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From Tue Oct  3 09:02:41 PDT 1995
Article: 10280 of alt.revisionism
From: (Charles R.L. Power)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,talk.politics.mideast
Subject: Jewish Terrorism in USA per FBI
Date: 2 Oct 1995 22:30:29 -0400
Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA
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I was recently irritated by Marc Lemire's casual treatment of
alleged FBI information on Jewish terrorism. He invited a
correspondent to "look it up in the library" (approximately),
whereas I knew that such information is not terribly accessible.

I was unable myself to get copies of the precise reports Lemire
mentioned, since they have gone out of print and been
consolidated into a subsequent report. I did obtain three
relevant brochures from the FBI, as follows:

Terrorism in the United States 1982 - 1992 (ii+30p.);
Terrorism in the United States 1993 (ii+30p.);
Terrorism in the United States 1994 (ii+26p.).

During the period 1982-1994, the FBI classified 177 terrorist
incidents (165 summarized in the first brochure, 12 more from
1993; there were no terrorist incidents recorded for 1994), of
which 16 were from groups classified as "Jewish Extremist" (see
p. 9 of the first brochure; none of the 1993 incidents could be
so classified).

Here are all these incidents, as very summarily reported in
Appendix B of the first brochure, "Chronological Summary - (1982-
1992) Incidents" (pp. 21-30). I abbreviate JDL=Jewish Defense
League; UJU=United Jewish Underground; JDA=Jewish Direct Action;
?="Jewish Terrorist Elements".

820219    Washington DC       Bombing             JDL
820405    Brooklyn NY         Bombing             JDL
820428    New York NY         Bombing             JDL
820428    New York NY         Bombing             JDL
820705    New York NY         Bombing             JDL
820705    New York NY         Bombing             JDL
821104    New York NY         Smoke Bombing       JDL
821221    New York NY         Attempted Bombing   UJU
830219    Washington DC       Bombing             JDL
840223    Bronx NY            Bombing             JDL
850515    Northridge CA       Bombing             ?
850815    Paterson NJ         Bombing             ?
850906    Brentwood NY        Bombing             ?
851011    Santa Ana CA        Bombing             ?
860902    New York NY         Tear Gas Bombing    ?
861020    New York NY         Fire Bombing        ?

A couple more interesting points. 

The biggest classification of groups responsible for terrorist
incidents is Puerto Rican (77 out of 177; see p. 9 of the first
brochure; none of the 1993 incidents were Puerto Rican).

The biggest single terrorist incident during this period was
presumably the World Trade Center bombing, which may have
produced more casualties than the other 176 incidents together.
(Oklahoma City was not included, of course, since it took place
this year.)  What I find interesting is the way it is summarized
in the 1993 listings in the 1993 and 1994 brochures. First, in
the 1993 brochure (I quote verbatim):

Date      Location       Type of        Group Associated to

Feb. 26   New York, NY   Car Bombing    International Radical

Now "International Radical Fundamentalists" could be a bit more
informative: fundamentalist whats? Christians? Jews? Hindus?

The listing in the 1994 brochure (which includes 1993 incidents)
is even more interesting:

Date      Location       Incident       Group

2-26-93   New York, NY   Car Bombing    International Radical

Note that only one word in the "Group" description is
significant: "International". Of course they're terrorists, or
they wouldn't be listed at all. And in common usage, "radical
terrorist" is a pleonasm.

When it was not possible to attribute certain incidents to a
particular group, the FBI used the best label it could: "Jewish
Terrorist Elements". Nothing wrong with that. But what prevents
it from attributing the World Trade Center bombing to
"International Muslim Terrorists", for instance? Wouldn't that be
a bit clearer and more honest? Is some sort of political
correctness game being played? Mustn't injure Muslim
sensitivities? Perhaps I'm making too much of the whole thing,
but it does seem curious.

I would also say that the description "Car Bombing" is misleading
in the extreme. A "Car Fire" by a Puerto Rican group is listed
for the previous year, meaning obviously a car set afire. "Car
Bombing" would certainly suggest to me a car being bombed, not a
car being used as a bomb.

Oh well, draw your own conclusions. These brochures are available
without charge from the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Washington DC 20535. The particular office responsible for the
report is the Terrorist Research and Analytical Center, currently
part of the National Security Division of the FBI.

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