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Subject: Zhirinovsky Update (ANA)
Date: 27 Jun 1995 14:16:34 -0400
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_Zhirinovsky Update_ (ANA)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been rather vocal this past week in Moscow. 
Early in the week he was shown on national television throwing a glass of
orange juice in the face of a reformist governor.  Yesterday (6/23/95) he
stormed out of parliament with other members of his nationalist party
after officials refused to take down an Israeli flag, which was flying
above parliament in honor of Shevach Weiss, speaker of Israel's


From Sat Jul  1 19:10:59 PDT 1995
Article: 5822 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (Marcus)
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Subject: The Flag Guys
Date: 28 Jun 1995 09:56:59 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
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The Flag Guys 
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voice (503) 289-7158, 
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Date: 27 Jun 1995 14:33:53 -0400
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You seem to have a lot of hate bottled up inside. You should take
a valium and count to ten backwards with a long deep breath between 
each number. You seem to have more Hate inside than your so called 

From Sat Jul  1 21:51:03 PDT 1995
Article: 22980 of alt.revisionism
From: (Marcus)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism
Subject: The Flag Guys
Date: 28 Jun 1995 09:56:59 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
Lines: 28
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Xref: alt.politics.nationalism.white:6268 alt.politics.white-power:5822 alt.revisionism:22980

For Those of you, who are looking for those Oh So special Custom Flags.
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They are all 3x5, polyester and the cost is only $22.00 per flag, which
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John Enright
The Flag Guys 
5636 N. Delaware
Portland, Or 97217

voice 503-289-7158
fax 503-286-0236

The Flag Guys 
5636 N Delaware, 
Portland, OR, 
97217-4206, USA 

voice (503) 289-7158, 
fax (503) 286-0236, 

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Article: 6268 of alt.politics.nationalism.white
From: (Marcus)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism
Subject: The Flag Guys
Date: 28 Jun 1995 09:56:59 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
Lines: 28
Distribution: world
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Xref: alt.politics.nationalism.white:6268 alt.politics.white-power:5822 alt.revisionism:22980

For Those of you, who are looking for those Oh So special Custom Flags.
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They are all 3x5, polyester and the cost is only $22.00 per flag, which
includes shipping.  The WW II German flag is the Navy version which has the
iron cross in the corner.  We also carry SEVERAL other flags from WW II of
German nature.

John Enright
The Flag Guys 
5636 N. Delaware
Portland, Or 97217

voice 503-289-7158
fax 503-286-0236

The Flag Guys 
5636 N Delaware, 
Portland, OR, 
97217-4206, USA 

voice (503) 289-7158, 
fax (503) 286-0236, 

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From Mon Jul  3 11:58:32 PDT 1995
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From: (Marcus)
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Subject: Re: Blonde Wives For Black Men...
Date: 28 Jun 1995 19:59:18 -0400
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You don't need to end the crime problem in the ghettos by sending in
beautiful 19 year old blonds, but rather sending in beautiful 1995
chemical weapons. You know the kind that dissipate in 2 weeks so all the
buildings can be renovated and all the bodies easily removed. That would
be much easier. The cost to produce these new high-tech-hyper-potent  
chemical weapons are pennies per pound. Crop dusters are very efficient at
dispersing the stuff too. Try being a little more creative next time. Use
your imagination.

Freedom of Speech

From Wed Jul  5 22:30:25 PDT 1995
Article: 23146 of alt.revisionism
From: (Marcus)
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Subject: Cleaning Up America
Date: 3 Jul 1995 13:26:46 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
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Cleansing America of its third world inhabitants is a slow process.

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Immigration News.

-=-  -=-  -=-

Immigration News from our local paper.

Sun-Sentinel, Saturday, July 1, 1995    

Border Patrol nets 287 illegal migrants

                   The Associated Press

    CRESTVIEW - U.S. Border Patrol agents said Friday they had
arrested 287 illegal immigrants this week in the Florida Panhandle as
part of a Southeast sweep that has netted more than 2,100 arrests. 
    The Panhandle arrests included five immigrants working for a
contractor at Eglin Air Force Base and one man charged with smuggling
illegal immigrants, said Border Patrol Assistant Chief Herbert
    Most of those arrested in the Panhandle, however, were caught
while traveling through the region, said Border Patrol supervisor
Rowdy Adams of Miami.  Officers also seized about 10 vehicles and a
bag of forged Social Security cards, drivers licences and other
    The arrests were part of Operation South PAW, an acronym for
Protect American Workers.  "In several cases where we made arrests,
the Department of Labor came in right behind us and replaced those
illegal aliens with American workers,"  Jefferson said. 
    A 40-officer Border Patrol team began making arrests in the
Atlanta area.  It then moved to Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi
before shifting its focus to the Panhandle along the Interstate 10
corridor from Pensacola to Marianna. 
    The illegal immigrants were sent by bus to the Port Isabel
Detention Facility near Brownsville, Texas. Many have since been

