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Q. All right, very good. Afterwards you were together with
Funk. All right.

A. Afterwards we went upstairs and funk invited us to have
dinner with him. There was a huge, round table. In my
opinion there were approximately a dozen people present.

Q. And whom did you sit next to?

A. I sat next to Funk.

Q. Now, what did you talk about concerning the beautiful
things that you had seen downstairs? Please tell us
truthfully and openly.

A. I cannot remember the details exactly, but I think I said
that I had seen the Reichsbank for the first time.

                                                 [Page 1586]
Q. Did you say anything about the things which had arrived?
What did he say and what did you say?

A. I cannot tell you exactly now what he told me.

Q. Did he tell you anything to the effect that you had
delivered the material well and that what had arrived was

A. That is possible; it is probable that he said such a
thing. It is impossible for me to recall in detail the exact
words he used when he spoke to me.

Q. But it was in that sense?

A. Yes, I think the conversation was conducted in that

Q. How many of the Reichsbank people were present, and how
many of yours? How many people were present at the round

A. I estimate about twelve people.

Q. Half your people and half Reichsbank people?

A. Yes, approximately. We had been invited in general by the

Q. I would like to come back once more to the Reichsbank,
downstairs. You were standing around with Puhl. You opened a
few of the cases from the SS, and those beautiful jewels
were in there. What else was in there among all those

A. Foreign currency had also been delivered to the

Q. Did he also show you a case full of earrings and wedding

A. Yes, I had seen cases with rings, especially the more
valuable things.

Q. Did he also show you some of those gold bars?

A. I assume so.

Q. Did he make any remark about the fact that you had
contributed to the delivery of those gold bars?

A. How do you mean that?

Q. Did he tell you that those gold bars had arrived from the

A. Yes.

Q. Later on, at the meal, was there anything discussed
concerning those gold bars?

A. Between my neighbor and myself? Not that I recall.
Perhaps, in the beginning, there were a few words exchanged,
but during the table conversation nothing further was
mentioned along that line.

Q. Funk knew that you had been downstairs, and he told them
"bring those people upstairs"?

                                                 [Page 1587]
A. Yes, Funk knew that we had visited the entire Reichsbank.
He knew that.

Q. How did Puhl introduce you to Funk at that time?

A. Funk knew me already.

Q. How long had Funk known you, approximately?

A. Previous to that time I had been at Funk's once. That was
the only time that I had to do with Funk.

Q. What business was that?

A. I recall that by order of Himmler I had to visit him in
connection with textiles; that was in his capacity as
Minister of Economy.

Q. What sort of textiles did that concern?

A. Those were the textiles which were concerned with those

Q. Where did those textiles come from?

A. The textiles remained in the camps, and were then given
to the textile industry. Subsequently Himmler sent me to
Funk to tell him that he, Himmler, hoped that a greater
allotment of clothing material would be sent to the SS, that
is, that a higher allotment of clothing would be delivered
to the SS.

Q. Let me express myself very clearly, in simple German:
From the clothing of the dead Jews, the SS were to receive a
greater clothing allotment. That is the meaning, in simple
German, is it not?

A. That is probably the way it was meant.

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