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From: (Jamie McCarthy)
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Subject: Irving on Goebbels
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This is worth quoting at length.  From "Revelations from Goebbels'
Diary," on the IHR web site;  the revisionist David Irving describes
what is probably the most horrific diary entry of Josef Goebbels.

No comment is really necessary.  Irving's attempts to cling to his
revisionism despite the evidence pretty much speak for themselves.

   On March 27, 1942, Goebbels dictates a lengthy passage about another
   SS document that had been submitted to him, and which appears to
   have been much uglier in its content. "Beginning with Lublin," he
   states, "the Jews are now being deported eastward from the General
   Government [occupied Poland]. The procedure is pretty barbaric and
   one that beggars description, and there's not much left of the Jews.
   Broadly speaking one can probably say that 60 percent of them will
   have to be liquidated, while only 40 percent can be put to work."
   It's a very ugly passage, and it's easy to link this diary passage
   with everything we've seen in the movies and on television since
   then. He's describing "Schindler's List" here -- or is he? I don't
   know. All he's actually saying here is that the Jews are having a
   pretty rigorous time. They're being deported, it's happening in a
   systematic way, and not many of them are going to survive it.
   When I visited the Hoover Institution library in Stanford,
   California, to see the portion of the original Goebbels diary that
   they have there, this was the first page I asked to see. And when I
   was in the Moscow archives to examine the glass plate copy of the
   diary, this was also the first plate I searched for. I knew that if
   the diary had actually been copied by the Nazis in Berlin, and the
   glass plate version in Moscow matches the text in the Hoover
   library, there's no way anyone could have faked it. And there it is
   on the glass plate in Moscow, identical. As a final clincher, this
   portion was also microfilmed in 1947 in New York from the text that
   is held by the Hoover library. So there are three different
   indications that this is a genuine quotation from a genuine Goebbels
   The conclusion I draw therefore is that, between them, Speer and
   Goebbels started a ruthless campaign in 1941 to drive out and deport
   the Jews from Berlin -- Goebbels for political reasons, and out of
   sheer visceral hatred of the Jews, and Speer for the more mundane
   reasons of real estate and ambition. They didn't really care what
   happened to the Jews.
   Even so, we must put all this in the context of the brutal war being
   fought on the Eastern front at the time, in which neither side was
   giving the other any quarter. By this time (March 1942) we British
   had just begun bombing German towns on a ruthless scale. The
   devastating aerial bombardment of Luebeck, for example, came just
   two days after this diary entry. It's not difficult to imagine Dr.
   Goebbels' attitude: "So what if Jews are being machine-gunned into
   pits? They had it coming to them. They declared war on us, and this
   is no time for sympathy and sentiment." That's the way he may well
   have looked at it.
   By this time, ugly rumors were already circulating abroad, fuelled
   by British propaganda. The London Daily Telegraph quoted Polish
   claims that seven thousand of Warsaw's Jews were being killed each
   day, often in what it called "gas chambers." One of Goebbels'
   worried civil servants responded by telexing a request for
   information to Hans Frank's press office in Krakow and to the
   propaganda field office in Warsaw. The reassuring reply spoke of the
   Jews being used to construct defences and roads. Be that as it may,
   in Goebbels' files the original press report, which had merely
   summarized the British newspaper item, was rubber-stamped Geheime
   Reichssache, "Secret Reich Matter."
   How much did Goebbels know? Among his surviving files are papers
   suggesting a broad general knowledge of atrocities. One is from a
   large collection of original Goebbels' papers on file at the Jewish
   Yivo institute in New York.
   Reporting to Goebbels on November 11, 1942, his legal expert, Dr
   Hans Schmidt-Leonhardt, whom he had sent to inspect conditions in
   Hans Frank's Polish dominions, noted that the Warsaw police had
   deemed it too dangerous to visit the ghetto there; in the Krakow
   ghetto he had found all the Jews put to work; in Lublin the ghetto
   had already been cleared away, and there were now bloody
   disturbances. "As a Geheime Reichssache," reported the legal
   specialist, "Frank related to us the following characteristic recent
   instance: ..." But whatever this was we cannot know, because a
   shocked member of Goebbels' staff cut off the rest of the page.
   This is something that you have to look for, this "top secret"
   endorsement. By contrast, the Auschwitz documents found in the
   Moscow archives by French researcher Jean-Claude Pressac have no
   "secret" classification whatsoever. But this document, with its
   missing half page, tells me that Goebbels knew damn well that
   something ugly was probably happening on the Eastern front, and that
   he didn't want members of his staff asking awkward questions, so he
   had part of the page torn off and locked away in his safe.
   I sometimes wonder what his stenographer, Richard Otte, must have
   thought about the man whose words he transcribed day by day for this
   So there are the facts about Dr. Goebbels and the "final solution."
   If we're looking for a culprit, if we're looking for a criminal
   behind the "final solution" or the "Holocaust," whatever it was, for
   the man who started it in motion, then it was undoubtedly Dr.
   Goebbels first and foremost. Not Julius Streicher, not Adolf Hitler,
   nor any of the other Nazis. Goebbels was the moving force, and the
   brain behind it in every sense of the word. We still don't know if
   he knew what exactly happened at the other end, but then this isn't
   surprising, because we ourselves don't know either.
 Jamie McCarthy     Co-Webmaster of
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