-=- -=- -=- -=- 

Task force aims to curb illegal immigration
Sun-Sentinel, Friday, June 30, 1995
Measures would eliminate schooling, health care money

                  Staff and wire reports

  WASHINGTON - A House task force on Thursday proposed firm measures
to curb illegal immigration, including requiring hospitals to report
illegal immigrants who seek emergency treatment and denying federal
education money for undocumented children. 
  Under the 62-page plan submitted to House Speaker Newt Gingrich,
virtually all federal benefits would be denied to illegal immigrants. 
They still could receive emergency medical treatment, but hospitals
would be required to report undocumented patients to federal
authorities for deportation. 
  Gingrich, R-Ga., broadly endorsed the proposals, calling them
"specific, common-sense, practical recommendations." 
  He estimated that the plan, which also calls for a fortified border
and a constitutional amendment ending automatic citizenship for
children born to undocumented immigrants on U.S. soil, would cut
illegal entries by at least 70 percent. 
  An estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants are in the country,
with the majority in California, New York, Texas and Florida. 
  The Clinton administration, whose own proposals for tighter border
controls and expedited deportations closely parallel the task force
plan, drew the line at denying immigrants basic health care and
    "Ironically, the task force report has taken as its framework the
administration's comprehensive, strategic plan for immigration reform
and border control, but we oppose recommendations in the report that
would ultimately jeopardize public health and safety," said Julie
Anbender, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Naturalization
    The task force plan resembles a proposal by two statewide citizen
groups to amend the Florida constitution with similar measures. 
There are an estimated
 408,000 illegal immigrants in Florida. 
    The Orlando-based Save Our State Committee wants to prohibit
state and local governments from spending money to provide social
services to illegal immigrants.  Last month, the group launched a
petition drive to get the initiative on a statewide ballot in
November 1996. 
    The other group, the Florida-187 Committee, based in Delray
 hopes to persuade voters to approve four constitutional amendments,
including barring
 immigrant children from schools and requiring that state and local
officials report suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities. 
    "I applaud the task force proposals, but I hope the feds don't
cut off federal funding and then thrust the burden of picking up the
cost of services for illegal aliens completely upon the states," said
Rob Ross, executive director of the Florida- 187 Committee. 
    Frank Sharry, spokesman for the National Immigration Forum, said
the proposed measures amounted to creating "a police state." The
Forum, a national advocacy group for immigrants, opposes denying
education benefits and requiring hospitals to turn in undocumented
immigrants.  "Illegal immigration is a problem, but it can be reduced
by taking effective action without resorting to police-state
tactics,"  he said. 
     The National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights group,
accused the task force of pandering to public opinion on illegal
     "It is not consistent with American values to throw children out
of school and onto the streets,"  and legislators should "cease the
dangerous and ugly game of immigrant bashing for political gain," the
group said. 
     The task force, headed by Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., would
leave the decision on schooling illegal immigrants up to the states,
but would deny them any federal money for the immigrants' education. 
     The task force also recommended two large-scale pilot projects -
a tamper-proof Social Security card and a computerized registry - to
help employers verify the immigration status of potential employees. 
     Staff Writer Sergio R. Bustos contributed to this report. 

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From: John Brock 

I've proposed the creation of a new newsgroup:


I should have done this ages ago!  Please support my proposal by going
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else you know who might want to see this newsgroup created!!!

John Brock

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Date: 3 Jul 1995 13:28:25 -0400
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I've proposed the creation of a new newsgroup:


I should have done this ages ago!  Please support my proposal by going
to alt.config and posting a positive followup to my article (titled
"PROPOSAL: alt.politics.immigration"), and spread the word to anyone
else you know who might want to see this newsgroup created!!!

John Brock

From Thu Jul  6 01:25:53 PDT 1995
Article: 5932 of alt.politics.white-power
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Subject: Nationalist Music
Date: 3 Jul 1995 13:36:11 -0400
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Send for FREE listing of hot Aryan CDs, tapes, records, and videos. 
MSR Productions 
Dept. IS 
P. O. Box 1291 
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034-1291  USA

From Thu Jul  6 01:32:15 PDT 1995
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Subject: Flags For Sale
Date: 3 Jul 1995 13:33:28 -0400
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Are you looking for that special Flag?

They are all 3x5, polyester and the cost is only $22.00 per flag, which
includes shipping.  The WW II German flag is the Navy version which has the
iron cross in the corner.  We also carry several other flags from WW II of
German nature.

