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On March 27, 1942 Goebbels also entrusted the secret to
his diary:

     Starting  in Lublin, the Jews in the area  of  the
     Generalgouvernement [37] are  to  be  removed  and
     pushed  eastward.  That requires pretty  barbarous
     actions  which  cannot be described  here;  little
     will remain of the Jews themselves. It can be said
     in general that some 60% have to be liquidated and
     only   40%   can  be  put  to  work.  The   former
     Gauleiter[38]  of  Mlenna and now  Higher  SS  and
     Police Leader in Lublin, who is in charge of  this
     action,  is  carrying it out quite  carefully  and
     without attracting too much attention. To the Jews
     there   is   being   meted  out  a  criminal-court
     judgment,   which,  while  barbarous,   is   fully

     The  Fuehrer's  prophesy  about   their
     future,  which he made in case they  instigated  a
     new  war, that prophesy is now beginning to become
     real   in   utterly  horrendous  dimensions.   But
     sentimentality must not be allowed to interfere in
     such  matters. If we were not fighting  them  off,
     the  Jews  would destroy us. Ours is  a  life  and
     death  struggle  between the Aryan  race  and  the
     Jewish bacillus. 

     No other government or regime has
     been  able to rouse itself sufficiently to  tackle
     and solve this conundrum. Here too the Fuehrer has
     shown  himself to be the unflinching  pioneer  and
     spokesman of a radical solution, one that fits the
     circumstances   and   is  therefore   unavoidable.
     Fortunately,  this  war has  provided  us  with  a
     series  of  opportunities  that  would  have  been
     unavailable to us in peace time. These we must now

     The increasingly de-populated ghettos  in
     cities     under     the    control     of     the
     Generalgouvernement  are  currently  being  filled
     with  Jews eliminated from the Reich, and after  a
     certain period that procedures will be repeated.

It  is  a  remarkable diary entry, if only because it  is  so
thoroughly  accurate! It was in Lublin that the  mass  murder
was  initiated by using a stationary gas chamber in  lieu  of
the  mobile vans formerly used. This took place in  the  camp
Belzec, where the murder action started on March 16. The  man
in  charge  of  these  actions was Odilo Globocnik,  formerly
Gauleiter  of  Vienna  and now top SS  and  police  chief  in
Lublin.  Barely eleven days later Goebbels knew  of  all  the
details involved!

We  can  also notice Goebbels' uneasiness. Twice he uses  the
word  "barbaric."  With  some effort he  talks  himself  into
believing in the absolute necessity of the murder action, and
in  that  connection  he twice refers  to  Hitler.  Also,  he
repeats  the  constantly quoted "prophesy" (from January  30,
1939)  and  presents Hitler as "the unflinching  pioneer  and

A  curious  aside: though Irving knows this  diary  entry  of
Goebbels, he insists that nowhere in the diaries is there any
indication   of   Hitler's  ostensible  initiative   in   the
extermination of the Jews.

While  the  bloody work was being carried out in secret,  and
although  along  the whole military and home  fronts  it  was
known  by  rumor, Hitler developed the peculiar  ambition  to
mention  it again and again in his public speeches.  Thus  in
1942, at the zenith, he did so no fewer than five times.

On January 1:

     The Jew will not exterminate the European peoples,
     but   will  instead  be  the  victim  of  his  own
     assassination attempt.
On January 30:

     Already  on  September  1,  1939,  in  the  German
     Reichstag,[40] although careful not to indulge  in
     premature  prophesies, I declared  that  this  war
     will  not  lead  to the result the  Jews  imagine,
     namely   that  the  European  peoples   would   be
     exterminated; instead, the conclusion of this  war
     will result in the destruction of Jewry.
On February 24:

     [...]  my prophesy will be fulfilled, namely  that
     this  war  will result not in the annihilation  of
     Aryan  humanity, but in the extermination  of  the
     Whatever  the  war may bring with it,  or  however
     long  it  may last, this will surely  be  its  end

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