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Subject: Holocaust Almanac: David Irving - Liar, Fraud, or both? (1)
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Those who cite David Irving to strengthen their Holocaust denial have yet to
comment on various quotes from his book, some of which are reproduced
below, and in subsequent articles. The problem, of course, is that Mr.
Irving is either a liar (he now denies the Holocaust, but, as you will see,
researched it in depth and documented its horrors in his book) or a fraud.
He either lied when he wrote the following words, or he is lying now - take
your pick....

   "....But the SS authorities, Gauleiters, and regional commissars
   and governors in "the east" proved wholly unequal to the problems
   caused by this mass uprooting in midwar.  The Jews were brought by
   trainloads to ghettos already overcrowded and underprovisioned.
   Partly in collusion with each other, partly independently, the Nazi
   agencies there simply liquidated the deportees as their trains
   arrived, on a scale increasingly more methodical and more
   regimented as the months passed.

   A subsidiary motive in the atrocity was the animal desire of the
   murderers to loot and plunder the Jewish victims and conceal their
   traces.  (This hypothesis does not include the methodical
   liquidation of Russian Jews during the "Barbarosa" invasion of
   1941..)" (Irving, xiv)

Many historians have commented on Irving's strange insistance that Hitler
was not responsible for the extermination of European Jewry, and that, at
least until 1943, did not know of their fate. Michael Marrus discusses
Irving briefly [Holocaust in History, Toronto, 1987]...

   "In a book published in 1977, British writer David Irving even
   suggested that the Fuehrer had nothing to do with the matter.
   Building his case on the inability of historians to discover
   written orders from Hitler to kill all the Jews of Europe, Irving
   contended that the Fuehrer was not responsible for anti-Jewish
   policy at all, was basically uninterested in Jews, and knew nothing
   about their terrible fate -- at least until 1943.<7> As a chorus of
   reviewers immediately pointed out, however, this contention not
   only ignored Hitler's hate-filled rhetoric about Jews, it also
   disregarded reports on the killings destined for him, plus the
   repeated statements of his underlings, including Himmler, that
   policy was determined at the highest level, by the Fuehrer
   himself.<8>" (Marrus)

   <7> Irving, David.  Hitler's War.  New York: 1977, xiv, 330-32,
   392-93, 503-5, 575-76, 601-2, 851, and passim.  

   <8> See Charles Sydnor, Jr.  "The Selling of Adolf Hitler: David
   Irving's `Hitler's War'" in "Central European History 12 (1979),
   169-99; Alan Bullock, "The Schicklgruber Story" in New York Review
   of Books, 26 May 1977, 10-15.

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