John Enright
The Flag Guys 
5636 N. Delaware
Portland, Or 97217
voice 503-289-7158
fax 503-286-0236
The Flag Guys
5636 N Delaware, Portland, OR, 97217-4206, USA
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From Sat Jul  8 10:21:45 PDT 1995
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From: (Marcus)
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Subject: America: The Next Third World Nightmare
Date: 5 Jul 1995 13:44:36 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
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From: Sat Jul  1 01:04:00 1995

To Subscribe to The United Citizens for Immigration
control contact:

 -=-=- United Citizens for Immigration Control -=-=-  
        -=-=- Newsletter      June 1995 -=-=-
           -=-=- Editor:  Lynn Young -=-=-
 ************** U.C.I.C. MEETING **************
 Wednesday, July 12, 1995, 7:00 P.M.
 The College Salon Building, "Life Link" Office
 1570 La Pradera Drive, Campbell
 If you are not familiar with the city of Campbell, please consult
  (and bring) a street map
        In order to increase the effectiveness of the U.C.I.C.
Newsletter and reach a maximum audience, we request that when
subscribers have finished with their copies that they re-mail them
(or give them) to appropriate persons who may not be aware of the
danger excessive and inappropriate immigration poses to our country. 
Thank you...the management. 
        Since immigration is now of great concern to the general
public, it is increasingly being used as a fund raising tool.  Some
of the groups claiming to be fighting for immigration reform are
legitimate and effective - and some aren't.  Just because something
sounds good doesn't mean it is good, so check with us before you make
an immigration reform related donation. If we can, we will let you
know the track record of the individuals and groups involved.  Leave
a message for us at:  (408) 496-9522.  U.C.I.C. will not be asking
for more money until our next renewal period starts in February 1996. 
        As mentioned in the May U.C.I.C. Newsletter, two very
dangerous amendments were added at the last minute to the State
Department authorization bill (HR 1561) by Congressman Chris Smith
(R-NJ).  A vote was called on one of these amendments - the one
allowing the resettlement in the U.S. of Vietnamese refugees
currently living in refugee camps around the world.  It passed
overwhelmingly.  The other amendment - the one that makes it easier
for Chinese claiming to be opposed to China's population policies to
get political asylum - didn't even come up for a vote.  It was simply
added quietly to the bill, and was passed when the bill was passed. 
        This is not unusual.  Bills can have hundreds of amendments
added to them.  Congress can vote on each amendment separately, but
they rarely do.  Typically only a dozen or so of the amendments will
be independently considered and voted on.  The rest just sort of "go
along for the ride."  Often they escape attention altogether.  This
bill still has to be approved by the Senate - so there is still time
to oppose it!  Copy and mail the form letter on page 8. 
        A U.C.I.C. member called Congressman Chris Smith's office to
ask him why he added these amendments.  He told her that he did it as
a favor to the Chinese-American community.  He said it didn't really
matter because they had to get to the U.S. before they could ask for
asylum.  He said that this would rarely happen.  The Chinese
government never lets anyone leave! 
        Apparently he is unconcerned that the Chinese government may
take the opportunity (as did Castro's Cuba) to empty their prisons, 
AIDS colonies and insane asylums on America's shores! 
        This is an extraordinary answer for other reasons.  Firstly,
one can hardly imagine any politician saying that he did something to
benefit the "White American community". 
        Secondly, Illegal Chinese continue to enter the U.S. at
record levels!  To quote from some recent news reports: 
"A vessel intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard ... is carrying ...
would-be illegal immigrants from China ... 165 people ... The
ultimate fate of the immigrants and crew has yet to be decided ... 
Another 106 Chinese were intercepted just over a week ago.  (Editor's
comment:  As this ship was intercepted by the Mexican government, the
illegal Chinese were immediately flown back to China) Many have paid
upwards of $20,000 to Chinese smugglers known as 'snakeheads'" [_The
San Diego Union-Tribune_ 4-27-95]
>From  an article entitled, "Smuggling of Chinese into U.S. rising"
comes this report: 
        with at least 10 vessels bearing human cargoes now
approaching America's U.S. Coast Guard has interdicted two ships with
212 would-be Chinese immigrants aboard.  'We are particularly
concerned about the problem of the smuggling of Chinese because of
the pervasive use of violence by Chinese smuggling gangs,' said
Robert Perito, director of the State Department's Office of
International Criminal Justice.  'We have intelligence reports that
10 more vessels are now on their way.'" [_The Riverside
Press-Enterprise_, 5-3-95]
        Thirdly, both Chinese-Americans, and Chinese immigrants
living in the U.S. do not favor such a policy.  Wellington Cheng, the
West Coast editor of Sing Tao Daily, (one of the largest Chinese
language newspapers published in the U.S.) says that illegal Chinese
immigration is a major problem.  He says that he, and most other
Chinese residents of the U.S., are opposed to it.  To point out the
magnitude of the problem, he quotes from an article by Pamela Burdman
of the San Francisco Chronicle, "(In) her investigation of recent
illegals from China, she estimates that 100,000+ Chinese enter the
U.S. illegally each year - triple the number of legal Chinese
immigrants to the U.S." ["The Chinese Community Opposes Illegal
Immigration", Editorial, Wellington Chen, _Sing Tao Daily_, 5-29-93]
        Ling-Ling Yeh is a naturalized Chinese immigrant and a
practicing Catholic.  She states the following: 
who are persecuted, or have well-founded fear of persecution, on
account of their political opinions, race, nationality, religion or
membership in a particular social organization.  None of these allows
a carte blanche extension of asylum protection to millions of
residents of China! 
and then petition for their immediate and extended families to emigrate
>from  China.  This will result in a potentially unending chain of
It is commendable that Americans wish to protect the rights of
citizens of other countries.  But we cannot do so at the cost of
denying those same rights, the right to an adequate education, the
right to find gainful employment, the right to live in sustainable
communities, to the citizens and legal residents of this country. 
However, those rights have been, and will continue to be, curtailed
by exponential population growth, driven in large part by massive
immigration, legal and illegal. 
(There are those) who claim that China's "one-child" policy is cruel. 
(This) is shortsighted and irresponsible, both toward residents in
China and United States citizens.  When Chinese nationals smuggled
here by boat last year were asked in Chinese why they had come to the
United States, the answer given matter-of-factly by many of them was:
"To make money!" 
Ko-Lin Chin, a Chinese-American sociology professor at Rutgers
University thos who have come in by boat have filed asylum applications, 
claiming that they would be persecuted if they were returned to China. 
... China now has approximately 1.2 billion people.  If current
population growth rates continue, China will double its population in
less than 30 years, to 2.4 billion. 
major environmental problems in some cities, due to explosive
industrial growth in some of its provinces.  In the coming century,
as this industrialization spreads to the rest of the country,
coupled with another billion human beings, China, and indeed the
entire world, may face an environmental nightmare of enormous
magnitude.  Professor Ling-Chi Wang of UC-Berkeley is among those in
agreement with many studies that say China will eventually face
famine without its one-child policy. 
If we grant asylum to Chinese nationals on that basis, are we telling
residents in China, at least those who feel restricted by its
government's population control policy, that the United States has
the resources to absorb all of them? 
than be limited to one child per family? 
If the answer to both questions is negative, isn't it irresponsible
for the United States to sabotage China's policy? ["Fake Refugees
Cite China's One-Child Rule", Yeh Ling-Ling, _SF Examiner_ 12-21-94]
The same U.C.I.C. member who was mentioned earlier, also learned that
the government of Hong Kong was supporting the amendment to allow
more Vietnamese "refugees" to settle in the U.S.  Dr. Matloff
provides the following explanation: 
"Hong Kong itself has such a camp, and it has been a continuing thorn
in Hong Kong's side since Day One, 20 years ago.  The Vietnamese in
the camps periodically engage in rioting, and of course the camps are
expensive.  been making has been, 'Neither Hong Kong nor the U.S. nor
any other country amendments to HR 1561, they gave the Vietnamese in
the camps hope again, and so now they are not willing to return to
Vietnam after all.  In other words, just by introducing his
amendments, Smith has already undermined years of patient work by the
Hong Kong government." 

