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Some quotes from Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Source: _Memoirs_, by
Felix Kersten, Hutchinson, 1956.

On Eastern Jewry:

"These Eastern Jews aid the partisans and help the underground movements;
they also fire on us from their ghettos and are the carrier of epidemics
such as typhus. In order to control these epidemics, crematoriums were
built for the countless corpses of victims. And now we are threatened with
hanging for that..."

"The war in the East us subjecting our soldiers to the most brutal test. If
the Jewish people have also suffered from the ferocity of war, if must not
be forgotten that the German people have not been spared anything either."

On the Concentration Camps:

"They should have been called training camps, for criminal elements were
lodged there besides Jews and political prisoners. Thanks to their erection,
Germany, in 1941, had the lowest criminal rate for many years. The prisoners
had to work hard, but all Germans had to do that. The treatment was always

On crimes committed in the camps:

"I concede that it has happened occasionally... but I have also punished
the persons responsible..."

Felix Kersten on Himmler and atrocity propaganda:

"He [Himmler] had arranged for the Bergen-Belsen camp to be handed over as
agreed, the same as with Buchenwald. But he had been poorly repaid for this.
In Bergen-Belsen one of the guards had been tied up and photographed with
some prisoners who were already dead. These pictures had received publicity
all over the world. Similar things had occured at Buchenwald."

Himmler: "When I let 2,700 Jews go into Switzerland, this was made the sub-
ject of a personal campaign against me in the Press, asserting that I had
only released these men in order to construct an alibi for myself. But I
have no need of an alibi! I have always done only what I considered just,
what was essential for my people. I will also answer for that. Nobody has
had so much mud slung at him in the last ten years as I have. I have never
bothered myself about that. Even in Germany any man can say about me what
he pleases. Newspapers abroad have started a campaign against me which is 
no encouragement to me to continue handing over the camps."

[Archival note: See the file HOLOCAUST/GERMANY EUROPA.001 for a
discussion relating to Himmler's release of groups of Jewish
prisoners during the latter stages of the war, and the Europa plan
which he had hoped to implement. knm]
On Theresienstadt (Terezin):

"It was a kind of town inhabited exclusively by Jews, who also administered
it themselves and managed all the work. We had hoped that one day all the 
camps would be like that."


Ricky J.

Campaign For Historical Truth (C. F. H. T.)

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