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From: (Daniel Keren)
Subject: Case Study: David Irving's 'Scholarly Research'
Organization: The World, Public Access Internet, Brookline, MA
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 13:27:30 GMT
Lines: 67

      Summary: A "leading revisionist scholar" in action;
        Irving's extreme dishonesty and deceitfulness
Together with Robert Faurisson, David Irving is considered by
Holocaust-deniers as a "leading revisionist" worldwide. It is not
absolutely clear how Irving is viewed by the deniers and other
neo-Nazis now, after he recently stated that the Nazis did kill
4 million Jews (a figure lower than the true one, however far 
higher than the one usually given by Holocaust-deniers).
Nontheless, it may be worthwhile to take a look at a typical
"Irving argument". Faurisson's "technique" of using outright lies 
and deceit was covered in a different article. 
In an article quoted a few times by "Jeff Roberts" on this 
group, Irving is answering Pearson, during his appearance as
a witness in the Zundel trial; Roberts' text (and Irving's)
is preceded by "#".
# Pearson [prosecutor at the Zundel trial] mentioned a report number
# 51 dated December 1, 1942, which mentioned 363,211 Soviet Jews
# executed over the past three months. 
# I can only repeat what I said previously,  said [David] Irving,
# that this was such an extraordinary document, that the figure
# was so unusual [...].
# "This document is very much an orphan," said Irving.
This is an outright lie; Irving cannot directly challenge the
document, so he tries to cast doubts by claiming it is an
"orphan document", not supported by other documents.
Being the "leading revisionist scholar" he is, Irving must have 
"forgotten" some other documents. His "orphan document" has,
in fact, many relatives; here are some.
1) Letter from Generalkommisar for white Russia, Kube, to Reichkommisar
   for the Ostland, Lohse, 31 July 1942. Reports that 55,000 Jews
   were murdered in the last ten weeks.
2) Letter from Inspector of Armaments in the Ukraine to General of
   Infantry, Thomas, December 2 1941. Reports that so far up to
   200,000 Jews were murdered in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.
3) Letter from SS Major-General Stahlecker to SS General Heydrich, 
   January 31, 1942. Reports that, so far, 229,000 Jews were
   murdered in the "Eastern Territories".

4) Detailed report by SS-Standartenfuehrer Jager about mass killings
   in Nazi occupied USSR, July-November 1941. Reports that, so far,
    more than 130,000 Jews were murdered in Nazi-occupied Lithuania
Perhaps Irving never heard about these documents?
Perhaps he did, and he's lying through his teeth?
Either way, he's a "revisionist scholar".
-Danny Keren.

Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood.

-Lu Xun.

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