[Norman Matloff] Dr.Matloff has a web site it is:
This being the case, Hong Kong is more than happy to have the
refugees leave Hong Kong for America. 
The article below is from the newspaper "Sing Tao". mentioned above. 
Dr. Matloff describes the paper as "independent and politically
moderate".  The author, far from being a supporter of the Communist
government, was denounced in China as a "rightist" and imprisoned
during the Cultural Revolution.  Never-the-less, he throughly
supports China's "one child policy", as do most Chinese - even those
who disagree with the Chinese government on virtually every other
issue.  He immigrated from China in the early 1980s.: 
The largest numbers were from Mexico, Vietnam, Guatemala, the Philippines,
and China.  The Chinese find it much easier than those of any other
country to justify their requests for political salvation. Thus, any 
Chinese of childbearing age satisfies America's conditions for asylum. 
The U.S., in treating China's one-child policy as a human rights
issue, is imposing its own standards on China, without regard to
China's urgent population problems. 
After World War II, China's population swelled. In the 1950s, Ma
Yinchu proposed controls for China's population growth.  But Mao
Zedong dismissed him as a Malthusian.  Mao said, 'It's good to have a
lot of people. It's good for our work.' Mao prevailed, and population
went out of control.  This was one of Mao's worst errors.  Chinese
people now say population must be decreased, but they must be left to
solve their own problems.  There is no alternative to strong
measures.  Most Chinese understand that this is vital to China's
survival.  Yet in many rural areas, the traditions of placing supreme
value on having many male progeny are deeply rooted.  If strong
measures are not adopted now, the population will not stay at the
already-gargantuan 1.2 billion, but will go to 1.4 billion, 1.5
billion and onward. 
China has the world's largest population.  Once its population
exceeds the capacity of its land to feed the people, no other smaller
country would be able to help. If China is in chaos, the security of
the other countries would be adversely impacted. 
Reasonable Americans should understand China's policy.  Yet the
American government gives political asylum to illegal immigrants who
say they oppose that policy.  Frustrated by this, Chinese people
don't know whether to laugh or cry. 
Some Americans support a woman's right to abortion, while some others
oppose.  If an immigration judge opposes abortion, then of course he
will be based on China's one-child policy.  Immigration lawyers
exploit this. 
Recently the U.S. has caught 1,000 Chinese entering the U.S.
illegally. Yet the number of those who were subsequently deported was
only in the dozens.  Almost all of those arrested applied for
political asylum, after which the government quickly released them
>from  custody.  The number of pending political asylum hearings has
now reached 260,000, with the backlog getting longer and longer.  And
by the time an asylum applicant does receive a hearing he has become
so settled in the U.S. that he can't be deported, even if his
original asylum claim was unwarranted.  American government
generosity is inspiring wave after wave of people from China to
illegally enter the U.S." 

