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         Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression, Supplement B
     Origin and Development of Streicher's Anti-Semitism
     Excerpts from Testimony of Julius Streicher, taken
     at Nurnberg, Germany, 1 September 1945, at 1415,
     by Col. Howard A. Brundage, JAGD. Also present:
     S/Sgt. Howard M. Levy, Court Reporter; Rudolph
     Pressburger, Interpreter.
                                                 [Page 1420]
Q. What about the teaching of the preservation of blood
lines of the master race?

A. Yes, I wish I could express myself openly.

Q. Well, go ahead.

A. Before the first World War, I belonged to the Young
Democratic Party. The leader of the Young Social Democratic
Party was a Mr. Kramer, who worked at Kohn's bank in
Nurnberg. I have talked very often at the evening meetings
of the Young Democratic Party. I didn't know any racial
questions at that time. During those discussions, I received
opposition from young lawyers who were talking against me.
This holds true especially

                                                 [Page 1421]
when I talked about nationalistic matters. On my way to
Rome, I was warned by this Mr. Kramer that I should express
myself in those meetings more carefully, since all those
young lawyers were Jewish, and I asked him what the word
"Jewish" means.

This Mr. Kramer told me: "Streicher, be careful, the Jews
are very mighty." This was the first time that I was
conscious of the fact that the Jews are no religion but a
race. Between Catholics and Protestants you cannot
differentiate, but you can differentiate between Protestants
and Catholics, and Jews, according to race. After the first
World War I came as an officer from the front, and desired
to work again at my old trade. I was a school teacher. Then
I saw for the first time the red posters saying that the
public should attend the revolutionary meetings. Time and
time again I went to those revolutionary meetings, and I was
astounded to see that all the speakers were members of the
Jewish race. The speakers were inciting the working class
and telling them of the good things of former times. I
volunteered, one time, for a discussion and took opposition
to one of those Jewish speakers. I told the workers that it
was unnatural to be led by members of the Jewish race. I
told them that it would be unnatural if a member of the
Jewish race would go to Palestine and dare speak in a Jewish
meeting against their own nation.

Q. Go ahead with your story.

A. This takes place in the spring of 1919. After this speech
and this discussion, the whole room applauded me. I went to
the next revolutionary assembly of the Communist Party.
Everything was prepared so I didn't have to talk any more. I
again reported for the discussion. At this time I was thrown
off the speaker's platform. They spit at me and threw me out
of the assembly hall. At that time I decided to hold my own
meetings and enlighten the public. At that time, no one had
heard anything about Adolf Hitler. Destiny brought me into
this, not the hate for the Jewish race. Destiny told me to
fight for my people, my race. My first assembly meeting in
the Hercules Velodrome was crowded. Ten thousand people were
standing in front of the assembly hall, and it had to be
kept in order by the police. I spoke at this assembly for
three hours. I told how the German people were enslaved by
the Treaty of Versailles, and I said that it is impossible
that in all states in Germany, Jews were made ministers. I
also declared in this assembly that it is up to the German
people to govern themselves. I declared that the Jews as a
nation by itself would refuse to be governed by ministers of
English, French, or German nationality.

                                                 [Page 1422]
Q. You said "English, French or German"?

A. Nationality. I also declared that if Germany wanted to be
free again the Treaty of Versailles has got to be broker,
and also the reign of the Jews in Germany. Until the year
1921, I had a big mass meeting in Nurnberg every week.
Besides that, I participated several evenings during the
week in discussions, in smaller groups. That is how the mass
movement of German workers got together in Nurnberg. In the
year 1921, a wholesale man from Nurnberg asked me if I had
heard speeches by Adolf Hitler. I got interested and went to
Munich, to an assembly in the Buergerbrau of Adolf Hitler.
At that time I did not know Adolf Hitler. At that time I
heard him for the first time at Munich. He spoke for almost
three hours. The enthusiasm was enormous. I myself was very
enthusiastic. After Adolf Hitler was finished with his
speech, I arose and forced myself through the crowd to the
speakers' desk. I went towards him and introduced myself. I
spoke to him: "Heil Hitler! I heard your speech. I can only
be the helper but you are the born leader. Here is my
movement in Nurnberg." On that evening I have the movement
which I created in Nurnberg to Adolf Hitler. It carried the
name of  "National Socialist German Workers' Party." I
carried on my business in the movement in Nurnberg. The name
of "Gauleiter" did not exist at that time. The movement of
Hitler called itself "Partei" at that time, but it was not
an organized movement. At that time, everything was a
movement at the beginning. With the handing over of my
movement to Adolf Hitler, the bridge was built between
southern Germany and northern Germany. For myself, I left
Nurnberg and in the next few years made a lot of speeches,
in all the larger cities of Germany.

