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   "...For the time being Himmler reluctantly kept the able bodied
   Jews alive for the work they could perform; but further east the
   Gauleiters had no intention of preserving the unemployable Jews: a
   letter dated October 25 in SS files states that Adolf Eichmann
   [ed.note - see below] had now approved Gauleiter Lohse's proposal
   that those arriving at Riga should be killed by mobile gas trucks.
   This initial ad hoc operation gathered momentum.  Soon the Jews
   from the Lodz gehtto and Greiser's territories were being deported
   further east - to the extermination camp at Chelmno.  There were
   152,000 Jews involved in all, and Chelmno began liquading them on
   December 18." (Irving, 330)

   "The controversial British historian David Irving was sentenced in
   Munich to pay a fine of 10,000 D-Mark for stating that the gas
   chambers in Auschwitz were fakes to attract tourists.

   The 54 year old Irving is commonly dismissed as a revisionist and
   defender of the Third Reich but he has a small and faithful
   congregation." (Svenska Dagbladet 7/5-92.)

   EICHMANN, [KARL] ADOLF (1906-1962).  SS officer charged with the
   destruction of millions of Jews.  ...  He hated the Jews he met in
   Vienna, a sentiment stimulated by attendance at Nazi meetings.
   "Hitler was right," he said later, "when he charged that this one
   people had intrigued to link as many nations as possible against
   our country and bring about the terrible times we are going
   through." ...  In 1932 he became a member of the Austrian Nazi
   party.  As a protoge of Ernst Kaltenbrunner, he took part in Nazi
   activities, which brought him to the attention of the Austrian

   ...he learned that there was an opening in Heinrich Himmler's SD
   (Sicherheitsdienst), the information center for the Gestapo.
   Himmler, who believed that Eichmann could speak Hebrew, made him
   head of the Scientific Museum for Jewish Affairs....  he was
   promoted rapidly ...  bersturmbannfuhrer (lieutenant colonel).
   After service in the Reich Central Office of Jewish Emigration, he
   was made chief of Subsection IV-B-4 of the
   Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA), the Reich Central Security
   Office, as an expert on Jewish affairs.  He was present at the
   Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, when it was decided to
   deport Jews to the extermination camps.  In August 1944 Eichmann
   reported to Himmler that, although the death camps kept fo exact
   statistics, 4 million jews had died in them and that 2 million more
   had been shot or killed by mobile units." (Snyder)

   Eichmann was arrested by Israeli agents, in Argentina, and smuggled
   to Israel in May of 1960.  He was tried, convicted, and hung (May
   31, 1962) for crimes against the Jewish people and humanity.

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