 ["Plug the Loophole", Wellington Cheng, _Sing Tao Daily_, 6-22-93]
 translated by Norman Matloff
 (By Pittsburgh, Penn. U.C.I.C. member Ken P.)  
I was there for about half of it.
I arrived for the Sunday evening orientation and listened to perhaps
15 speakers address the audience.  The speakers included Dan Stein,
John Vinson, Robert Goldsboro, Barbara Coe and many others.  The most
gripping speaker was a woman whose son was killed a few days before
his high school graduation, when his group was attacked by a much
larger group of high-spirited, Hispanic illegal-alien youths.  The
x-ray of his head that was held up for the audience, showing a paint
roller spindle that had been forced through his head from temple to
temple, was truly revolting. 
And she was not the only one there to have a child murdered by
illegals.  One couple spoke to the audience, obviously with great
difficulty, of the that they were able to give.  Joe Occhipinti, a
police investigator from New York City told of his ordeal
(including several months in jail) related to his attempts to crack
down on drug smuggling aliens.  It seems that political power in New
York would rather focus on Italian-American organized crime (which,
according to Mr. Occhipinti, is virtually dead) rather than the more
serious and present dangers posed by Asian and other illegal alien 
based gangs. 

(Editor's Note:  The organized crime rings, Mr. Occhipinti got into
so much political hot water for investigating, were from the
Dominican Republic.)
On Monday we held a protest rally.  We carried signs and marched
along Pennsylvania Avenue, outside the White House.  We had some help
>from  a group of passers-by who were unhappy with immigration into
their home town of Kansas City, Kansas.  Unfortunately, the only
media coverage our protest got was from Univision (Spanish language
television out of south Florida).  We did not expect the Univision
coverage to be favorable. 
On Monday afternoon, most of us broke up into groups of six or eight
and went to the House office buildings to meet with the staffs of our
Members of Congress in order to petition for specific immigration
reform legislation.  Most of the staff that we met were polite (but,
of course, non- committal).  The situation was markedly different at
the office of Rep.  Lincoln Diaz-Balart (21st District, FL).  I'm
>from  Pennsylvania myself, but I found myself with a group of
activists from Florida.  We knew Rep. Diaz- Balart was certainly not
on our side, but since his district was near many from our group, we
decided to visit his office anyway.  We were greeted by his
receptionist.  We asked if we could speak to someone about
immigration issues.  We could not, there was no one available.  Well,
then could she give the Congressman a message.  One of us recited a
the numbers and titles of a few bills before Congress, and our
reasons for asking support on the legislation - far too much
information for one likely to remember without notes.  But she just
sat with her hands folded and stared blankly at us. 
Then the Congressman's administrative assistant emerged from a side
office.  He inquired of our purpose there.  We politely answered his
question.  Somewhat angry now, he asked, "Have you been to any other
Cuban offices?" 
Then he said something about how we shouldn't have unlimited
immigration, but we have a moral obligation to take as many
immigrants from Cuba as possible, as Cuba is a Communist country. 
"Why do you seek to discriminate against potential immigrants from
non-Communist countries?" I asked.  He said, "Because Cuba is so
close to the United States, we have a special relationship with it on
I responded, "With all the modern transportation technology we have,
we can move people halfway around the world in a few hours.  Distance
is really no problem, and billions of people from all around the
world would come here if they could.  Why do you seek to discriminate
against people because of their geographic proximity to the U.S.?" 
I thought there might be a fight at one point when one fellow in our
group was gesturing and making an emotional, but certainly not
aggressive point.  "You get your finger out of my face!" the
administrative assistant curtly advised.  Fortunately, none of the
other offices we visited had such a hostile staff. 
During the same afternoon Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan
addressed the National Press Club on the subject of immigration. 
During his presentation, he called for a national law based on
California's Proposition 187.  "It is outrageous that American
taxpayers, as hard- pressed as they are, have to provide social
welfare benefits for those whose accomplishments are to break the
laws of the United States and to get on welfare," Mr. Buchanan said. 
He also advocated Peter Brimelow's new book "Alien Nation." 
(Editor's note:  I highly recommend it also.)
This event was covered the next day by the Washington Times, but
there was no mention at all in the Washington Post.  Nor, to my
knowledge, was it covered by many other newspapers.  As for
television, there were about five crews there, but, again, they were
all from Spanish language stations (save for California immigration
activist Allan Silliphant, who now has several hours of tape
documenting the week).  Most conspicuous in its absence was C-span,
which usually covers the National Press Club. 
On Tuesday morning, we gathered at the steps of the Capital and
listened to speakers.  The list of speakers included leaders of the
immigration reform movement, Congressman Bono (CA) , Congressman
Traficant (OH), and about five other Congressmen.  Even a Canadian
Member of Parliament (Art Hanger) spoke. 
My favorite speaker, was John Vinson, president of AICF (the American
Immigration Control Foundation).  He said (approximately), "[t]he
prophet Elijah once asked, 'Why do you serve two masters?' We now
have a government that attempts to serve two masters:  the American
public who have long and overwhelmingly opposed our current
immigration policy;  and the monied interests that benefit from
immigration.  Our government should choose between one of its
masters.  Either it should choose the American public, and shut down
this outrage, as it is well equipped to do;  or our government should
chose the monied interests.  In the latter case, the Border Patrol
and the INS would be dismantled and a red light could be erected atop
the Capitol building.  The Stars and Stripes would be retired and in
its place an image of the Dollar bill could be flown outside of the
White House." 
The other speakers were interesting and persuasive as well.  But once
again, there was only Spanish-media coverage.  It was an disgrace
that a political event that was addressed by seven or so Members of
Congress and by leaders of immigration the reform movement received
no English- language media coverage.  Having had enough of this
