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The following is an excerpt from an item on Irving's website.  It's
from Adam Bresnick's review of _Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened
and Why Do They Say It?_ by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman. There
was also a shorter review - also by Bresnick - of Finkelstein's book.
Both appeared in the LA Times on November 5 (in the Home Edition, Book
Review Section P. 10, - but Irving didn't mention this):

[Watch for the **asterisked** sentence!]

Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman's "Denying History" shows in
convincing detail how Holocaust deniers wrest sinister untruths from
the documentary evidence of the Nazi extermination campaign against
the Jews. Holocaust denial propounds three phony claims: that the
number of Jews who perished in the camps was far less than the
currently accepted 6 million, that there were no gas chambers at
Auschwitz-Birkenau and that Hitler did not intentionally set out to
exterminate European Jewry. Against these claims, Shermer and
Grobman's book affirms that the Holocaust, which they define as "the
systematic bureaucratically administered destruction by the Nazis and
their collaborators during the Second World War of an estimated six
million Jews based on racial ideology," is a demonstrable historical
event. **The book presents the controversies of Holocaust denial as
well as the leading figures in the movement, like David Irving and
Robert Faurisson (left, speaking in 1991; right after being attacked
by Jewish dissenters in 1989), and it marshals a formidable amount of
empirical evidence for Hitler's Final Solution.** Equally important,
Shermer and Grobman offer an account of history as "practical
hermeneutics" for, as they see it, any historian worthy of the name
must test his theories against the evidence and interpretations at
hand to produce more and more accurate accounts of past events. In
addition to hoisting Holocaust deniers on their own petard, Shermer
and Grobman defend the honor of historiography from the depredations
of relativism.

I sure wish Irving had posted it sooner, because one could more
readily access the *real* thing.  Now, of course one has to pay $2.00
to discover - or confirm - that he's doctored the article.

Here's how the sentence I've marked above [**] reads in the original:

The book presents the controversies of Holocaust denial as well as the
leading figures in the movement, like David Irving and Robert
Faurisson, and it marshals a formidable amount of empirical evidence
for Hitler's Final Solution. 

Irving has five images accompanying the text - without any notation
that they were added by him.  The LA Times article contained only one:

PHOTO: 14th Street entrance to the United States Holocaust Memorial
Museum in Washington D.C.; from "The Holocaust Museum in Washington"
by Jeshajahu Weinberg and Rina Elieli (Rizzoli: 200 pp., $45)

Needless to say, none of Irving's five images remotely resembled the
above description.

I don't know whether or not Irving actually received permission from
the LA Times to reproduce their copyrighted material. Perhaps he
overlooked: "Copyright 2000 Los Angeles Times. May not be reproduced
or retransmitted without permission".   He is, after all, a "real
historian" [tm] who seems to excel at oversights.

But I'd be willing to bet that such permission - even if obtained -
did not include the right to doctor the text.

"Revisionist scholarship" at its finest, folks.

Hilary Ostrov
The Nizkor Project

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