The terror against the National Socialist movement was
organized in all Germany. Many assemblies were interrupted
by the Marxists, but we succeeded in getting the working
people on our side. I again and again told the workers at
the meetings that Marxism is the creation of world Jewry. I
again told the workers that the creation of Marxism was to
keep the power of the workers down. I also told the workers
that Marxism would not bring about world revolution but
would help world capitalism. I also told the workers that
the destination of the Jewish world regime meant the
enslaving of the workers.

Q. Now, following that, you then joined with the Party and
continued to preach these things; is that right?

A. Yes, since 1921, as I remember.

                                                 [Page 1423]
Q. Well, as a leader of the Party and the leading exponent
of anti-Semitism, didn't you know that over two million Jews
were killed in concentration camps?

A. No.

Q. Well, when these Jews were put into concentration camps,
and never appeared again, what did you think happened to

A. After the taking over of the power, all Jewish leaders in
political life were put into concentration camps, but a lot
of Jews emigrated to other countries. Whatever happened
thereafter, I don't know.

Q. Well, when a Jew was put into a concentration camp, and
you never heard from him again, don't you believe it was
your duty to make inquiries?

A. No.

Q. As you sit here now, and see the result of the Party's
program, with respect to the race question, do you still
believe that these theories were right?

A. The program as it was laid down in the Fuehrer's book
"Mein Kampf," in the year 1920, all the world knows is
right, but as a human being, the execution of the program,
as it is known today, is not right.

Q. Well, isn't it a normal result from the preaching of race

A. Anti-Semitism is all over the world. There are about 12
anti-Semitic newspapers in the United States. Mr. Ford
published an article in one of his papers. Radio Priest
Coughlin can speak openly in the States. Mosley in England
pronounced anti-Semitism in the open, and if the declaration
about race hatred which I preached would lead to mass
murder, we would have had a mass murder right in this town
of Nurnberg. This is the most anti-Semitic city in Germany.
There are millions of people in Germany who heard my
speeches in which I declared: "The question of the Jewish
race has got to be taken care of the legal, international
way." I openly and repeatedly declared that "Who hits the
Jews or one Jew, helps them," and I openly declared that it
does not solve the problem of the Jewish question.

Q. Well, the fact is that there was mass murder of the Jews
in Germany. Now, was that a result of this Party program or

A. It was never a part of the Party program. Whatever
happened here was the result of a superhuman being, and it
was not a Party program.

Q. Do you mean the "Super Race" theory?

A. Madison Grant, an American writer, published a book in

                                                 [Page 1424]
1913, in which he writes: "The most active race is the
Nordic race," and he declares that through the mixing of
races, the Nordic race will go down into a race of swamps.

Q. How many Jews did you put into the concentration camp?

A. I hereby declare -- you might believe it or not -- I do
not know how many Jews were put into concentration camps in
my Gau, as this was done through the Political Police of Mr.

Q. I am asking how many Jews you put into the concentration

A. I have not brought any into the concentration camp, and
how many were brought in, I don't know.

Q. How many Jews did you turn over to the Gestapo to be put
into the concentration camp?

A. I myself did not give any Jews into concentration camps,
though the police had the list of those Jews and they took
care of that.

Q. Who gave the police the list?

A. The police got those lists themselves, and the housing
office got all those lists and gave the police the
responsibility, most likely, to put up their own lists.

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