shabby treatment by the media, Mr. Silliphant lead a group of about
40 of us over to C-span headquarters a few blocks away.  When we all
got there, the assistant manager at C-span agreed to meet three of
us.  During the meeting he said that C-span did not know about the
events because Rep. Bono did not return C-span's calls.  (C-span had
ample notification of the events from other sources.) When Al offered
to let them copy his professional quality, super-8 video tape, the
assistant manager said that he could not do that because then
everybody would want to give C-span free tape. 
So that's the way it went.  On Wednesday the topic shifted from
illegal immigration to legal immigration with a press conference on
legal immigration.  On Thursday there was a protest rally and press
conference at the Ford Foundation in New York City.  However, I had
to leave Tuesday night because of matters at home.  I'm glad that I
went.  It was worthwhile not only for whatever effect I had on the
political process, I also greatly enjoyed the conversation and
fellowship with other immigration control activists from across the
country.  I'm ready for the next conference. 
Thanks to Ken for attending these activities and for writing this
report.  And thanks to the other U.C.I.C. members who went to
Washington, also.  Your work is appreciated! 
(From U.C.I.C. supporter F.G.) I would like to express my views about
immigration and the borders of our country.  But before I do that I
would like to give you some background on myself so you can better
understand my feelings. 
I am a Mexican American born in Texas.  My family obtained a land
grant in 1790 from the King of Spain.  It is located in the southern
part of Texas.  In 1945, just as I turned 17, I joined the Navy with
the signature of my mother who was also patriotic.  After serving in
the navy for four years, I joined the Army and served in the 82nd
Airborne.  I had many assignments in many parts of the world
including Mexico.  After 23 years of service, I retired from the 8th
Group Special Forces. 
My wife and I came to San Jose seeking a better place for retirement. 
The climate is great, but to my surprise, I found this area a bit
foreign compared to how it was a few years back.  When I started to
investigate the area for a retirement home this is what I found:  (1)
Demonstrations:  people waving a foreign flag (Mexico's).  (2) A
Statue:  it is of an object that to this date I have not been able to
admire.  (3) The San Jose Mercury News:  I checked the editorial
pages because that's the best section for analyzing a city.  I found
an editorial by Joe Rodriquez on what he calls, "the ugly American
fence" (the U.S. - Mexican border).  I wrote a letter to the editor
criticizing this editorial, but it was never me would call that
monopoly.  Napoleon once said he would rather face a thousand
bayonets than three hostile newspapers. 
I understand now why Californians voted for Prop 187.  It is needed,
not only in California, but in all of our states.  Must we continue
to support illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, pay for food stamps,
dole out welfare, etc.? 
After my Army retirement in 1968, I lived in El Paso, Texas on the
U.S.-Mexican border.  I experienced the invasion of immigrants - both
legal and illegal - every day of the week.  Hundreds of children
cross the border to attend our schools.  They receive their education
at no cost to them or to the Mexican government.  We build schools
and more schools and we tax-payers and homeowners pay for them.  My
taxes went up once or twice a year and my own grandchildren couldn't
get the benefits that the immigrants got:  free school lunches, free
medical care.  Why?  Our local government claimed we could afford it
and the illegals could not.  Our general hospital was full of
immigrants - legal and illegal.  They have their children born in the
U.S. and then file for assistance.  I say enough is enough.  We
should put a stop to it!  We need more organizations like U.C.I.C.
all over the country! 
Here are some additional comments: 
*Propaganda*:  We must never underestimate the power of the tongue. 
Legal immigrants have been practicing law here, and have other high
positions in this country.  Their roots are still in Mexico and they
are using our media to make us believe that California is a racist
state.  I learned about Mexican propaganda while I was with the
Special Forces.  A lot of our countrymen have never heard of the
Saint Patrick's Battalion.  The men of the battalion were 90%
American Irish and 10% American Italian.  The Mexican government used
religious propaganda (Catholic) to turn them against the United
States in the Mexican-American war of 1846 to 1848. 
*Illegal immigrants*:  Illegal immigrants violate our laws when they
cross our borders.  They must be punished and deported.  (If you
don't have a ticket you don't board the train.)
*Legal Immigrants*:  Legal immigrants are in the country legally but
are not U.S. citizens.  Some are working and some are on food stamps
and welfare.  Our government may be cutting some of these benefits by
restricting them to U.S. citizens.  This may be of some use as many
Mexicans do not want to give up their Mexican citizenship.  If a
legal immigrant commits a crime in this country (even a felony) and
then goes to Mexico, he will most often not be returned to this
country because the Mexican government will not extradite him.  We
can't even get our stolen vehicles back to this this country. 
*Dual Citizenship*:  Beware!  The Mexican Congress is talking about
dual citizenship for those who become citizens of this country.  Our
money will depart this country to build farms and homes in Mexico.  I
say beware!  Countries and empires have fallen:  Greece, Rome, Spain,
and the Soviet Union.  Are we next?  It gives me the jitters.  (end
of letter)
Our letter-to-the-editor-writer was certainly right about San Jose
Mercury News staffer, Joe Rodriquez.  Commenting on the Mexican
government's plan to grant Mexican citizens duel citizenship, he said
the following: 
"These people would be the first true North American citizens.  They
will expose the flimsiness of the border between us.  They will
reinforce the Mexican in Mexican-Americans.  They will push
California to create an interdependent and civil society that doesn't
coerce immigrants or minorities.  They will help write the story of
post-Anglo California." ["Toward North American Citizenship" _San
Jose Mercury News_ 6-1-95]
Senator Boxer's phone number is: (202) 224-3553.  Calling is good,
but not as effective as writing. 
It would be a good idea to write and call Senator Feinstein also. 
Her address and phone number are: 
                Senator Dianne Feinstein
                331 Hart Building
                Washington DC,  400510
                (202) 224-3841

