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From Tue Jul  4 06:57:23 PDT 1995
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From: (Barry Shein)
Subject: Re: Bashing babies' heads
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Date: Sat, 1 Jul 1995 02:57:45 GMT
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From: (DbtgThomas)
>># Anyone want to comment on the equally bizarre corollary to this story, 
>># the one about throwing babies in the air and catching them on 
>># bayonets?  (From the Demjanjuk trial and other "accounts".)
>>Is this also "physically impossible"? What the hell is your point?
>Get yourself a rifle, tie a knife to its barrel end and have a friend
>throw a 10 to 20 pound watermelon in the air for you to catch on the


I'm sure this is all fascinating but it's a rather strange way to go
about historical analysis.

Danny Keren quoted some trial testimony. You find some interpretation
of it implausible. Of course, your interpretation is conveniently
focused on supporting what you want to find implausible. Suddenly
"catch" is less like "oops, I caught my sweater on that nail" and
becomes an image of a parlor game. I don't know which it is. I don't
have to stretch the above testimony very far to imagine what it's
trying to describe. I don't come up with images of parlor games, just
brutal bastards tossing a baby in the air and another poking at it
with his bayonet as it goes by, perhaps thinking he's being very

What next, do you think maybe they were giving out prizes?  Cigars
perhaps? That this was a game show on television? A state fair?

It's pure armchair crap, and you're spinning it to fit your
pre-conceived notions, rather transparently I may add.

>What happens to you, your uniform and your weapon
>which you are accountable for?

Yes yes yes, so therefore it didn't happen?

So what? So maybe the guy got yelled at for screwing up his bayonet?

You have evidence otherwise? This is a big deal? This is some sort of
stunning counter-proof?

It's silly. If you have something substantive to say then by all means
say it. But don't tell me that some 19 year old soldier (that's around
the age they often are, right?) has never messed his uniform horsing
around so therefore you find it implausible and, worse, believe you've
added something to the discussion. What crap.

>My point in all of this current thread is a kind of revolted fascination
>at how far obsessions will take people in support of a "cause".

Keren quoted verbatim transcripts of court testimony from respected
sources, as he saw them to be relevant to the issue at hand.

YOU are the one showing a revolting fascination and treating us all to
your imaginations regarding this. And not adding one bit of useful
information (I realize you are quite enamored with your little
imaginings but seriously, it's just crap, just musings.)

Have you ever heard the term "projecting"? I think you are projecting.

YOU are fascinated, YOU comment and begin telling us your mental
images conjured up by these testimonies.

Then maybe you feel a bit guilty or shamed by these fantasies of yours
so start spouting off at Daniel Keren.

You remind me of a child who does something naught and then yells at
his dolly.

        -Barry Shein

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From: (DbtgThomas)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Holocaust Museum Costs Taxpayers
Date: 27 Jul 1995 18:03:12 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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And California's grant of $5,000,000 tax dollars to the Wiesenthal Center
in L.A. just survived a court test.  Believe that a careful examination of
the Washington museum's operation will show considerably more public
monies in indirect support of its operation.  There was a detailed
discussion of that subject in this forum at one time, maybe 6 months ago.


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