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Dear Ken McVay,

I was led to your site again recently by a link from Robert Brock's
website (which inaccurately refers to your article as an attack on
him by the ADL). A pointer to Brock's site was attached to an e-mail
version of
Randall Robinson's article on reparations from The Nation magazine.
I have written to Robinson, The Nation, and the moderator of the
Black Radical Congress e-mail list, regarding Brock's record of 
association and involvement with racists and anti-semites. I was 
involved with a series of demonstrations against Brock and his
neo-nazis associates such as Joe Fields of the IHR and Populist
Party in the early 90's here in L.A. On that basis, I feel compelled
also however, to correct a misleading statement in your piece about
Brock, which that Prof. L. Jeffries 'cancelled his appearance' prior
to the February 1992 conference. This was Brock's own lie. 

Neither Jeffries, nor Le Grand Clegg III of Compton's Coalition Against
Black Exploitation had ever made a commitment to Brock's event, despite
the publicity he put out claiming their scheduled joint appearance
with Willis Carto, Weber, and Fields. Clegg, when informed of the
publicity Brock was putting out denounced the conference and Brock's
use of his name without obtaining permission or even informing him.
Prof. Jeffries issued a statement denying that he had ever agreed to
attend, and that would not in fact be attending.

I know this to be the case because I was probably the first person 
outside Brock's own group and his white supremacist allies to become aware
of the scheduled program. I learned about and was able to expose it to the
through intelligence gathering efforts motivated by previous run-ins 
with Brock and the Populists. (Brock had announced plans to run a series
of events, fronting for Fields and the Populists, focusing on the Bill
of Rights. The "Holocausts" program was supposedly the First Amendment,
free speech forum, and he also had scheduled a second amendment, gun
rights forum, with some of the groups that shortly thereafter coalesced
into the right-wing militia movement. Brock had earlier tried to host
an event for Fields and the Populists at the Jackie Robinson Park facility
in Pasadena under false pretenses. My group, People Against Racist Terror,
had exposed that, resulting in a cancellation of the event by the Pasadena
Parks & Recreation department because Brock had falsified the application.
Previously, we  had exposed and counter-demonstrated against Fields' events
at the Pasadena Public Library and at Pasadena City College, resulting in
the college's cancellation of Fields' event for security reasons, and 
necessitating Fields's unsuccessful attempt to use Brock to cover for him 
with the Parks Department).

When I became aware that Brock was planning to take this racist roadshow into
south central L.A., I immediately contacted the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement,
a revolutionary nationalist organization with which I had a long history of
joint anti-Klan activity (we picketed the attempted cross-burning by the L.A.
KKK which turned out to be the first public manifestation of the white
underground The Order). The MXGM contacted Jeffries and Clegg to ascertain
whether they were in fact involved in the program, and to alert them to the 
true nature of Brock's beliefs, practices, and associations. What emerged
from this
contact was that Clegg was completely unaware of Brock's plans or that his
was being used as a scheduled speaker,  and that Prof. Jeffries, while he had
in fact received an invitation from Brock, had not made any commitment to
or participate and had been unaware of who else Brock was intending to sponsor
(such as Carto, Fields, and Weber).

Since it is never too late to set the record straight, I hope you will correct
your misrepresentation of Prof. Jeffries's involvement with the program.
I feel you will be guilty of an attempt at 'guilt by association' of Prof.
Jeffries with Dr. Brock.

Thanks for the important work you are doing. I trust that you will correct
no-doubt inadvertent error. Only Dr. Brock himself ever claimed (falsely) that
Jeffries and Clegg were scheduled speakers at the conference, and Brock has 
proven again and again that his probnouncements are not to be taken at face

In solidarity,

Michael Novick

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