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Building
Washington D.C.  20510
 Dear Senator Boxer:
        I am writing to urge you to delete the two 
 Smith Amendments from S 908, the State Department 
 Authorization Act.  (The House version of this bill 
 was HR 1561.)
        One of these amendments would allow over 40,000 
 South-east Asians in refugee camps overseas to be 
 resettled in the U.S.  They are not actual refugees 
 but rather economic migrants.
        The other would would make it much easier for 
 millions of Chinese to get political asylum in the 
 U.S. by claiming that they oppose China's 
 population policies.
        Although the reduction in foreign aid contained 
 in this bill is a good thing,  these two amendments 
 must be removed.
 (Your name & address)
 United Citizens for Immigration Control
 P.O. Box 2661
 Cupertino, CA  95015
 voice mail:  (408) 496-9522
 Lynn Young

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Mike "I'm a one legged Cat trying to burry its own turds" Beebe

densa densa densa... hahahahahah

Mike "I'm the living proof that anal sex causes pregnancy" Beebe

I like those better.

From Sat Jul 22 05:08:12 PDT 1995
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NNTP-Posting-Host: (Jenn Starkman) writes:

you crack me up, I better watch what I say, or you might throw some
one liners at me too :)

>WyattPagan ( wrote:
>> If apes could talk would you let your daughter marry one? 

>I don't have a daughter, but no, I don't think I'd let her marry you
>even if I did...  Sorry, kiddo!

>Who's starting to like WyattP, if only because he seems to practically
>*draw* the one-liners out of me.

>X-Chelsea  (E-mail at
>S.H.M.U.C.K. (SkinHead Mashugenas United to Combat the Klan)

>"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build
>	and nobody wants to do maintenance." -Kurt Vonnegut

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Jesus was a Jew, are there any black jews? Besides the ones that have

From Mon Jul 24 18:11:14 PDT 1995
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Subject: Re: It's the Irish that are the problem
Date: 19 Jul 1995 14:21:40 -0400
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We'll call it

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Subject: "Anti-Fascist" Militia Bombings (ANA)
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ANA News Warning


Anti-Fascist Militia Responsible For Mail-Bombings

   In the wake of four mail-bomb attacks upon members
of White Nationalist groups and others during the last
three months, the RCMP has issued a warning telling 
people to be alert to packages arriving by mail.

   Revisionist historian Ernst Zundel and Aryan Nations 
leader Rev. Charles Scott both received mail-bombs 
which failed to explode. A Toronto research group
called the Mackenzie Institute and a cattle insemination
plant in Alberta also received mail-bombs one of which 
exploded, injuring a secretary.

