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Subject: Re: libels
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You wrote:
> A gentle lesson in the law (which may save you from a sharper one later):
> remarks made by judges (and adjudicators) in court are "privileged"; they can
> say what they like without fear of the consequences. To a limited degreee,
> newspapers may report this in the immediate aftermath of such hearings, and
> also claim qualified privilege in doing so. 
> People like yourself who maliciously repeat those remarks years later having
> been put on notice that the remarks are defamatory and untrue, can not claim
> privilege. If you do repeat them within the jurisdiction of the English
> courts, do not imagine that you will benefit from the same privileges that the
> gentlemen referred to relied upon.
> You will not. Do not allow yourself to be made a patsy like Professor
> Lipstadt. The ones who put her up to libelling me are safe from the
> consequences; she has found that she herself is not.

I will be reading them at St. Anne's, too.  By the way, I've passed
your comments on various web pages on to London solicitors. Since they
are false statements, I sincerely hope that they recommend filing
suit. Your email of a year ago, which contained assurances that you
"wanted to get it right" with respect to Nizkor and my funding, should
entertain the Court no end, in view of the fact that your allegations
are outright lies, and that you have been advised, beginning February
1998, that they were false. Unlike the case of Dr. Lipstadt, in which
you bemoan her failure to make "a simple phone call" to determine the
facts, you have been given the facts, and you have continued to make
your false assertions.

"I am anxious to get the links and details right." (Feb. 1998)

.... my solicitor was particularly fond of this one:

"I am anxious to get things right, as always" (Mar. 1998)

Have a nice day, Mr. Irving.

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