so that I can study German law. I
do not speak correct German.

I demand to know how to appeal your decision to deny me a lawyer.

I demand to be supplied with any and all exculpatory evidence in your

I refuse to accept any burden of proof in this matter whatsoever. The
burden of proof is on you, not me.

I am not familiar with the legal systems of Third World dictatorships.

=46aithfully, Carlos Whitlock Porter

Thought for the Day:

"There are many definitions of 'the enemy'.  Traditionally, the enemy is a
people that makes war against you.  But today's wars are not always armed
conflicts.  They can be cultural wars or economic wars, which are conducted
by people who say they are your friends."

(Taken from an interview with Alain de Benoist in "The European New Right:
Defining and Defending Europe's Heritage."

________ The Zundelsite can be found at

------------ END ZUNDELGRAM MESSAGE ------------

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