   The RCMP revealed Thursday that a recently formed
group called the Anti-Fascist Militia has claimed 
responsibility for the attacks and vowed to continue 
them. The RCMP also said they suspect the group sent 
letters containing razor blade tipped mouse-traps in 
April to many people including those later targeted with 

Editor's Note: All of us who are open and vocal with 
our opinions must live with the potential danger of 
attack from various groups. We struggle for truth and
those who fear the truth are anxious to silence us. Be
alert, careful and take all threats seriously.
    Be wary of any suspicious packages arriving at your
door. Mail-bombs are usually designed to explode when
opened but may also explode if dropped or crushed.

Be suspicious of any packages which:
Have no return address or a return address you don't 

Are wrapped with an excessive amount of tape.

Are heavy for their size.

Have excessive postage.

If you receive a package you're suspicious of alert 
authorities immediately.

To subscribe to the ANA contact:

From Sat Jul 29 09:14:33 PDT 1995
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From: (Marcus)
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Subject: Affirmative Action will Never Die.
Date: 27 Jul 1995 11:46:29 -0400
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Affirmative Action will never die.

Looking Back.

        On Monday, May 22, the US Supreme Court refused to review a ban on
race-based scholarships that had been ordered by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court
of Appeals.  The refusal forced the University of Maryland to permanently
give up its Benjamin Banneker Scholarship Program, which had provided
thirty scholarships to Black students.
        The importance of the Court's action was downplayed by the NAACP.
The action will only prevent public schools within the 4th Circuit Court's
jurisdiction from awarding purely race-based scholarships.  The University
of Maryland has already re-channeled its preferential treatment agenda
through scholarships in which race is "only one of several factors" used to
determine eligibility.  These programs are more difficult to strike down in
court.  UM President William E. Kirwan, upset over losing his program, said
"I just fail to understand in the overall scheme of things how this is in
our nation's best interest."
        The lower court had found the program unconstitutional last October
because it violated the "equal protection" clause of the 14th Amendment.
The program was created in 1978 by the Justice Department itself to help
desegregate the Maryland system.

The New strategy is to shift the money from race-based scholarships to
scholarships where "race is a factor". Scholarships where "race is a factor"
are harder to shoot down for their unconstitutional core. Scholarships where
they claim that "race is a factor" are still race-based. Only the Names are
changed not how the scholarships are paid out.  Even if Affirmative Action is
shot down completely it will still exist but only under different wording and

Politically correct Racism reworded. 
Save This Lesson. 

From Mon Jul 31 22:51:02 PDT 1995
Article: 6915 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (Marcus)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Innocent Whites are Rampaged upon.
Date: 31 Jul 1995 11:08:00 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
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Xref: alt.politics.nationalism.white:7116 alt.politics.white-power:6915

-=<>=- ANA -=<>=-

_Negroes Terrorize Whites In Miami_ (ANA)

Young negroes began terrorizing innocent Whites in Miami nine days after a
young negro was shot and killed by a White police officer.  Thursday night
(7/27/95) the young negroes wrapped their heads "like ninjas", hurled
concrete at cars containing White people and set trash cans on fire.  A
White couple were leaving a restaurant when a group of these negroes
approached them and smashed the windows of their car.  The White man said
"We took a wrong turn, and they just started pelting the car with
debris...I've never seen anything like it. It was this gang just looking to
start something."  The disturbance ended early Friday morning when police
sealed off about ten blocks of the predominantly black neighborhood.  NO

-=<>=- ANA -=<>=-

To subscribe to the ARYAN NEWS AGENCY contact:

From Mon Jul 31 22:51:09 PDT 1995
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From: (Marcus)
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Subject: Viking Youth
Date: 31 Jul 1995 16:09:44 -0400
Organization: Rutgers University
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Xref: alt.politics.nationalism.white:7121 alt.politics.white-power:6923

I ordered this tape, it's pretty damn good.

Volume 1 of "Viking Youth:  A German Skinhead Compilation," is available
for only $8.88 US & CAN/$11.88 (world), including 1st class or air mail
(world) shipping.  This cassette features 88 minutes of PURE Aryan music. 
Twelve brave bands:  Toitnen, Freikorps, Bomber, Storkraft, Vortex,
Commando Pernod, Brutale Haile, Oi Dramz, Widerstand, Werewolf, Storstufe,
Rabuken.  About 3/4 of lyrics are German, with the remainder in English. 
One song, "Hammerskin," by Widerstand (Resistance) is absolutely
beautiful.  It is some of the most inspirational racialist punk I have
ever heard, evne including early Skrewdriver.  A multi-fold J-card offers
English translations of a all songs, and include notes on some of the
songs that are very useful to those of us who don't yet know German (like
me).  Type II, high bias, tapes are reproduced in real time directly from
a DAT master, using Dolby S and HX-PRO. 
Volume 2 of Viking Youth will be out this summer! 
Send SASE or IRC for other titles.  All products guaranteed. 
MSR Productions 
Dept. IS 
P. O. Box 1291 
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034-1291

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