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From: (Danny Keren)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Leuchter continues to parade his stupidy in court
Date: 29 Nov 1993 10:36:55 GMT
Organization: Brown University Department of Computer Science
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Distribution: world
Message-ID: <2dcjc7$p82@cat.cis.Brown.EDU>

Leuchter continues to make an idiot of himself, proving he knows 
nothing about Zyklon-B, HCN, the concentrations and the exposure
times involved in delousing. In short, he knows nothing.

The following proves that Leuchter's analysis of the cyanide 
residues in the remains of the Auschwitz gas chambers is
meaningless, as it was based on comparing those residues to
the ones in the (intact) delousing chambers.

[Quoted verbatim from Leuchter's cross-examination by Pearson, in the
Zundel trial, pages 9247-9250].

Q. So, on page seventeen when it says that rodents can be killed with
   only 1.2 grams grams per cubic metre, we're talking about a 
   concentration in excess of 833 parts per million?

A. Most likely. I haven't read this thing again and I'm nor sure 
   whether or not we're talking about the full weight or simply the

Q. Well sir, would you agree with me that Degesh, the people who
   manufactured the product, say that rodents can be killed with
   only 1.2 grams per cubic metre and that's equivalent to three
   times the amount that is fatal for a human. Would you agree? We're
   talking about around nine-hundred parts per million. And three 

A. Again, over what period of time, counsellor?

Q. Well, they are talking about a time of exposure that varies greatly
   from 2 to 72 hours. If you read what they've written, they say 
   "various types of pests react differently to hydrocyanic acid. 
   Rodents can be killed with only 1.2 grams per cubic metre," and
   then they say "Larger Bacon Beetles require twenty times as much.
   Times of exposure also vary greatly," so I suggest that they're
   talking about to kill beetles.

A. This may well be. I've never killed beetles. I, you know, I don't
   know. I haven't made computations for killing beetles.

Q. Well sir, I know you haven't but you've come here and you've told 
   the jury some conclusions.

A. That's correct.

Q. and I want to ask you about your answer to me. I said it takes a 
   higher concentration of hydrogen cyanide to exterminate insects than
   it does to kill human beings. You said no. We go to the Degesh 
   manual and it says that it requires twenty times as much to kill
   beetles as to kill rats and it takes three times as much to kill
   rats than it does to kill humans.

A. Maybe it depends upon the insects. Most of the work that I've been
   looking at, they've been killing lice and ticks. And their 
   recommendation for general fumigation purposes is three thousand
   parts per million.

Q. What is twenty times 833 parts per million?

A. What is twenty times 833 parts per million?

Q. Right.

A. 16,600.

Q. 16,600. So what Degesh are saying, the people who make the product,
   is that if you want to kill beetles, you should have a concentration
   of -- of what sir?

A. 16,600, apparently.

Q. Right. and it takes three hundred parts per million to kill a human
   being in a matter of minutes?

A. Or more.

Q. In a matter of minutes.

A. Twenty minutes, fifteen minutes, yes.

Q. Right. And here they are talking about a time of exposure from 2 to 
   72 hours, right?

A. Right.

-Danny Keren.

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